Taylor Swift Sings Grammy Style

Taylor Swift Sings Grammy Style

Taylor Swift channels her inner Brenda Lee and belts out the 1960 hit song,p “I’m Sorry” to a full audience at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The 18-year-old songbird hosted the Grammy Nomination Concert Live last night with actor L.L. Cool J and performed alongside Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and the legendary B.B. King. Taylor took to the stage with “I’m Sorry” and finished off with her second single, the beautiful ballad “White Horse.”

Check it out below!

Taylor Swift – “I’m Sorry”/”White Horse”, 12/3

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  • lauren

    loves Taylor!

  • Ruby

    F. I. R. T. !!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    Good Performance. She looked a bit awkward during the first song through.

  • Sara

    She should have been nominated. Especially considering she writes and co-writes pretty much all of her music.
    A lot of the nominations were crap though, seriously. I’m kind of disappointed but ohhhh well.

  • Tory

    Love Taylor!!
    Love this Performance
    Love her Album
    Geez she’s amazing
    wish she would’ve got nominated for somethingg
    hope the Jonas Brothers don’t win >:o

  • claire

    taylor is so amazing..she did an awesome performance, full of emotion as always, and should have been nominated!!! she did a great job co-hosting and should be very proud of herself.

  • Squee

    I’m sorry, I thought she didn’t sing well at all.

  • lauren


    and they are only nominated in the “best new artist” category, but seriously “a little bit longer” was their THIRD album. theyve been around since 2006. they SHOULD NOT have been nominated for best new artist

  • Nel

    “I’m Sorry” was not great to be honest. “White Horse” was much better tho. She always sounds so nervous. Anyways, she looked beautiful as always ;-)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com TEAM SEL AND DEMI

    Love Taylor!!
    Love this Performance
    Love her Album
    Geez she’s amazing
    wish she would’ve got nominated for somethingg
    hope the Jonas Brothers don’t win >:o


    AGRE! :)

  • zena

    Completely agree, it’s ludicrous for Taylor to not be nominated, especially in light of some other absurd nominations. And even if it’s not about popularity and record sales, how about the fact that Taylor writes much of her music and is ACTUALLY talented. I really don’t understand how a mediocre pop group such as the JB can get nominated for a category for which they don’t really qualify, and real talent can just be skated over.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    she totally ripped the Jbros off, after jaylor broke up.
    you know- she’s lucky, she got music, for people to still like her.

    AND wtf
    jonas brothers may not be new artist’s but they have been successful and awesome all the way
    remember these guys started only 2 years ago?
    that’s fckin amazing right there!
    better than taylor, who tried to tear there fame apart.
    i seriously don’t like her, to what did.

    nice performance tho.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    # 11
    Cuz they don’t choose people, who write songs and let people know who there writting about.
    I find it better, if we enjoy the music, not taking into, who it’s about.
    that’s really low and selfish, what most celeb’s do.t
    they only care for fame and fans, to in joy their music, to out win people in their life’s?

    who have talent
    and expresses it ways
    for people to like both the music and message
    not saying WHO it’s about
    but how they can relate to it
    is fanominal <3
    NOW that’s real talent.

    YOu haters are just jealous.
    AND STFU if you got nothing good to say.

    I admit Taylor has good stage presence & OK music
    but she’s totally losing her edge
    on what and who shes’ about
    she plays sweet and nice one minute
    then bitchy and annoying the second.

    FYI- there are tons more FISH in the sea
    your young- you can have more chances :S

  • http://dlt.lovechem.net Emily

    I definitely think Taylor should have been nominated. First off, she hosted the show, and got to see everybody get nominated. Seriously, she wasn’t the only one snubbed, but everybody expected her to get a nomination. I mean, yeah, Fearless wasn’t able to be qualified since it came out late this year, but her other songs could have qualified. She definitely deserves a nomination. She’s a very talented artist/song writer. And the Jonas Brothers? How could they be nominated in the Best New Artist category?! Taylor’s a newer artist than they are! [Wasn't she nominated last year in that category?]

    I think her peformance was good. A bit shaky in the beginning, a rough start. But she sounded really good. And then when she was singing White Horse, she was amazing! Everytime she sings that song, she’s so emotional and shows her true talent! Is it a coincidence that both times she’s performed the song [AMA's & last night], Joe’s been in the audience watching? I really wish they’d show his reaction!

    When LL said “take it away Taylor” earlier in the night, after talking to the brothers, Joe just stood there and stared.

  • Cat

    She couldn’t get a nomination because Fearless came out after the cut off date. She wasn’t snubbed!

  • Nel

    ok watched the performance again… it really wasn’t as awful as some are saying or as awful as I thought it was when I watched it live. still, “i’m sorry” was not a great choice but once she got into it, it got better.

    look, taylor is beautiful and obviously very talented. but i really think she needs to work with a vocal coach… just to strengthen her voice. she has a lot of potential to be a pretty good singer but a lot of times, her voice sounds really weak… as evidenced here. it may be a confidence issue as well. she says she gets really nervous performing at these sort of events. in any case, she really needs to get some strength/power in her vocals. thats the only knock i have against her. she has everything else to really make it in this industry.

  • Diana

    Why wasn’t she nominated? She’s a great artist.
    Another I have to say I don’t think she sings all that great live. She alway sounds shaky. But, I love her albums, and her lyrics.

  • ugh.

    The JB’s shouldn’t have been nominated. They aren’t new artists. And all of Taylor’s other songs are amazing. She should have been nominated. Oh well, theres still next year…

    (even though she won’t be new next year, we all know now that you don’t have to be a new artist to get nom. for best new artist)

  • Nicky

    Taylor is nominated by the fans for being such a great person/ singer/ fan ( of her fans)….. And she won….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because i said so…:):):):):) Who agrees!?!?

  • http://www.ash-tisdale.net Stephany

    Aww, I LOVE HER!!

  • http://dlt.lovechem.net Emily

    “YOu haters are just jealous.
    AND STFU if you got nothing good to say.”

    I’m sorry, but if you’re saying to others who are voicing their own opinions about liking Taylor and thinking that she should have gotten nominated, and then you’re saying that she shouldn’t have been nominated and all that other stuff, then seriously, you should take your own advice if you want to give it, and don’t say anything if you have nothing good to say.

    But I’m not telling you to do that, because unlike you, apparently, I like to hear what other’s thoughts and opinions are. And hey, just because person A doesn’t think that person B’s favorite group should have been nominated, or whatever else, it doesn’t mean that person A hates said group. It also doesn’t mean that you have to start using language like so, and saying such rude things.

    Because fyi, the Jonas Brothers loves their fans, yeah, but they would never like to hear such things come out of a die-hard fan’s mouth, even if she, or even he, is sticking up for them.

  • ANNA

    Taylor’s voice really didn’t sound it’s best here.

    and yes, the jonas brothers have had three albums, but they are considered new artists since they didn’t bust onto the music scene till this year. and they really deserve it since they wrote all their songs on the new album, which went multi-platinum. and I am so glad that more than the fans appreciate them. Congrats on the grammy, boys!

    Taylor used to be amazing, but Her newer album falls short from her first. She only has like 3 decent songs on Fearless. Her 1st was filled with great ones.

  • Sarah

    the first song was a bit too low for her.. but I loved how it switched to White horse.. nice performance.

  • Shoops

    Like, she so cannot sing!!!!!!! “I’m sorry”?? Yeah, u better be.

  • Nancy

    She sounded awful with “I’m Sorry”…it was embarrassing. Why they gave her that song to sing, when it was not right at all for her voice, is beyond me.

  • *sigh*

    Taylor was nominated for best new artist at the last Grammys dumbasses.
    When she was new to mainstream music.
    Guess what,she lost.
    Surprised her ‘hard-core’ fans didn’t know that.
    The Jonas Brothers have nothing to do with Taylor musically and no comparison is needed there.
    They are new to mainstream music and therefore are new artists.
    Obviously they deserve it or they wouldn’t have been nominated.
    Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they are horrible and don’t deserve a nomination.