Sabrina Bryan Answers Fan Questions

Sabrina Bryan Answers Fan Questions

Sabrina Bryan is more than excited and starting her Month Of Love off by answering some of her fans questions.

The triple threat posted her answers to the six most frequently asked questions on her official site early this morning. Check out what the 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl had to say

On how she learned to dance: “I started dancing when I was 8yrs old and because I learned how to ski and played soccer for a couple of years before that I did have a lil bit of a natural coordination. The hardest type of dancing for me was ballet…when I was younger I was more of a tomboy playing soccer and riding my bike around with the boys so the whole being elegant and graceful wasn’t really my thing. Haha I guess that kind of came up when I had to do my fox trot too…haha yikes!”

On missing her family when she’s away: “I do sometimes get homesick. I’ve been lucky enough to have people that I love constantly around me as I’ve traveled over the years and my parents have been able to come visit me as well. All of that makes it easier but there are the those time when you’re not feeling well or just want to sleep in your bed. It doesn’t happen too often but every once in a while I get homesick.”

On her book, Princess of Gossip: “I hope [that there's a sequel]!!! I have lots of ideas and I hope also make Princess of Gossip into a movie or tv show…”

Check out the others on Sabrina‘s official website,

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  • inbar

    cool but i don’t really understand what is to love soooo much in the chetta girls , i love pop, but their music , is to-to poppy

  • Kat

    Loving the Month of Love :) Rock on Sabrina!

  • LOVE

    SABRINA ROX!!!! I dont understand what is to love about hsm, its overrated so so over no one even cares about it anymore ha ha.

  • Erin

    AWWWW!!!! Yay Sabrina!

    The month of love is amazing already! Did you see her photos from Sunday? The month of love should be every month.

  • Melissa

    Loing the “month of Love” keep the good stuff coming….


    i love sabrina bryan!


  • Michele

    We love all the goodies you are giving us-keep it up!

  • Mary

    I love Sabrina. Anytime I see her it makes me a happy. She has the best smile ever

  • jaqui

    You are spoiling us so much Sabrina…AND WE LOVE IT!!!Thank you!!!
    And thanks to JJJ for feeding our SABRINAMANIA addiction with these amazing articles.
    Sabrina rocks!
    TS 4 EVER <3

  • Brenda

    This is so cool!!

  • Miley

    She is one of my favorite role models. Love her for doing this. Go Sabrina.

  • lily

    I heart Sabrina

  • april

    OMG thanks Just Jared for taking time and posting about my favorite girl. Sabrina rocks :)

  • grace

    How exciting that she is doing this. I hope that Princess of Gossip is made into a movie real soon!!!!!!!

  • demi

    She is so gorgeous and love how she cares for us. <3

  • holly

    Your not corny love that you think your parents are your great role models. That show you are close to your family. It makes me even love you more for saying that. Oh I hope to see you danincg ballroom again someday soon. You so rocked on Dancing with the Stars. :)

  • Ellen

    OMG OMG thank you Jared for showing more of Sabrina!

  • lisa

    cool interview

  • ann


  • sofia

    Sabrina is AMAZING :)

  • chole

    Kewl that she played soccer becaue I play soccer 2.

  • isabella

    love her sooooooooooooooo much

  • Chase


  • Daisy

    Sab you’re great!!!!!!!
    and your movies dancing, writing, and everything else you do are awesome!!!!!!!!
    luv ya!!!!!!!

  • mary

    amazing! *-*

  • Kim

    I am loving the “Month of Love” Sabrina! AWESOME! Can’t wait for the next goodies that you have for your fans.

  • tina

    Go Sabrina!!!!!!!! Sabrina Rules!!!!!!!!

  • christina

    She is so cute as always even in her answering questions!!!!!!!!!!

    I love her so much

  • victoria

    she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…cute,love her to death

  • zack

    YOU ROCK .

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  • vanessa

    Please let there be another sequel to Princess of Gossip Sabrina. I hope that you get to put my name in it as you did other fan’s. Luv ya :)

  • Gina

    I <3 you Sabrina!

  • ava


    All of these words are not enough to describe you Sabrina :)

  • Cheryl

    Sabrina is my life. What a great role model to have and thanks jared for posting it here so others can see how great my idol is!!

  • johanna

    she’s so cute!

  • amy

    aww shes so real and gracious to her fan’s! Love you Bri Bri

  • gigi

    Loooooooooooooooove her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    she is lovely. i just love her for being so real to us.

  • taylor

    I so want to date this girl. She is to cute,Hook me up Jared

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    so cute *.*
    I so want to see her back on Dancing with the Stars someday again plus I so want to see Princcess of Gossip made into a movie real sooooooooooooooon

  • jessica

    wow! wow!! great questions and answers by the great Bri. Gotta luv her even more :)

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    OMG Sabrina is sooooo adorable <333

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    ♥♥AWESOME SABRINA♥♥ Love your evertying your doing for a month and the pictures you posted are so cool and great that you love soccer and that you got to take a picture with Mia Hamm OMG you so rock girl :)

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    she’s ten bagillion times cooler than adrienne

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    Love how she is going this all month long. Love the suprises Sabrina!

  • Dahillia

    She is just the best!