Jennette McCurdy's First Single: So Close!

Jennette McCurdy's First Single: So Close!

Over the weekend, Jennette McCurdy was really excited to share some some exciting news with her fans.

The 16-year-old iCarly cutie, who has been working on her debut album, has revealed her first single. She writes on her official website, “Top of the mornin’ to ya, kids! Today, I am SO excited to be able to announce to you the title of my first single from my CD! Ready? Okay! It’s called…’So Close.’

“It has been mixed and is currently in the mastering lab! Woohoo!!! It will be released coming up here real soon now.. I can’t wait for all of you to hear it! In the meantime, I’ve been in the studio (I actually was just recording this past weekend) working on other songs for the CD.

“I want to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to Nora and Jonah, and anyone else who’s birthday is in January! Have a great time with your family and friends! Last Monday, we started back to iCarly after a short little holiday break. It was great to be back! I shot a youtube video on set with my buddy Ryan Ochoa. He’s guest-starred a few times and it’s always a BLAST when he’s on. ‘Til next Monday! ~ Jennette.”

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  • Osama

    lets see ur song!

  • hales

    why does jared keep on posting so much about this girl when no one cares and bothers to comment on her. Please Jared Jr stop posting and wasting ur time on Jennette McCurdy. please!!!!!

  • jasmine

    don’t watch icarly, but she seems like a lovely person. i would love to meet her (x

  • ariana

    eww shes annoying

  • Virginia

    okay, why does she get a album again?
    We don’t even know if she can sing or not!

    And no offence, I guarentee you no one will buy her cd, or her single. You have to be popular for these things to happen, and no one will take her seriously, considering she’s done NO singing projects.

  • charlie

    not to be mean but who is she? and y does she think shes a singer? ive never heard of her.. shes not very pretty though :-/

  • geena

    go to h$ll. we all hate you, biatches.
    stop wasting your time here.
    go jenette!


    OMG CAN’T WAIT 4 THE RELEASE OF “SO CLOSE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    you guys are on your period! She is a awsome person. I have met her personally and she is not annoying she is very nice. she is not a waste of time.

  • Anonymous

    Listen, how is jennette annoying?! YOU DONT EVEN NO OR HAVE MET HER!!!!!!! And you DONT know if she can sing so just stop thinking she is going to be bad! They wouldnt have asked her
    to make a cd if she wasnt good! And Jared is probably writing about her cuz she is cool and u guys should agree with him if you like this site so much!

  • natasha

    you guys that are hating are just jealous because you know dam right that ya cant sing and how ya evening know if she can sing or not ok and if she couldnt sing then why is she making a cd ok stop ya hating and get over ya dam selfs and another thing the people that are on 2456 ya need to shut the freak up and #6 she is the girl from icarly first of all ok .Also #5 you dont even know if she can sing or not so stop talking and freaking wait for her cd to come out so you can know that she can sing so shut the freak ok and stop hating that is all i got to say ok.

  • iPerry

    i didn’t know Jennette McCurdy could sing

  • $Alyssa$

    OMG!!!! Jennette U SOUND SO GOOD!!!!!

  • $Alyssa$


  • unknown

    oh my god. you guys are so mean! have you even heard her sing? shes friggin AMAZING!!! GO JENNETTE!!

  • aggy

    lol i agree with unknown
    go to youtube and write fred.
    then, click on “fred faces a dirty campaign”. In the vid while he’s singing, that is her song, so close

  • ken

    ..Love your new (first) song, ‘SO CLOSE’. great voice.
    now go write an album…we’ll wait, . . . ok. . . go.!
    . . . . . . . . . .keepitoniCarly. . . . . . . . . .

  • Molly Kate =)

    I love Jenette’s Singing voice and her acting!! You all are crazy for saying otherwise. She’s amazing!! Go Jenette!! :)

  • Shelbi


  • alyson

    yo jennette mcawesome (curdy) love ya be awsome ! : ]

  • jose guadalupe

    Hey I like your work as best you decades
    and I would love to meet you or talk with you
    are you a girl with a big heart and hope to have a very funny answer but I’m not sure but replying to your family much love ….. bye
    att: pepe (jose gudalupe) I like people like you always with a smile on the face …… be happy

  • jose guadalupe

    Hey I like your work as best you decades
    and I would love to meet you or talk with you
    att: pepe (jose gudalupe) I like people like you always with a smile on the face …… be happy

  • jose guadalupe

    I like people like you always with a smile on his face is happy cudiate att pepe ……..

  • Bella

    I love u Jennette i love you so much ur like an idol to me

  • alyssa

    @hales: What the heck? She rocks. You try to act like her and sing like her!

  • sammi

    :o! omg i looooooooooooove her! she is sooooooooooo funny and a gud singer too

  • Abriana

    @Virginia: actulluly she sings better than most people and i would by 3 of her cds!!!!!!!!! and you have to start somewere

  • Abriana

    @ariana: nope

  • Abriana

    jennette is a really good singer just shut up everyone else


    jennette yor beautiful and hot

  • sammi$luv8214

    omg. jannett is now my all time favorite singer!!!!!! she is sooooo good,and every body who thinks that she might not be a good singer just dosnt know what music is!!! so just leave her alone god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hermione

    Jennete is an awesome singer. Man, I can sing great….. (don’t mean to brag), but nothing compared to your awesome voice!!!!! I white my own songs, preform, and do tons of other things…….. but my one dream is to meet you! Rock on Jennette! (or should I say “Sam”?!?!?!)

  • davy patons

    hi!!!!! ur soo cool write me back please!!!!!