Miley Cyrus is a Bike Riding Beauty

Miley Cyrus is a Bike Riding Beauty

Miley Cyrus wears her plaid hat sideways as she takes a bike ride with big sis Brandi on Tuesday afternoon in Toluca Lake, Calif. (January 20)

The 16-year-old pop star performed last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. Miley sang her new ballad “The Climb” from upcoming flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Miley also sang their duet, “Ready, Set, Don’t Go,” with dad Billy Ray.

15+ pics inside of Miley biking with sis Brandi

Miley Cyrus – Biking around Toluca Lake, 01/20

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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    FIRST! ;DD She’s pretty.

  • katie

    dude why the heck doesnt she wear a freakin helment?! Not having to wear a helmet is THE dumbest law ever. Maybe she will fall off and hit her head so hard that it will knock some sense into her and her whole hillbilly family about how this is not setting the best example for all the young girls who idolize this chipmunk lookalike..just sayin.

  • will

    Shes so fine.

  • k

    oh please…like any one wears a “helment”…you should learn how to spell before you go insulting people.
    any who, she looks gorg. as always.
    very pretty eyes:)

  • lo

    iron maiden again?
    hahah she amuses me
    i bet she has nooo idea who they are

  • Samantha

    dude why the heck doesnt she wear a freakin helment?! Not having to wear a helmet is THE dumbest law ever. Maybe she will fall off and hit her head so hard that it will knock some sense into her and her whole hillbilly family about how this is not setting the best example for all the young girls who idolize this chipmunk lookalike..just sayin.

    The Jonas Brothers Don’t Either…

    So I See No Big Deal…

    I Live Near Miley And Only Smaller Children Wear Helmets…

    I’m 15 And I Don’t So…

  • rii

    she is supposed to wear a helmet, it’s part of the california law. you have to unless ur 18 or older. i dont know if it’s the same for other states, but it is a law in cali.

    but i do admit you rarely see anyone wear a helmet unless they are avid cyclists. and well, i find it weird that it’s always miley being called out on it. i know it’s bad, but the jb got none of this crap when they didn’t wear helmets. i just really hate double standards =/

  • heheh

    she is so beautiful! she rocks!

  • adfasdfa

    ha, she wore that shirt saturday. that shows how normal she is!
    go miley! <3

  • ariana

    as annoying as the paparazzi are the guy filming seems nice and miley is nice with them

    i thought it was funny “how she was like how did you get here before us?”

  • alanah

    i have a hat like that but in green :P

  • crystal

    miley is so beautiful and i luv her outfit…especially her converse i luv em…she must own them in many colors…i just have some blk n white ones and some gray and pink hearts ones…and btw miley was soo amazing last night and the climb performance was the best i now have the song o my mp3…luv ya miley!!!

  • izabella

    she looks like a cute ganster, LOL

    she’s awesome and she looked gorgeous
    when she performed “Climb”, well she always
    looks goegours :)

  • mochi

    i hope miley goes to rehab. seriously. no OFFENSE miley fans…

  • Ella

    #12 Why would she go to rehab? Haha would be funny if she did though.

    Seriously they are following her riding her bike again?!?!
    No life much??

  • riana

    i totally agreen not wearing a helmet is a stupid law- in my country it is illegal to go bikeriding down the street without a helmet i think… well yeah not being a cop or anything but just sayin for her safety :)

  • riana

    im not bein mean by da way- i luv miley. An her sisters style is pretty awsum too- luv da hat miley very gangsta lol! (i say gangsta as in cool)

  • I_Love_MIley

    Why the heck do you guys want the worst for her?? Seriously i may hate some people in this world i also. but i would never wish that bad things would happend to them.

    I would like Miley to wear a helmet for saftey reasons. But i agree that it’s just wrong that the Jonas Brothers don’t get any crap at all when they ride a bike without a helmet, and Selena a skatebored without saftey equipment. But When Miley do it, everyone bash here for it and call her a bad role model. Haters are retarded.

    And Miley looks beautiful:D

  • Lex

    Why do I feel like I’m in love with Miley? She is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever laid eyes on…

  • isabel


  • 007

    i love love miley

  • NativeNYker

    Looking at her on her bike makes you forget just how smart this 16 yr old girl really is! She knows how to play the media better than Britney ever did.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Tyreena

    I think her outfit suits Demi more. But other than that, it’s nice to not see her wearing the ripped tights, and I love her outfit. Do you think it’s her brother?


  • Riley

    I agree with #5. I bet she has no idea who Iron Maiden is. I hate it when people wear band t-shirts just to make themselves look cool. Especially bands they have never heard of. In fact, have any of you heard of Iron Maiden? Anyone with musical taste would know. At least I know who they are.

  • http://. Vic2763

    The outlaw MyCy heads for the Hills (Beverly), with the posse (papz) hot on her tail. lmao =D

    Luv Ya Miles<3 xoxo

  • lane

    who cares a bout burrabbit.she sounds like a chipmunk when she sings and has bugsbunnys teeth

  • rii

    Riley #24

    thats just stupid. i honestly dont like the heavy metal genre so i dont like iron maiden so that means i dont have any musical taste? heavy metal is just too much for me, even if iron maiden is an english band (ive been in a european music phase for awhile now lol).

    and who knows? maybe demi gave miley the shirt? they say they really are friends now with i guess the example from the inaugural concert. or maybe miley really does like the band? i dont see how its so hard to think that a person would like a band. and seeing how some think only people with musical taste (and do u mean good or bad?) would know iron maiden, wouldnt you want more people to like the band too?

  • mandy

    riley #24 and #5 how do you know miley doesn’t know who iron maden is?
    You are so stupid, you’re not the only people in the world who knows who they are losers!
    You’re just jealous of the girl people like you always have a reason to be an idiot with her!

  • nijliej

    hahah she has taste! IRON MAIDEN ;)!

  • lil

    seriously. i don’t even like this girl but who the F cares about the damn helmet? i’m so sick of hearing that. no one wears a helmet when it’s just a leisurely ride in a neighborhood. when it’s competition, yes. but for fun? NO.

    be realistic for once, morons.

    (i can’t believe i stood up for this disney girl..)

  • meeee

    who the f cares about the damn helmet? stfu about it. no one wears a helmet when its just a leisurely ride in a neighborhood.

    i can’t believe i just stood up for this disney girl..

  • Billythekid

    To Katie:

    We get it, she should wear a helmet. But could you leave your racist comments out of it calling her a “hillbilly”. For that you are an idiot. Just saying.

    Yeah, the not-knowing-iron maiden comment was stupid as well by #5. It’s like saying I don’t know who the Rolling Stones are just because they formed in the 1960′s. Geez, have you guys ever heard of history? As in learning history? Plenty of non-contemporary stuff in the world that people are actually aware of!

  • joanna

    I totally agree with #18 ! so true

  • melu

    she looks soo pretyy with that hat i love her style, i love mileyyyyyyyy she es BEAUTIFUL

  • cc27

    I love miley ): and she’s so nice to the paparazzi lol :)

  • joecool

    I also agree with #18!!


  • sweetbella


  • alinka

    don’t you think, that she absolutely looking like Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) on “New York minute”?????

    stupid poser.

  • Angelica

    I love her bike, I wonder what it’s called .. ?

  • britt

    Miley probably wants to call him a stalker sooooo badly. I know i would want to! but nope, shes gotta watch what she says because if she says the word crap the whole world goes into a spaz.

  • Emy

    WOw I like how she is friends withthe guy filming her….

  • riana

    u guys do not know her life if she lyks iron maiden or not give her a break guys!

  • lauren

    32-hillbilly isint racist lmfao. thats one of THE dumbest comments i think i have ever read. a black person could also be called a hillbilly, so could a mexican person, or an asian. ur so dumb.

  • emily

    seriously!!!!!! who in this world over the age of 10 wears a helmet??? so what if she doesnt wear one???? i really dont see the big deal…people need to stop judging her…and helmets=helmet hair!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody wants that!

  • http://. Vic2763

    Luv the hat. Looking cute Miles <3




  • matilda

    You know what I think she will NEVER be over Nick and he will NEVER be over her! It’s just one of those things…When they’re together you can feel the chemistry going through the roof!!
    Justin is good guy but he’s not Nick… I don’t know when,I don’t know how but someday they will be back together(as a couple) because I’m always right in those things but I think they are bought afraid to dump selena and justin to give it another shot because they would put too much into the risk…

  • Maryy

    haterss suck mileys rocks