Ashley Tisdale is Fendi Fierce

Ashley Tisdale is Fendi Fierce

Ashley Tisdale tries to hide behind her big Fendi bag as she exits a recording studio on Wednesday afternoon (January 21) in Burbank, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress wore her comfy gray sweater and Ugg boots. Ashley was also seen out and about on the weekend, having lunch with her family at favorite local diner, Paty’s.

Ashley is currently working on her sophomore album and will release it later this year.

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Sam

    I Love you Ashley!!

  • super fan ashley


    LOVABE ASH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cami

    I’m so excited abput her new cd!!!
    I really hope the first single come out soon!!!!

  • ashfan

    pretty girl…..

  • leena

    OMG Finally Ashley!!!
    she looks beautiful
    and i love her hair like that <33
    ___Cant wait 4 her album when is it coming out??!___

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Now she’s covering her face…
    hmmm way to find another way
    to copy Vanessa…LAME!
    The girl loves the paps…
    she should just smile then.

  • Lisa

    oh right, i forgot, vanessa is the only one who cover her face
    I don’t understand why you always compare ashley with vanessa, i really don’t get the point of it

  • ashfan

    to i lovezanessaxo

    just one simple question.
    how old are you ??


  • Brazil @

    love her :) i’m sooo excited to her new album.

  • vanessajonas

    #5 i totally agree

  • zashley4ever

    Beautiful!<3 I love Ashley, can’t wait for the new album and she really works that outfit :)

  • zashley4ever

    stfu Vanessa Jonas. God you annoy me!

  • Ella

    Horseface haha love it!!

    Yeah she does always cover her face like Vanessa but in a way… If you were famous would cover your face? I mean it would be be a pain after awhile..

  • DJD


  • ashley tisdale bicthes

    Ashley Tisdale is amazing
    Go away Haters
    ur not wanted
    and are nobodies unlike ashley!!!!!

  • Karla ^^!

    She looks so cute n_n!
    I can’t wait more 4 her album!!!!!
    I love all her songs! and I’m sure the new ones are gonna be fantastic!
    I also like the lyrics =D thay have a good meaning!
    Luv ya Ashley!!!!
    U are the Best!!!!!

  • ilovezanessaxo

    #8…older than you, that’s for sure.

  • hannah

    wow…without make-up she’s not pretty at all and when she doesn’t have a stylist to tell her how to put together outfits, she looks like a walking fashion disaster. Whoever told her tan uggs with navy blue leggings and a miss matched brown purse was cute lied to her face. I’d suggest she not wear her hair like that again and get bangs or something to cover up that ginormous forehead and perhaps a new nose, this one has turned out to be worse and bigger than the old one.

  • ashfan

    to ilovezanessaxo..

    then it’s so sad of you
    to be over 25 and still talk like a lost kid..

  • Ella

    Does anyone want to know how old I am?? Hahaha!!

  • ashfan

    no need ella… :-)
    i am actually ok with people say ashley is not pretty, etc

    but to compare her to vanessa, that outrages me since they are best friends and their fans can’t get that fact into their head already….

  • vanessajonas
  • ashfan

    the author is not a REAL designer LOL….
    it was just another blogger just like JJ and Perez..
    c’mon why don’t you all ashley’s haters who bring up vanessa in defense , just be nice to her one time….. or just stop coming to ashley’s thread at all if what you do is just post offensive immature comments about her….

    even I agree that vanessa sure dresses better and well, she is more beautiful I know but that doesn’t make ashley is ugly and that you all judge her to not be able to do anything right.

  • jumper

    She has a face that should be confined to the small screen.

  • gemma


  • PaulinhoO

    Wow! :D
    I have no words to say when I love you, Ash!

    You are the perfection in person!

    The most beautiful!

    I love you, Ashley Michelle Tisdale forever <3

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Ella…haha I agree whenever there is something negative about’s like “Wahh you’re young and immature!!!” Not true in my case…

    And I know they get along…but something tells me they really aren’t bff.

    Whateves.. I’m out, and thanks for posting that TOO TRUE fashion blog #22!

  • ladygaga

    she looks really comfy and in reality thats all that matters. love you ashley!

  • teteu

    love her!


    she looks so cool

    millions of people are wating for her new album!
    especially in USA, we love her!

    we’re not gonna buy an album that has a song about SNEAKER… EWWWW!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Hm..she looks different..(in a good way). She looks so cute with her hair like that..:D So can’t wait for her album to come out !! I hope it’s soon..

    ..I wonder when people will stop with the hate. I mean, really ? When there’s an Ashley post, all Ashley Haters/Vanessa Lovers who hate Ashley just HAVE to comment on here, and vice versa for Vanessa. It’s getting really annoying. Anyways, where does it say Vanessa in the post ?

  • Ashley’s BIG FAN

    actually, vanessahater (page 1) was the one who brought it first!


  • Wuzthavo

    I love u so much Ashley tisdale!!!
    And I can’t wait 4 your second album!!!
    It’s gonna be great !!
    You are very very hot girl!!!

  • Maddie


  • trish

    she cant sing sound like a little girl

  • Ashley’s BIG FAN

    #35: do u have ears? LOSER!

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    loving the outfit.
    cant wait for abulm
    strange her and vanessa have not been seen out together in a very long time.

  • Ella

    Ahh.. I see your point #27 about the ‘too true fashion blog’
    It would be funny if we got it wrong and it was the other way around.. Haha

  • Ella

    Oh yeah sorry bout that ashfan haha im very blunt
    Love Ashley!!

  • Osama

    luv her!!

  • Soraya a Zanessa ashley fan

    I don’t understand why some people feel forced to hate one or the other from the Vanessa/Ashley duo!
    If sometimes they dress the same way: it’s because they are bestfriends! The share clothes! That’s what bestfriends are supposed to do!
    They both are beautiful! Some people will think Ashley is more beautiful or some other will think Vanessa is the more beautiful but NO ONE of them is ugly! Come on people look at their faces!

    And Ashley’s way to dress is really cute! She doesn’t have bad fashion tastes! It’s her style and personally, I love it! (I love Vanessa’s too ! )

    Oh and last thing: to lovezanessaxo, what you are saying is sooo lame!
    Was Vanessa the girl who created the “hide from paps” thing ?
    I don’t think so haha.
    Actually, I think they both are pretty and do not need to hide at all!

  • victoria caplan

    i loooooooove her

  • heather

    Her first album bombed so now who the heck will buy her second one?

    As far as the constant comparisons to Vanessa, it gets a bit nauseating since they are close friends. I must say however if you ever heard the two of them being interviewed, Ashley sounds more grown-up and intelligent then her friend who sounds like a bubble head.

  • Luan

    Ela ta Linda demaaais ♥


    finally new candids!!!
    ashley looks beautiful and i adore her clothes
    i soo cant wait for her album to come out and a new single!!!
    and can haters please stop commenting on her post?? seriously if u hate ash then why do u take the time to read the post and comment and comment on other ash fans??
    and stop comparing ash 2 vanessa they r bffs and although i hate vanessa i dont go bashing her and telling vanessa fans off
    so if ur a vanessa fan and u dont like ashley (btw vanessajonas) then have some respect and dignity enough to respect vanessa’s bff
    and btw although im an ashley fan foreva i still think that ash’s fashion is much better than vanessa’s cause ash is not afraid to take risks and try’s new things and i adore her for that while v dresses like any other normal teenager
    anyways LOVE U ASH
    TEAM TIZZY FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashfan

    to heather..

    her first album wasn’t bombed..
    it debut #5 on billboard….
    and 1st on TRL…..

  • Stevani

    Yap!The first album is so great!!! I can’t wait to see the second.
    I love ashley! She’s the best ever!
    Ashley looks cute :)

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she looks amazing ♥

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥


  • kelly

    i love ashley