Miley Cyrus is Ripped

Miley Cyrus is Ripped

Miley Cyrus keeps it casual in her striped Between the Lines yellow cardigan as she lunches with her family at Paty’s in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 16-year-old pop star, also donning 7 for all Mankind boot-cut jeans in Vintage California, was accompanied by her mom Tish, dad Billy Ray and special friend Justin Gaston.

Miley wore a ripped pair of rolled-up jeans. Just the day before, she was seen out shopping with Justin wearing ripped tights. Ripped seems to be in this season!

15+ pics inside of Miley and Justin lunching at Paty’s…

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miley cyrus family paty lunch 01
miley cyrus family paty lunch 02
miley cyrus family paty lunch 03
miley cyrus family paty lunch 04
miley cyrus family paty lunch 05
miley cyrus family paty lunch 06
miley cyrus family paty lunch 07
miley cyrus family paty lunch 08
miley cyrus family paty lunch 09
miley cyrus family paty lunch 10
miley cyrus family paty lunch 11
miley cyrus family paty lunch 12
miley cyrus family paty lunch 13
miley cyrus family paty lunch 14
miley cyrus family paty lunch 15
miley cyrus family paty lunch 16
miley cyrus family paty lunch 17

Credit: RIV/Fame Pictures, WG; Photos: INFDaily, FlynetOnline
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  • Phi

    Love the full outfit and shoes! its cute!!!
    Miley is gourgeous,idc wat peopls say!!!

  • niki

    i like her shoes

  • Divine Goddess

    Miley always has awesome style. She’s pretty too. And damn her bf is HOT.

  • Divine Goddess

    Miley has awesome style and she’s reallly pretty. She’s lucky to have such a hot bf!

  • Karina

    She has stylee !!

    She is soooo beautifuull

  • Divine Goddess

    Oops didnt kno the first comment worked lol my bad :P

  • julia


  • deb

    ADORABLE! Cute yet casual. Loving her look.

  • dALENA

    i don’t like miley but she looks pretty in these pictures

  • Teresa

    Such a cute couple! I still miss Nick&Miley,though. I just have a bad feeling about Justin. But,she’s happy so it’s all good!

  • me

    why is she wearing so many necklaces??? and that ugly choker makes it worst.

  • yerr face

    Aww; She Looks Cute.

    I Cant Wear Yellow & Black

    I Look Like A Bunble Bee :p

    But Miley Looks Good.![:

  • izabella

    she has the coolest style!! (let’s forget the ripped tights)
    I love how the shoes are matching the shirt!! :D

    and I think Justin and Miley makes a cute couple, and who cares if he’s 20, people didn’t seem to mind when there were rumors about Joe and Demi dating, and Joe is only one year younger than Justin and Demi is the same age as Miley!!
    I’m just happy that Miley is smiley again (I know, cheesy, lol)

  • laura

    i love her outfitt,she looks beautifull here,but i still hate justin.
    love miley cyrus though

  • laura

    i like her outfitt,she looks beautifull,i hate justin,but love miley.

  • vbgtt

    i hate justim oks

  • kimberly

    i love miley she looks amazing in those pictures
    well for miley i really don’t care who she goes out with but as long as they make her happy im happy lol
    but i really like the style shes wearing today!

  • vbgtt

    but i love miley mucj more

  • Annie..!

    I love her! She’s great! And wow she’s grown!! She’s a lot taller now!

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love miley’s outfit and her shoes her boyfriend is really hot they make a cute couple dispite what people say about her and justin there a nice couple


    i love miley, i’m a huge fan. she needs to get rid of justin gaston.

  • http://Zacefron Bradley Bobst

    Miley Cyrus looks so Beautiful and pretty.

  • kathy

    Ripped isn’t in. She’s just playing rockstar – when will she wake up?

  • kathy

    Kristina, it is obvious! I think she’s just blinded by his hotness

  • tiara

    he is so hot
    the other reasons they are together don’t matter when they make the cutest couple

  • mandy

    she needs to take a shower

  • Ami

    Her boyfriend is not hot

  • Ella

    I prefer those ripped jeans compared to those ripped tights she had on the other day.

  • I_love_Miley

    aww Miley looks so real and beautiful. she is alwasy so careless. and she goes out without make-up. Love Miley so much!!!!

  • Brie

    To be honest I think Justin is just going out with Miley for her fame and money..

  • Amanda

    dont particularly love her in general, but LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow and grey cardigan that she has on!!!!!! and agreeing with people above, she does look pretty in these pics. cute to see the whole fam out for lunch. WHY oh WHY are we still calling Justin Gaston her “special friend” though??!!!! its getting annoying now, someone has to just finally admit to the fact that they are datingggg soo whoever is saying that he is her “special friend” needs a bit of a reality check. hahaha but she is sooo lucky to have him(and im not quite sure that she has done quite enough to deserve him) he is soooooo gorgeous, hot, and sexyyyy beyond words!!!!! I <3 Justin Gaston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  • emily

    I have to admit I’m not the Miley’s bigger fan, but she looks good….
    I think that her boyfriend is using her, poor girl, but she is cute and famous and she is a teen, she is 16… she has a long life to live…
    She is gorgeous…

  • Vic2763

    I think Miley is def in Luv. She is really happy. Good to see. The outfit is great.

  • ariana

    i don’t like the outfit

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    i love her shorts so wish i had them love Miley shes AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • :)

    I really don’t think she looks that good..
    i mean the yellows okay..
    but the hair and choker and TONS of necklaces..
    just makes it seem so .. 5 years ago..
    and her hair looks horrible..
    i have to say i do like the jeans and sweater just not the sneakers.. maybe a pair of uggs of white sneakers would’ve done it well. I’m a part of the fashion industry so I think I know…

    :) Otherwize shes just an awesome kid

  • zashley4ever

    She looks AMAZING :D

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    justin is using her! :(

    Miley looks gorgeus on those ripped jeans ;)

  • http://irina amy

    She looks amazing

  • :p

    i really love miley
    but her bf just drives me crazy
    i mean not to rude or anything
    miley needs to dump justin
    i don’t know something about him
    i don’t like
    i mean it feels weird
    im srry for the people who like justin
    but i just don’t like him
    MILEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammi

    I love her. She’s soo amazing. Can anyone help me figure out where to get that necklace?? I want it so bad. If anyone knows, comment.

  • I_Hate_Miley

    good thing you don’t care what ppl say because I’m gonna say that ripped clothes is two steps away from ripped T-shirt and that retard Justin will help her with her ripped underwear.
    That would be quite a show, and those exciting outfits…woah!

    Anyway, I’m really glad that you “Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/Nobody’s Perfect/Nick Jonas Still Wants Me/GO NILEY!/ Delusional/East Northumberland High/Best Of Both Worlds/ Miley Soon To Be A Stripper In Public/Justin Who The Hell Cares/” fans, just be glad to know that her year is OVER! stripping in the streets, is normal. Sooner or later you Miley Fans will be ripping your pants and T-shirts thinking that its cute because “Miley Cyrus did it first, and she’s my hero”…

    But like I said, good thing you Miley Fans don’t care what other ppl say.

  • Woah Buddy!


  • lason

    i love miley she always has the most unique and best alfits she usually is the one to start the fashion i like that her alfits match in colors and they are very well put together!
    i think justin is a major hunk he is gorgeous he has a great body, he has really nice eyes they are sexy, oh his hair is fantastic i cant say anything bad about him he is very hot looking guy and top of that he is tall 6ft a man with a major big chest with muscle and is nice to the parents and miley since it seems he knows how to treat a girl miley has been all smiles ever since she stared dating him and everyone says he a total gentleman.
    i dont think he is using miley look at the way he looks at her with love! he is always catching glances at her and he is always smiling with her which he seems very happy with miley it reminded me of someone who was all smile when miley was around umm wonder who. the girl is amazing with a great heart for people fun energetic what not to love about her any guy that lets her go is stupid a package like her is hard to find trust me. find a girl with a positive outlook , energy,professional in her job, talented, and is always up to have fun, caring,great heart,talented,beautiful,breathtaking eyes,love her hair, she has a great body well develop,and is really good on stage and natural at talking in public, write beautiful songs like bottom of the ocean and other especially i miss you, i just think she has so many good qualities that what guy would not fall head over heels for her. what i ment is any guy who manage to get her full heart and doesnt take care off it and lets her slip is a stupid guy! i would love to have a great girl like that and on top off that she kind to animals too much in one package wow! justin does look like he is really into her!

  • Emy

    Cute sweater

  • Vic2763

    lason, I totally Agree with you! It is a two-way Luv Match <3 Miley is amazin =]

  • dhiane

    milEy loVe yoU
    buT i haTe
    juStinE foR yoU!!!!

  • dhiane

    milEy lovE it!!!!!!!

  • no name

    You people have got to be kidding me with your remarks about how great she looks. Look again. She looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw some clothes on. The sweater is ok but the jeans are so out of fashion but we know she is trying to look like a rocker chick especially with all those necklaces. Her hair is a mess. It’s not in a messy bun or anything like that. It is just a mess.

  • xxSABZxx

    miley is great i luuuuuv her n her styles these days but i hate her bf