Miley Cyrus is Rite Aid Awesome

Miley Cyrus is Rite Aid Awesome

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy and casual as she shops at a local Rite Aid in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (February 17).

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet browsed through the facial cleanser and skin creams aisle before leaving with no bags.

Miley was recently in London to perform “Fly on the Wall” on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away Show. Miley also premiered her new video for “Hoedown Throwdown” last night before the premiere of Dadnapped.

Miley Cyrus – “Hoedown Throwdown” Official Music Video

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus shopping at Rite Aid…

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • elllbell

    shes perfecct

  • elllbell

    shes perfecttt

  • Mary

    love her <3

  • Mileylover

    SHES PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Massie

    Her hair looks good. In the video not in the store. I wonder what lenght extensions she gets.

  • sweetbella

    somebody else hacked her twitters or twitty or whatever account again.
    and write some really mean stuff on it.
    if you saw it, you know that miley did not write somethings like that!!!
    i just want to hit that hacker!!!!! SO MAD!!!

  • rii

    i dont even think that was her real twitter. i think they hacked a fake twitter lol.

  • anonymous

    She’s ok but This girl has great taste in fashion.

  • sweetbella

    how do you know she is wearing extensions????
    i can’t tell the difference???

  • Victoria

    i love you too miley lol
    she is amazing!

    she doesnt even had a twitter, only like a few celebs are known to have one

  • sweetbella

    what do you mean rii?

  • sweetbella

    how do you know victoria?

  • boss status

    whatever im like two days older than her and she look like she 20 years older than me. something is obviously wrogn with that. she loook hella old for her age. but whatever. i dont care. i like her shirt thoo. thats all good bye.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Miley is so chill I love her style cause she dont care what people think of her style like going in to a Rite Aid in pjs or a sweat suit thats how I am. And btw what in the world is a “twitter”?

  • katie

    fabulous as per usual. also, that twitter was FAKE–she confirmed that on mileyworld. lol @ the loser hacking into a fake twitter.

    also, i am jealous of how good she looks without makeup. i wish i was confident enough to go out without any. :)

  • Jung

    She is verry beautifull!

  • Jung

    I love Miley, I want to merry her!

  • swe3t23

    she doesn’t have twitter………punks

  • Farrah

    Miley is a very pretty girl and I admire the fact that she refuses to spend hours dressing herself up for the cameras. She seems very down-to-earth.

  • riana

    uh she does hav twitter- her account got hacked an they said things like im not an effing role model i hate little kids, i sent nick dirty pictures afta he went owt wit selena and some otha rude things bout demi lovato- which of course aint tru!

  • Lorraine

    #14, Twitter is a place where you can update people on what you are doing through the site or your phone. Kinda of like the “statuses” that you can leave on facebook.

    And I wish I could look like that without wearing any makeup. Plus I have long hair like Miley’s but it doesn’t look that good.

  • joecool

    Keeping it real!!


  • melissa. *

    she looks awesomee. very down to earth friendly (: <3

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love miley’s sewat outfit

  • rii

    @13 boss status

    idk, im 17 and i think she looks her age right here. i think sometimes she can look older depending on how she dresses, but generally she looks like a teenager to me. but really, a lot of people dont look their age. i swear, im a senior, and so many freshman look like juniors (i would say seniors but then i would know them lol)

  • Ava

    Good Lord, have some respect for yourself. Classy people do not go in their pj’s. Not matter where they are going. Mily, you seriously look like trailor trash. Hott mess. I never got out without being at least dressed and my hair brushed, and people aren’t following me taking pictures.

  • Victoria
  • Billythekid

    Hey Ava (#27,

    Thats because no one gives a crap about you or what you do to ready yourself to go out to the public. I mean seriously, you get yourself all made up just to go to Rite-aid? For what? In case you run into your prince charming? Dont make me laugh. Come on Ava, have some respect for yourself (cough), and stop trying to look all cool posting trashy comments. All the makeup in the world wont help you look pretty while doing that; just makes you ugly :). Better keep that mirror close!

  • http://jjj miley

    so pretty and casual! i love her! can’t wait for hannah montana the movie! such a big fan!
    keep rockin’ miley!

  • sophiecyrus

    Can’t wait to see the Movie!
    Princess Pet (Celebrity Dog Breeeder)
    Home of Miley Cyrus NAVY GIRL Dog Sophie Cyrus!

  • Emma

    Miley looks awsome as allways :D

  • me

    Pretty as usual!


  • mimi

    i love this video! miley looks good as usual! dressed up or casual. what i like is that she matches her colors love it! some people dont know how to dressed they dont know how to put colors together and they look like rainbrow brite. miley matches her shirt with shoes that the way to dressed!!

  • SMiley

    Sweet Miley :*

    Cool clothes!

  • Mia

    Support Miley at the KCA
    Support Miley at the KCA
    Support Miley at the KCA

  • Mia

    Support Miley at the KCA!!!


    i love zig zag, i upload it on youtube, i got more than 4 000views coool !!

  • lilix


  • vic


  • cc27

    Miley !! :) I can’t wait till hannah montana the movie is out xD


    i would be nervous if someone was taking a pic of me shopping. what if i needed feminine products!

  • http://htt//etw emily

    i love miley she is so cool and down to earth i can t wait for the HM movie like miley say it gonna rocks i love the way miley fans are supporting her they are always supporting her no matter what the pp and haters say about her her fansssssss are always there for her miley fansssssssss are the best fanssssss ever they rocks God bless miley and her family and her friends and fans peace.

  • gossipgirl

    i thought she was working with david archuleta on the HM set and doing a duet by now?

  • Annelisee loverss milezz
    watch it and send it on to your friends!
    i LOVE miley! xoxo

  • Margaret

    I first ever saw this video i was like WOW :D

    god god WORK MILEY !
    Ly (LL)

  • Jasmine

    love her hair.

  • az art

    i was there , right next to her and didnt even no it till the paps.started taking pics of her .. she is cool down to earth . she gave my girlfriend a hug and on the way out after paying she rubbed my sons head and told him how cute he was. i feel bad how they are all in her bizz nizz… thanks for the compliment on my son miley .. im also on youtube on miley cyrus behind the wheel peace/…./….//./././/.//./…