Miley Cyrus is a Purple Headhand Hottie

Miley Cyrus is a Purple Headhand Hottie

Miley Cyrus continues to rock the ripped jeans as she and special friend Justin Gaston attend Sunday morning service at Montrose Church in Pasadena, Calif.

The 16-year-old teen sensation wore a plaid button-up top and even matched her royal purple bag and headband to Justin‘s hoodie.

Mom Tish , grandma Ruth Ann and pop Billy Ray were also in attendance.

Yesterday, Miley and her family were also seen lunching at Paty’s.

20+ pics inside of Miley and Justin attending Sunday service…

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Credit: PR/AD; Photos: FlynetOnline, BJJ/WENN
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  • thedancer

    people wouldn’t have started wearing those headbands if joe jonas didn’t start that trend.

  • Kata159

    love her style. go miley.

  • anon

    #1 wtf? joe jonas didn’t start the trend lmao. maybe he brought it back but he didn’t START it.

    She looks amazing!

    love her!

  • vbgtt

    i love miley omg

  • vbgtt

    gogogogo miley

  • kiki

    yea miley! she looks pretty going to church.
    I wonder why we never see the Jonas brothers go to church there suppose to be Christians too, oh well.

  • Dot

    Miley looks pretty.

    You have a typo, Jared.


    hahahaha i copied her. i wanted one too.

  • http://. Vic2763

    The’re a purle match. Awe, how cute =]

  • jo

    Anyone notice she is ALWAYS wth family? Probably 90& of the time. Ithink it’s great.
    She looks cute!

  • alanah

    Lovee them !!
    Miley your amazing !!
    you have to come to the west side of canada for a concert :)

  • Fran

    wow she looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    i rather see photos of Hayley Williams

  • arghh.

    Oh shut up! Don’t bring the Jonas brothers into this.
    It has NOTHING to do with them. I’m talking to #1. Not #5.
    Why would she copy them? A lot of other celebrities wear those.
    & I even wore them before I even discovered the Jonas Brothers.

    Anyways; She looked really pretty here.[:

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love miley’s headband it looks very cool and stylesh and i love her outfit and her shoes by the way keep posting more news of miley and justin

  • nikki

    12 why the heck are you looking at miley cyrus pic

  • margarita

    she looks really pretty and i love her outfit but if i wore something like that to CHURCH, i would be slapped. hahaa

  • I_love_Miley

    Justin is purple. nice change:D

    Miley looks beautiful:D

  • blair

    what happened?! i used to love her style, but now she just looks really messy and cheap.

  • chelsea

    Those headbands are really out of style.

  • really

    Love Miley! I wonder though about her boyfriend. oh well. they seem happy.

    I love it that she is always with family too. Keeps her grounded and sweet! :)

  • laura

    miley looks beautifull here,but have any of u ever notice that justin wears a purity ring on his left finger,i’ve notice on the yesteday pics of them going to lunch

  • Natasha

    She’s sort of looking chunky.

  • say what?

    Miley always says that family comes first. I don’t trust that Justin character, but going to church and spending time with family is cool. I just hope it all works out for them. By the way, I like that style of dress on her. Selena Gomez used to dress like that before she went all “fashionista.” Miley looks cute and seems like she is having fun. You go girl!!!!

  • shea

    i love miley BUT that outfit is awful,doesnt look nice at glad she took the purple thing off her head. her dads sunnies dont suit him and he needs to cut his hair. i like what justin is wearing.her mum looks so good after that many kids but she needs to put a conditioning treatment in her hair and get it styled better.

  • Melis

    They look really cute together and they definitely seem to hang out a lot.

  • mia

    i wonder what it’d be like going to church and seeing miley cyrus sitting in the pew next to you. or any celebrity that was even semi-famous.

    i wonder who david is? his name is written on her shoe?

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    LOL they r matching!

  • izabella

    she has a really cool style (except for those ripped tights)
    and I think Miley and Justin are a cute couple!! :)
    and who cares if he’s 20, I’m 16 and I wouldn’t mind dating him, lol

    and no one seemed to mind when there were rumors about Joe and Demi dating, Joe’s only one year younger than Justin and Demi’s the same age as Miley so if it’s okay for Jemi to date then why wouldn’t it be okay for Justin and Miley to date?? just wondering..

  • savannah

    Well, Izabella… It is illegal for one and they started to date when she was 15 and I bet he’s turning 21 sometime soon. So there’s that one factor and it’s just obvious that he’s using her. And I always saw Miley as someone who loved to spotlight; who wouldn’t? I think this is just another way for Miley to get noticed, you know? Because when you’re with someone in your 20s and you’re a Disney star, people start talking. That’s just my opinion.

  • mileyfan4ever

    Awww I loove how they match
    their outfits =)
    just like a really happy couple =]
    oh n nice t-shirt Miilez ; )


  • vbgtt

    cute very cute miley

  • ariana

    she’s wearing that headband too much.


    Okay… Someone said that she looked “pretty going to church.” When you’re going to church, you shouldn’t be wearing a checkered shirt with ripped jeans. You’re going into a holy place – something that she might remember if she were actually as Christian as she says she is. It’s considered to be the house of God – could she please show a little respect?

  • Tia

    thats what she wore to church?

    how charming.

  • Colette

    hate the headband

  • Annabel

    #34, God doesn’t care what you wear to church; he’s sees what’s in your heart, not your physical appearance. Hmmm… maybe if you were “actually a Christian” you wouldn’t be judging people (can ya sense the sarcasm here?)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    O My Miley ;) Miley is sooooo cute i love her ripped jeans so cute Miley is sooooooo AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • kathy

    Oh, look. They match. Ain’t it cute.

    Seriously, what is up with the headband? I just wish she could be sent back to the 60′s, when that was new or… bearable.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    and one thing Jared
    did you mean “Miley Cyrus
    is a purple HEADBAND
    Hottie” no offence but please
    take your time when typing!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Cherry-Jean

    that dude is like Britney’s husband. I hope they’re not going to get married.

  • .

    #27 she writes bible verses on there 2….so idk

  • lason

    i begining to love this couple soo much they are just so cute together!! they even go to church together that is wonderful roles model there. going to church as a family and going to church with a boyfriend that is really good it shows teenagers that is ok to go with your boyfriend to church.
    awhhhh its so cute he is wearing color purple miley favorite color someone is obviosly paying attention to details! he definately likes her for him to wear he favorite color on a shirt!!

  • Victoria

    to everyone talking about what she is wearing is weird for church, it just depends what church you go to, so are more casual than others. mine, you can wear jeans to, my friends, not so much.

    i think its cute though
    mileylove <3

  • Elissa

    i love miley, but i have to agree with #23, she’s getting chunky.

  • mia

    thanks 42.

    and yeah, i agree with 44.

    i myself would never wear what she’s wearing to church, but i’ve definitely seen people wearing worse. i see kids in their young teens wearing pajamas to church. i even saw it on christmas. i go to a fairly preppy catholic university so everyone gets super dressed up for church, so it’s kind of weird for me whenever i go home to realize that it’s okay to wear jeans.

    idk, despite her being a celebrity with all kinds of fame and fortume, i kind of feel bad for miley. no matter what she’s doing people find a way to pick her apart because it’s “fun” to build up a celebrity, but it’s more “fun” to watch them fall. whether she’s in vanity fair or going to church, people will label whatever she does/wears/says As wrong.

    even if she tried to be perfect 24/7 she’d still mess up because everyone has a different idea of who she should be.

    i hope for her sake she takes a long break after hannah montana to have people leave her alone for a while. hey, she has enough money where she could retire at 16. haha.

  • bella

    I really don’t like her headband, but it’s not anything against Miley, i just don’t think they look nice on hardly anyone. And I like Miley, but I don’t think she should be dating Justin. What i think is even worse is that Billy Ray introduced them, knowing how old they both are. I think it’s a bit wrong. Would anyone else’s dads do that?

  • no name

    Who wears a headband to church? Get real. I agree that this is all a publicity stunt for her and Justin. They look like a brother and sister out together, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • jazmin

    wow is beautiful :$
    I love miley and justin
    this is perfect!!!

  • Anoymnous

    The people who are saying what shes wearing is inappropiate for church…did anyone notice the girl wearing SHORTS and a hoodie in the background?
    Im a Christian and i can wear whatever i want to my church..i think it just depends on what church you go too. So i agree with #44
    And i think Justin is using Miley for fame, there hardly together in these photos, him seeming closer to his mum. It looks more like family than bf/gf type thing. W