AnnaLynne McCord 'Fishing' for New Moon

AnnaLynne McCord 'Fishing' for New Moon

While Dakota Fanning has almost locked the role of Jane, AnnaLynne McCord is looking at the role of Heidi in the highly anticipated New Moon.

The 21-year-old 90210 starlet is rumored to on casting directors’ lists to fill the role of Heidi, a “fisher” who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat, E! is reporting. A source dishes to E!, “It’s not a big part. Heidi would be more like a cameo.”

Heidi isn’t a big character in the second book of the Twilight series, but Bella Swan mentions her as having “exceptional, unforgettable” beauty with stunning legs and violet eyes.

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  • Becky

    she could be heidi but out of all roles that’s who she wants to be… it’s like 1 line and a walk through in a 1 minute scene.

  • DAniela

    i dont know about that, but maybe she would be a good choice. although maybe they should consider someone else….

  • Russian girl

    OMG!!!!!!!!! This MONKEY in New Moon???!!!!!!!!PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! She is ugly. Hhmmm it’s Ok…..BUT she is HORRIBLE actress!

  • Kate

    Please no.

  • Laura

    i actually pictured someone like her for the part. and she would also make a good kate, but that role wouldn’t be casted until breaking dawn if they film it.

  • Daniyah

    ya sure!! !! i cant wait for new moon!

  • kayla

    as much as i can’t stand this girl, a cameo for like one minute couldn’t hurt i guess.

  • bellamor

    Um, and that’s a huge NO.

  • sam


  • lilaaa

    i don’t think so, i think she’s not a good one!! bye

  • [other] sam

    who on earth is she and why is a really insignificant part being cast when they manage dot cut out about 3/4 of the book in the twilight film
    itll be rubbish

  • cc27

    no .. :( im sorry . . lol shes good in 90210 but i dnt want her in new moon .. i rather vanessa hudgens lol XD

  • kt

    i agree w/ #3. and she is NOT “exceptional and unforgettable”
    they shouldn’t be casting known actresses

  • d

    i honestly thought of her when i was reading new moon a couple years ago..

  • francesca

    she’s not ugly
    but she’s not an “exceptional, unforgettable beauty”

  • Shannon

    seems like eveyone is jumping on the NM bandwagon! IMO she would be a good Heidi i like her character on 90210 and she has the whole bitchface going on somethig that i pictured Heidi with dunno thats’ just me

  • E

    i like her!!

  • katelyn

    well i guess haven’t a woodland creature in that movie would be cool.
    good for publicity i guess.

  • Britney fan

    oh hell no… stay in the 90210.

  • annavanessa

    ew nooooooooo!

  • Chelsey

    really?! she probably wanted a part in the movie because her supposed Boyfriend is Kellan Lutz and he’s in the movie!! DERR

  • Michelle

    For the sake of the fans, please do not cast this ugly girl. Even though she has a very tiny role, do not do it. And I agree with everyone else, she is not an exceptional and unforgettable person!!! Maybe she’s “using” Kellan Lutz so he can help her get the role…

  • Julia Stephens

    Casting REALLY needs to get going on the unknowns… thats what is exciting, not the same flavors that everyone knows. FIND an unknown Heidi!!!

  • arantxa

    i wouldnt like to see her on New Moon
    but its just a little part
    so it wont hurt

    maybe she is using Kellan L ….
    like 22 said

    i think she is kind of ugly :(
    Sorry ..

  • krystal

    i dont really care because its a cameo who knows maybe she wont even get it i know she just wants to be in new moon cause of kellan & for all you ppl who say shes “using him” he first did a cameo on 90210 so who would be using who?

    i dont know who i feel about her but its whatever to me.

    just dont put disney kids in it and dont mess up the movie !

  • krystal

    & number 18

    you made my day that was really funny lmao

  • madison

    She isn’t anything at all like what I pictured Heidi and I’m not normally one to complain about casting choices, but I really don’t like her for the part at all. She just has the completely wrong look from what was constructed in my mind.

    They could find someone who fits the part so much better, and it’s such a small role that it doesn’t need to be a name or face anyone recognizes.

  • skeezy

    i hate to say this cause i love the books more then anything i’ve ever read.
    but this movie is going to be horrible, too many known actors playing roles that would be terrible for them; Dakota Fanning, Lucas Grabeel, now here.
    this movie just seems doomed from the start.

  • Maria

    I guess being Kellan Lutz’s girlfriend pays off…


    Catherine would never do this…

  • doodle

    She could definately be my Heidi – she is stunning :)

  • Erin

    Never seen her work.

    So. Um. No.

    I’d rather see someone who looked like Megan Fox. Just with a more natural acting ability.

  • aaa

    Twilight fans….SOMEBODY new has to be cast in this movie.

    Why do you all keep complaining about every rumour.

    V.Hudge, Lucas Grabeel, Dakota Fanning and now AnnaLynne.

    It’s not like they’re gonna take the parts of Bella or Edward so just give them a freakin chance before complaining.

  • Naomi

    I love AnnaLynne!
    But I’m not sure if I’d like to see her on New Moon,
    Anyway I’m sure she’d do a good job with playing Heidi [it's just a small role]


  • F

    Sure, she’s fine

  • Macpherson, lauren

    they really need to stop bringing in all these known actors, yes dakota fanning is a known actor, but we dont read about her every single day. this book is too good to ruin it( not saying its ruined) with all these known and talked about people, it just makes it another movie.
    and plus annalynne is kind of affance.

  • layla

    what i liked about the twilight movie was that it brought in non-famous, yet known actors and actresses. by bringing in dakota fanning, vanessa hudgens, brenda song or annelynne mccord (i love them all, except vanessa hudgens), who are rumored to be in new moon, gives the twilight movie series a look like child star, high school musical, suite life of zac and cody and 90210. everyone will see them as what they are in their many movies or tv shows.


    No she can’t be heidi

  • Rosalia

    She’s to evil for Twilight… I mean she always plays a betch… (Ugly Betty, Nip/Tuck, and 90210)

  • camila

    I would love HAYDEN PANETTIERE as Heidi

  • Mary Pattison Loranzzatti

    OMG! will be great , i love AnnaLynne she’s so pretty!
    she will be perfect for be heidi

  • pup

    She could be; I mean isn’t she dating Kellan aka “emmet” in real life anyways?

  • Jessica

    Uh no, that won’t be good.
    And besides, she obviously only wants to be in the movie cause Kellan’s in it.


    ummm no i pictured someone else NOT HERRRR


    julie gonzalo would be great for this roleee!!!

  • ana

    i think that she is good as heidi, because she is beautiful and i like her!

  • andrea

    i don’t think she would be the best for the role but i really don’t care there are better people in the movie to focus on

  • lolllerty


  • bella

    i agree,they should stop with the known actors,it really sucks!

  • victoria

    wooow, so many jealous freaks on here !
    honestly, nobody’s ever going to fit your “perfect vision” of a character from a book. just because she’s not EXACTLY right for the part in your minds doesn’t mean she’s an ugly woodland animal.

    people on here are pathetic. i don’t picture her as heidi either, but just because of that i’m not going to be all:

    “omg this gurl is ugly i can’t stand it woodland creatures=good publicity l0l0l0lz”

    get a life and move on. it’s a movie.

  • twilight luver

    WHO THE HECK IS HEIDI?!?!?! is she even in the book