Dakota Fanning: New Moon Possible

Dakota Fanning: New Moon Possible

Dakota Fanning is getting closer and closer to sinking her teeth into the Twilight fandom.

The 14-year-old Coraline actress is in talks to play the role of Jane, the Botticelli blonde vampire with an angel-like face, in the sequel, New Moon. Dakota talked to Access Hollywood earlier today (January 24) about the role. She shared, “I think it’s too soon to tell if I’ll for sure be doing it, but it’s so great. I’m a really big fan of that series and the first film and all the actors in it, so it would be wonderful.”

Dakota even joked with the entertainment show: “I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me. I’m pretty white already.”

A rep for Summit Entertainment, the company behind the hit cult Twilight films, confirmed that Dakota is indeed being considered: “We are considering all actors that have the unique requirements for the look of Jane — Dakota being one of them.”

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  • karr

    hm..this is gonna be interesting..

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com Michelle

    i think she’s adorable and i’m a fan of hers but i dont think big name actors should be in this series. i think theyre just doing it because they know its a hit so itll make them even more famous. i think its a career/money move.

  • Kate

    I think Dakota Fanning is a really bad actress. Her acting is just as good as a life sized, human-shaped, cardboard. She always has this “deer-caught-in-the-headlights” look on her face and suddenly people think she’s a good actress just because she stars in movies with A-list celebrities! This is ridiculous.

  • hmm

    i think i might like to see her in this one…she really, really does fit the role physically, anyways.

  • Ryan Lerman

    obama is my president

  • aw

    She gets some pretty good roles and roles in which she is usually the star. So it’s kinda weird she would do this, oh well. And lmao it’s not like having the ability to act is a prerequisite for this movie series.

  • caitlin

    i really like her i think she is an awesome actress and is really talented so im sure she will do well in the role of jane

  • http://www.myspace.com/k8lynisepic katelyn lovato,

    she would ruin it, honestly.

  • G


  • kjkj


  • sugasuga


  • riana

    shes like really really smart

  • lexi/not a totaltwilight hater

    err why does everyone like twilight so much…it;s not the movie i dont like, i mean all the actors are great, and the crews good but the books…THEY ARE NOT WELL WRITTEN! the plot’s okay (although done before just in a different way-total romeo/juliet type story) but stephenie meyer is NOT A GOOD WRITER! She makes Bella so WHINY even my twilight fan friends think so! and its a very SIMPLE book-simple in a bad way! whats complex about it? i dont love harry potter-but those books have more than an OUNCE of complexity,and will be around a lot longer then twilight. twilight’s basically only good for promoting abstinence, but bella is filled w/ sexual tension with Edward and in the end they do have sex (even though married) unprotected sex that gives them a baby, which basically promotes teen pregnancy (she’s still pretty young). i read the book once, and didn’t finish. i do applaud stephenie meyer for making a suspenceful book(total page turner) just a wish SO BAD that everyone would stop treating it like its Harry Potters second coming! it’s not. it’s not a great book and one day all you fans will realize the error of your ways but till then happy reading! i dont hate you if you like the book, i’m glad alot of people are actually enjoying reading, but i don’t like the book and i wanted to vent because it seems like no one feels the same way.

    ps…dakota fanning would definitely brighten up new moon
    would love to see her in it

  • riana

    id luv her in twilight- she allready looks the perfect part- i dont think anasophia robb culd even pull it off but she can shes definately had more experience!

  • Ella

    Wow… Interesting.. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see..

    Manage to get everything off your chest #13?

  • sarah

    i agree #13, i don’t understand all the hype over twilight. it’s poorly written and it’s a joke that people are calling it the next harry potter.

  • arantxa

    i like how she acts
    but i dont think she should be on New Moon :(

  • .

    Whatever happened to people saying “stick with the newcomers and stay away from the already famous celebrities!”

    And, why do people keep saying the “rumored people” that will join Twilight will ruin the movie??

    FYI: THE MOVIE ALREADY RUINED THE BOOK!!! I’m pretty sure Stephenie Meyer is secretly disappointed with the movie since none of her ideal characters are in it.

  • gradyB

    Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed were not newcomers when cast. Pattinson was in 2 Harry Potter fims. The main bad guy, Cam Gigandet, had a big part in The O.C. as well as Never back Down.

    Twilight HAD name actors in the movie. New Moon would be lucky to get Dakota.

  • http://asorb.tk zeeky5678

    wow, um, is it just me, or does it seem like we have WAAAY to many book purists on here? i mean, movies can only be so close to the book, you know maybe if you’d quit expecting so much from the movies you wouldn’t get as let down you guys, just keep your expectations low, and maybe you’ll be surprised, Chris is a really great director and im sure he can pull off a great adaptation, he did Golden COmpass, and even though the film was completely rearranged, it was done in a way that could work. i still think it’s absolutly hilarious the fcat that all the twilight fans are over here whining about dakota fanning being in the film, WHICH SHE SHOULD BE, oh, and please do shut up, about the fact that she’s famous, omg, why don’t you use your imagaination when your watching the movie, pretend she’s NOT dakota fanning, which in movies we’re all supposed to pretend that those are real people on the screen not actors, apparently twilighters don’t know how to do that. seriously though, why don’t you go make sure the film is actually getting made correctly, plot-wise, stroy-wise, and focus on the main characters instead of something as small as this. i still think the whole issue is hilarious seeing everyone freak out over something so small. Oh, and to all of you who said they just gave her the role, READ THE FINE PRINT, it’s right there in the article! “We are considering all actors that have the unique requirements for the look of Jane — Dakota being one of them.” do you twilighters know what THAT means, no way, it means that Dakota’s not the ONLY one they’re offering the part too, omg, common sense! of course she’s not the only one, casting director’s aren’t that unfair, it’s just sometimes, there’s people they want more than others (Dakota) so they talk to them first, if they aren’t interested who knows maybe some of you ordianary people calling dakota a bad actor can go do a better job yourselves, because the ONLY reason you should EVER tell someone they’re bad at something is if YOU can do the same thing better, so good luck with that you guys, and i’ll just be setting back here, enjoying you all STILL ignore me, and STILL freak out over this.


  • wtf

    uhh i dont want her in the series
    that would just ruin it for me, i pictured jane older than 14
    i really hope they get someone else

  • b chick

    i honestly dont care if they pick her or not.
    she is going to do such a small part that doesnt even make a difference to me..
    im more worried about seeing how rob pattinson, kristen stewart and taylor lautner are gonna act, cause things are going to be WAY different in the second movie

    [ and for those people that say twilight is poorly written , i'd like to see u write something and sell millions of copy, the story is amazing and so is the writing so before u start saying its bad do something better..]

  • Sofia!

    dakota would make a great jane but i agree with #10 anna sophia rob is an excellent actress too, she’s perfect for the role though i think dakota has that vampire thing physically

  • erica

    zeeky5678, i couldn’t agree with you more. now i am a huge twilight fan and you’re totally right. with there were more people who thought that way.

  • Jasmine

    Make New Moon the best it can be.
    Sign the petition.

  • Nieko

    Lexi – #13..

    Erm at the end of the day, how the hell can you critisise peoples opinions?! If YOU dont like them, thats fine, keep it to yourself and have nothing to do with the books or movies!! But you cant question why people like them!!.. they books are brilliant and in my opinion totaly differnt to the Harry Potters so you cant compare them!! Stephenie Meyer is amazing cause shes able to really dig deep into the characters emoitions, the books in my opionion are great..

    Annd thats my opinion #13 so you cant put it down!

    Jeeeze, if you dont like it so much.. erm dont bother comenting about it? ’cause your not going to change peoples mind about it..

  • http://asorb.tk zeeky5678

    @ #26- Doesn’t matter if we “CAN’T” change people’s minds, it doesn’t mean we can’t try, However i do agree that #13, went a bit far, but #26, aren’t you ALSO critisising #13′s opinion as well?

  • Nieko

    nope not at all.. he’s entitled to dislike the books and films..

    but saying “err why does everyone like twilight so much”
    and “it’s not. it’s not a great book and one day all you fans will realize the error of your ways ” ?

    You cant question why other people like them.. and pehaps people do like them, how can #13 say its an error in their ways? I see that as being quite disrespectful..

    Lol im fine with people having their own opinions, its just those comments were a bit disrespectful to people that actualy do like the books and films

  • Rainee

    ermm, yeah this is gonna be interesting :)

  • patricia.

    go dakota :) your a great actress.

    when has she ever ruined a movie?

    P.S she not a kid anymore she a teen.

  • Bianca

    I was always curious who would be Jane, and to be honest I never in a million years thought of Dakota, but when I read that she may possibly be Jane, I thought it was awesome. IDK, she’s got the material to be that character, i mean the girl can shoot a freaky glance that Jane would do, and yet she looks charming, which is exactly how Jane looks. Seems like a bold choice. Only problem might be she might take the limelight of the whole movie!

  • natalie

    i really dont think everyone should be making such a big deal about twilight. i agree with #13 that twilight isn’t the best book ever, and everyone has their own opinions so why criticize someone elses? and when a lot of people like something and someone doesn’t, why won’t you let them get there opinion in? why won’t you let them say THERE side of the story and say how THEY feel. it’s like when jobro fans put down their ex-girlfriends. it’s just rude and dont take a random person who you’ll probably never meets comments to heart.

    the error of your ways comment-w/e. it’s just a term get over it. at least she didn’t put down the movie.

  • diana

    I think that she’ll play Jane really well. I mean, she has the look. She could pull off Jane really well, physically. The thing is, she plays most of her movies in aproximately the same way, so i’d love to see her bring something more to this movie.

    Go Dakota! :)

  • JayaJOnas

    I swear to god, if she gets it i will cry ! :|

  • Jasmine

    Make New Moon the best!
    Dakota Fanning great actor but this girl fits the role better!

    leave your opinions!
    maybe not jodelle but others could be added!

  • twilightfan


  • http://lionandlamblove.org nayy

    I think Dakota would be great as Jane!!

  • wish_I_was_bella_swan

    she i way too you! …and she looks even younger than she is! Jane is supposed to be in her late teens to early 20s…Dakota looks like she is 12! bad choice…but i have an idea for Alec…Tony Oller, maybe? just a thought :D

  • wish_I_was_bella_swan

    she i way too young! …and she looks even younger than she is! Jane is supposed to be in her late teens to early 20s…Dakota looks like she is 12! bad choice…but i have an idea for Alec…Tony Oller, maybe? just a thought :D

  • sara

    i think that none big star celebrites should be in any of the twilight movies. it should be all new people. i heard lindsay lohan and vanessa hudgens are trying to get it on it. soo stupid.

  • mai

    I don’t like her, to be jane. But she is not going to ruin a movie. And jane is a second character. So is not to important the one who does it, at least that does it well.

  • Belle

    i honestly think that she shouldn’t get the job

    she has had plenty of roles and im sure that
    theres someone out there who could outshine
    her anyday as the role of jane

  • Zoe

    I really think there should be no big name actors in the twilight movies. That sounds weird but I really think that dakota fanning wouldn’t make a good jane. Not that she would be bad or any thing but just not right. It’s like vanessa Hudgens being leah. It just doesn’t quite work.

  • laura

    dakota is kool
    but she DOES NOT suit the role of jane

    here is someone who is PERFECT for the role
    her name is jordana


    CLICK THIS LINK = http://stephlesx13.deviantart.com/art/Jane-111305034


    OMG! GO ON THIS LINK http://stephlesx13.deviantart.com/art/Jane-111305034

    OMG! GO ON THIS LINK http://stephlesx13.deviantart.com/art/Jane-111305034


  • Plainjayne…

    I really don’t think she should play the part…. She seems 2 young. I don’t think big stars should play the roles.. I dunno it would seem wierd.

  • Marley

    She is perfect for the part she’s really small and pretty and looks delicate just like all the other female vampires. I hope she can act like a crule heartless witch :P
    She’s not a little kid anymore she’s 15 she can handle this part
    SERIOUSLY though Twilight wasnt all I thought it would be it was still good but not what I imaged.


  • Sue

    Well the books sucked and the movie sucked more. :S
    I’m just waiting to watch New Moon because I actually like the actors
    so I think Dakota would be great. I really like her and can imagine her as Jane. I actually thought she would play a perfect Jane when I read the novels. And I totally agree with #13….only difference is I hate Twilight. And for people who will comment and say things like “then why are you watching it” cause as i said before I like the actors and I love vampires, werewolves and the whole fantasy thing too. Plus Jacob is the main point in New Moon :D

  • Sue

    Um that Jordanna girl isn’t very attractive(aren’t vampires in Twilight known for there attractiveness and sparkle powers?) and she dosen’t look like a Jane to me…Plus Jane is blond and pale like Dakota!

  • Christina Hostetter

    I think Dakota will be great as Jane. I wonder if they’re going to dye her hair though, cause in the book it says Jane’s hair is pale brown