Vanessa Hudgens is Napa Valley Nice

Vanessa Hudgens is Napa Valley Nice

Vanessa Hudgens steps out just days before her 20th birthday at the Napa Valley Grille in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical sweetheart was seen out on Saturday furniture shopping at the Design Within Reach store with on-and-off-screen love Zac Efron. She and Zac will jet over to Japan next month to promote their movie musical, High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

UPDATE: This is Napa Valley Grille in Los Angeles! Sorry for the confusion.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping and eating in L.A…

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  • KImberly!!! LUV zanessa!

    FIRST! I love vanessa. she looks so great. glad to see her and zac out together!

  • kath

    loveeee her (:

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    Happy Early Birthday for Vanessa….
    and her bangs back ..
    it seems like a clip on though ?
    maybe it is a clip on….

    well, any other way, she looks good with or without it..

  • gabby

    yay new v sighting thanks jjj

  • anne


  • Carrie

    Wow V is in Napa Valley, I wonder if she is there for her birthday weekend? I hope she has a great trip!

  • mhay

    Thanks JJJ
    we love her.
    Happy birthday vanessa
    we here to support you all the way
    God Bless you and your Family
    and zac of course.

  • ali

    i never realized her navel was pierced.

  • zanessa/jashley

    aw, she looks so cute !! I love her bangs, it suits her well.

    Happy Early Birthday Vanessa !! :D

    …oh gosh, I have no clue what I would give her…prob. something for her new house :D I just can’t believe that this talented one is turning the big 2-0 !!

  • kendra

    awww<3 cute

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    she looks Great

  • kah

    she looks fat!

  • Zanessa_luver

    She looks so nice! i love those bangs! they’re so mysterious, one day theyre there another theyre not! lol

    I cant believe shes gonna be 20! ive loved her since i was 13 and she was 18! lol HAPPY B-DAY TO HER! :)

    What would i get V for her B-day? woah thats really hard cuz i mean shes a celeb she already has everything down the hottest bf ever! lol maybe like something luis vatton or something cute for new house! :)
    Or like a super cute framed calauge of the cutest pix of her and zac to put up in her new house!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    shes gorgeous as always !!! love nessa ..happy early i cant believe shes turning 20 this sunday wow!! i lvoe her style and shes so talented..gosh if i ever had to get her something for her bday i would be so stuck..i dont know wat i would get for her :P


    She looks nice but i dont like her jeans. But she looks cute! Like the top and i can totally see her belly ring..

  • zanessa rox

    omg she is so awsoem looks so incredible and omg she look so mad thats why i hate the papz they bother V sooo much!!! just leave her alone papz! idk why the papz want to know everything about celebs and just get in there faces!!! soo…they got the money…whoo hoo….NO so celebs have thre lives too.

  • http://http/ abigail

    #12 are you kidding me????????crazy

  • meme!!

    i lovee her!
    she is so cutee!!<3

  • jo

    what’s she doin in napa? is zac with her. zac has family up there

  • Phi

    woooo 4 days away until her BIG 20!

  • erihar

    is the napa visit, business or pleasure? Anybody know? Beautiful

  • hititquitit

    love her outfit
    and i don’t know what i’d get her. lol

  • http://http/ abigail

    cute girl 110%%%%%% natural

  • ashley

    i love her neckalace where did she get it

  • http://http/ abigail

    where is the belly ring ??????

  • azalea

    i wouldn’t know what to get for her. she has everything in the world, well kinda. but if i were zac… i would either propose or take her to do anything she wants to do and throw her a suprise party. for next year birng her anywhere in the world she wants to/propose (if he doesn’t do it this year).

  • aw

    Hot outfit. She looks great.

  • vanessajonas

    keep the posts jared, you rock=)!

  • ovverated.

    #25, it’s hiding behind her see through shirt, which reminds me, i need to get one…lol. She’s looking fantabulistical !!

    #12…get a life…

    hm. something for her birthday ? I’d like to get all the paps away from her so that they won’t bother her on her birthday, that or a luis vatton bag :D

  • http://http/ abigail

    i will wish that vanessa spend time with zac in her birthday like in zac’s birthday

  • vanessajonas

    vanessa = BEATUY 100%
    jared keep the posts comign, you rock=)!

  • zacefronlovee


  • Shannon

    Yay more V pics it’s sad that I get to happy about this lol she looks great as always! luv the shoes

  • vanessa better

    she doesn’t look mad. she just looks a little bored.
    OMG!! she has a belly ring just like me!!!!

  • amanda

    She Luks stunning :)
    Happy b-daii vanessa!
    evn though its earlii. :D

  • bee

    i love what she’s wearing.. she looks great per usual

    thanks JJJ

  • Nora

    Does she have personalised plates on her car? Thats awsome! She looks so pretty!


  • marie


  • ayen

    very pretty.

    and nora, no. the car is new. her registration seems as if it hasn’t come yet.

  • Rich

    Ahh, why did she have to go back to the bangs? They don’t fit her well. Still, happy to see pictures of her.

  • http://ZacEfron Vanessa Hudgens fan forever

    Vanessa looks beautiful and pretty.

  • pop86

    really like this outfit

  • Annonymous

    Looking great!!!!!

    I like her better without the bangs covering her beautiful face.

    Happy Birthday babyV!!!!!

  • :] lovebug

    I would get her an all expenses paid spa day if I were Zac. Girls love that sort of stuff and it’s great relaxation before she goes out at night.

  • tree

    Napa Valley seems very far from home for V to be there alone. Is there a Napa Valley Restaurant or something else that JJJ is referring to.

  • rom

    she look georgous as always!
    #12 you are crazy. really! you have a problem in your eyes :S

  • jofry

    she wore zac’s jeans
    compare it with the jeans zac wore during the furniture shopping

  • lol

    #12, fat?? really?? lol

  • Rissa

    you can see a good shot of her ring in the second picture. i love her!

  • curiosity

    Just love her…looking gorgeous as always!!!!!!!

    Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Baby V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks JJJr for the pix.