Vanessa Hudgens Shops with Kenneth Brown

Vanessa Hudgens Shops with Kenneth Brown

Vanessa Hudgens was seen out at Crate and Barrel on Wednesday afternoon (February 11), shopping with designer Kenneth Brown in L.A.

The 20-year-old actress was seen hiding her face behind her grey JJ Winters fringe bag as they left.

Kenneth Brown is designing Vanessa‘s as well as boyfriend Zac Efron‘s new homes. The designer shared with the Chicago Tribune recently, “They’re complete opposites. If they ever get married, they’ll have to have separate houses. He’s very modern and she’s very traditional.”

To check out the pics of Vanessa and Kenneth shopping together, click here.

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Photos: WENN
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  • Katty

    Doesn’t she know trying to hide herself draws more attention?
    Love her, though. I hope we get a Zanessa and Ashnessa sighting soon.

  • zanessa4everr

    theres no way zanessa wouldnt get married because of their house design. :)
    zanessa FOREVAHH!

  • Emily

    ehh cool I guess? I still don’t get why everyone thinks she is uber uber amazing.

  • duhh


  • http://zanessa sara 12

    love her

  • marie

    love her!

  • Seaturtlesrock

    I love Vanessa, and I understand that she’s shy (I’m super shy myself), but she needs to stop hiding her face every time she sees a camera. I mean, she’s in showbiz and paparazzi are to be expected, and like Katty said, she’s just drawing more attention to herself.

  • Jo

    Oh that a pretty picture of her! she looks good in red.
    what’s wrong you cant get the pics jared?

  • kt

    hiding her face is so dumb cuz it just brings more attention….just sayin…

  • elenee

    pooor baby v.
    stupid paparazzi’s.
    we need Zanessa together again :]

  • vancrazed

    I couldn’t disagree more. Hiding her face isn’t drawing more attention. She is freakin Vanessa Hudgens…that is the draw. They are idiots, and I’m glad that she hides her face. Another example that she just wants people to let her act and entertain, but isn’t interested in the fame. Go girl.
    BTW…lookin good as always. Love her!!
    Noticed Jared must be desperate for posts today, he had to pull out the big guns even without good pics. Funny stuff!!

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    she Hide her face Because that is her right
    Because she now is not for the work
    But to her personal Life
    love her

  • ella

    I couldn’t disagree more. Hiding her face isn’t drawing more attention. She is freakin Vanessa Hudgens…that is the draw


    ummm so?. im sure all the ppl around her could care less who she is. if she just walked around normally she wouldnt draw half as much attention to herself. but obviously everyone is gunna be looking at the crazy chick walking around with a fugly bag infront of her face. its like she subconsciously knows that by doing that shes actually giving herself MORE attention…not less.

  • Ela

    love her too!!



  • bailey

    she knows that by doing that she gets more attention. shes not an idiot.

  • Jo

    Who cares what she does it’s her life. At the end of the day we’re all just mere spectators. would you rather have her be like heidi and spencer?

  • dearie

    Those pics are dated 11/2/2009!

    Today is the 11th?

    What gives?

  • roswell

    love her…

  • Alexia



  • Linda

    i hate how all these young actors like her and actually pretty much the whole HSM cast and other young ‘celebs’(i use that term very very very losel) CHOOSE to be in this industry and take everything that comes along with it, and then have the nerve to b!tch and moan about being photographed. lindsay lohan made a very good point a few years ago when she said the minute people stop wanting to take your picture is the minute your career is over. Vanessa needs to appreciate the fact that this isint going to last forever and there will come a day when NO1 will care about her at all. She needs to enjoy this while it last and stop acting as if she is just so damn important.

  • Jazmin

    Love her and she just looks amazing on the pix JJJ used. Gorgeous in Red…..

  • xoxogossipgirl

    she makes me laugh. she always acts like she hates the attention but come on, look at her, watch interviews and look at how she acts and that stupid little smirk she always has. vanessa hudgens loves attention. NEXT.

  • lslsharon

    love vanessa!!!
    but where the pics??

  • lslsharon

    vanessa you are so cute!!!

  • maria

    dearie, in some countries, and possibly where the photographers are from who took these pics, they list the date first, then the month, then the year. In the US, the date would be 2/11/09.

    I’m glad she covers her face as well……….I would NOT GIVE THOSE VULTURES a dime in their pockets!!!!!! They’ve crossed the line, with the pics of Zac at his new house. They need to file charges of stalking, because that’s what they do to these two. It’s disgusting.

  • Jazmin

    #23 last statement hasa click here for pic and it will take you on to another site….

  • love her

    Is always she wonderful

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Haters, go away !! You never deserve to be on here in the first place, if all your going to do is hate.

    Her bag looks cute. And she’s just looking gorgeous as ever. Love the shades too :D Love you Vanessa !!

    …Still waiting !!! Ashnessa NOW.

  • devyn

    doing that is only giving her MORE attention. she should just nto cover her face, since she does a horrible job at it anyways.

  • Jazmin

    I do miss Ashnessa….. :0(

  • lslsharon

    #27Jazmin: #23 last statement hasa click here for pic and it will take you on to another site….

    thanks a lot~~!!!
    i get it !!!

  • Peggy


    If I remember correctly Wenn is a foreign site and in Europe they put the day before the month the opposite of us.

    I don’t post here anymore but I thought this would help you

  • joyfull

    You know in the beginning both Vanessa and Zac use to be nice to the paps, once they got stupid with all their questions and invading their privacy taking pictures of them in Aussie in their hotel room, that’s got to be downright unforgivable. Where do you draw the line in terms of making money? If the paps can’t respect their rights that why should any of the stars give them the opportunity to make money off of them, yes it’s true that we as fans look forward to pictures but, I’ll do with out them any day just so they could enjoy their private lives.

  • vannie

    i love her!!

  • meeeee

    she needs to get over herself… really

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    well said #33. That is VERY true.

  • Karen


    You seem to miss the point here. She isn’t trying to hide from the people around her or anyone for that matter. She is trying not to allow the vultures (paps) to get a good shot of her. They make money off her and disrupt her life in the process. SO, if they don’t get a good picture they either can’t sell them or at the very least they can’t get as much money for them. Not just Vanessa is getting fed up with the way the paps have been acting and she is not the only person in Hollywood trying to keep the paps from getting good candid shots. Have any of you heard Brad Pitts interview concerning the paps? Maybe you should check that out.

    And for you who have brought up Lindsey Lohan: so look at what happened to her and Britney Spears. They were in such need of the attention—not meaning they didn’t have talent—but they had a personal need to be “wanted” and accepted. And because of it they ended up in hot water up to their eyebrows. They desired because it gave them a feeling of worth and it eventually consumed them in one way or another. Now, Miss Lohan doesn’t seem to crazy about all the pap attention and gets quite angry herself when being stalked. Vanessa doesn’t desire nor does she feel the need to be followed 24/7 to feel wanted or accepted. She is just trying to live life—her life. Why do you people always want to find something wrong with what she does? She is not out torturing small animals or something harmful to humans or beasts!

  • zac is a rat

    I see that Vanessa has’nt got her ring on guess the Brazilian trip was’nt that much of a sucess for her and Zac after all. No wonder he did’nt look happy in his recent photo’s Vanessa’s finally given him the boot for his flirting ways, at least now he can go to his booty call girl that he truly loves and leave Vanessa to get on with her life.

  • lslsharon

    vanesssa looks cute~~~~
    love her 4ever~~~!!

  • jasmine

    she’s gorgeous!!!

  • Karen


    If you are talking about the DAY of the week when you posted here in the US it was the 11th—Wednesday. Now if you were in somewhere like Sydney, Australia then at the time you posted it would have already be Thursday there. If you are wanting to know about the MONTH then some countries put the day of the week first then the month and then the year while other countries do the month first then the day and then the year.

    Hope that explained exactly what you were asking.

  • enigma

    i’m sure one day she’ll run into a streetlamp or a car while hiding her face. i really don’t want to be mean, i’m a big fan of her but one day she will learn her lesson i think.

  • Rosa

    love Love LOVE her to death ..

    haters .. keep on getting more STUPID with your PATHETIC comments ..
    we just DON’T care ..

  • ashlee

    insecure, pitiful “zac is a rat” person, why don’t you just stop posting your stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid comments. you have said the same thing over and over for the past year.

    you sound more and more like an insecure little kid trying to get attention from her mommy. don’t you think it’s time you made an attempt to grow up.

    what kind of world do you line in, anyway?

  • kami

    btw, vanessa DOES have on her ring. that’s for the idiot above who said she didn’t.

  • Karen

    #39—zac is a rat:

    Do you have some great compulsion to be wrong? Do you personally have a need to be reassured or is it that you are concerned for other so you print something stupid so someone like me or another fan will post a comment pointing out the truth and your obvious fallacy and that way many others will be sure to see it?

    My point is, once again you are mistaken or you just downright lie because Vanessa IS wearing her ring. So, you have now had your little laugh so you can move along. Even though I hate responding to the likes of you I also hate more that some youngster will actually get worried about the ring thing. However, at this point I think pretty everyone and their dog knows everything you say is a lie so this is the last time I will respond to your ridiculous comments. Frankly, I hope nobody who has read your stupid posts and know your antics will ever respond to you again.

  • http://o Martha

    newsflash rat freak, she is wearing the ring. you need to go away!

    V looks great. For all you idiots who are saying she shouldn’t hid her face. Of course she should. She has every right to. It’s her life and she will live it how she’s chooses. Paps are vultures and aren’t everything. She isn’t promting a movie right now, she is just shopping, there is no need for her to pander to them, not that there ever is. It’s nieve attiudea like Ella’s that make the situation worse. It’s not acceptable to have someone stalk you, to say obscene things to you, or to have them fly a hellicopter right by your home. A line has been crossed there. V is allowed to do what she wants; just like we are. Her life isn’t a reality show, and she dos have the right to her privacy. Shes an actor not a zoo animal in a cage.

  • Rosa

    #3 Emily ..
    yeah .. still don’t get it ..
    and u r the 3rd comment here !!

    #4 duhh
    do u even have a FACE u stupid??

    #9 kt
    no need for that .. u’d better keep ur mouth CLOSED

    #13 ella

    no they wouldn’t …
    coz darlin that’s the order in which things usually happen ..
    1- she goes outside NORMALLY
    2- paps are EVERYWHERE around her coz they CARE SO MUCH about getting pics which equal MONEY
    3- she gets super ANNOYED of that and
    4- she COVERS her face ..
    get it ??

    #21 Linda

    look sweety ..
    what u must learn when u GROW UP
    is that NOT everything that comes with the career is super nice and cool ..
    she is doing what she loves ..
    but that doesn’t mean she MUST enjoy all the BAD consequences ..
    so no need for ur nonesense ..

    #23 xoxogossipgirl

    oh yeah??
    let me re-say that ..
    attention loves Vanessa ..
    NEXT ..

    #39 zac is a rat

    woah .. u r a FREAK !!
    stop being an idiot ..
    ZANESSA 4 ever ..
    she doesn’t have to glue the ring with her finger ..
    they were so happy when turning back from brazil ..

    now people seriousy ..
    u have nothing else to bash V for but this stupid covering her face thing which is her full right ..
    first .. she hides her face ..
    then .. she hides it to get more attention ..
    wondering what the coming pathetic thing u’ll say about her ..
    maybe u’ll say that she is making a movie called “hide ur face” to get money ??

    get over it losers ..
    this girl has REAL talent and beauty ..
    so the silly things u say about her mean nothing at all ..
    except for the fact that u r super idiots ..


  • lslsharon

    love baby v~~!!!
    gorgerous as usual~~~!!
    hope she has a romantic valentine’s day with zac~~~!!