Selena Gomez Feeds The Dogs

Selena Gomez Feeds The Dogs

Selena Gomez spends her Saturday (March 7) feeding some stray dogs as the new ambassador in Puerto Rico.

The 16-year-old starlet, along with co-stars Jake T. Austin, David Henrie (not pictured) and David DeLuise, joined in to help the dogs in the tropical land. Selena wrote on her MySpace, “We ended up finding out that Puerto Rico has a ‘dead dog beach’ its sounds worse than it is but people actually kills dogs for fun here.”

The Wizards cast is currently in Puerto Rico filming the Wizards movie.

20+ pics inside of Jake and Selena feeding dogs some puppy chow…

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Credit: Ben Dome, Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Emmaxx

    She looks cute!!

  • Val

    She looks so nice and fresh
    And thats so kind of her to help those dogs

  • CTiffany

    #3 sooo sweet

  • CTiffany

    OMG, lol i have tht shirtt.

  • Julie_wolfe

    She is such a great role modle! I love her!

  • :)

    People don’t kill dogs for fun, is she kidding?.

    And she seriously need to eat more.

  • JustGonnaSay

    David DeLuise?He look like the guy in Lizzie McGuire or Nick Jonas.:P Awe, sad dat David Hunky wasnt there.

  • rock00

    selena is awesome!
    she looks amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    Wtf? We don’t kill dogs for fun. We don’t go “Let’s go kill dogs at the beach”.

  • Beatriz

    just fyi: Puerto Rico DOES NOT have a dead dogs beach.
    we DONT KILL dogs for fun.
    who ever informed her of that, totally twisted reality.
    im a local, i would know.

  • Beatriz

    we do not kill dogs!

  • katie

    while it was a good intention, i fear this may do more harm than good. no one has actually killed a dog on that beach in over 20 years. please, for those of you reading, do not get the wrong idea of puerto ricans. we are animal lovers and hate animal abuse as much as anyone.

    also, is it just me, or does she have an extreme baby face in these pictures…?

  • lilix

    BRAVA SELENA! you are doing the right thing by not showing your boobs to the world, but instead, by supporting a cause! That’s how we like kids! only for that you are the most beautiful girl in the world! thx for being a good role model!

    God bless you :)

  • a

    I like Selena. She’s cool and very pretty. But sometimes, she just seems a little too much of a ‘goodgirl’.

  • d

    Can anyone tell me where the shirt is from please?!

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks fresh!
    go selena!

  • Melissa

    that’s so sweet. if i heard about a “dead dog beach” i would definitely do something about it!

  • cc27

    Shes looking amazing! :) wow.. lol i never heard about a dead dog beach sounds creepy.. lol

  • sarah

    what the hell? the dead dog beach sounds better than the fact that supposedly dogs are killed there! idiot!

  • lovedogs

    I’m from Puerto Rico too and it’s not true what she is saying. She’s telling the world that we kill dogs for fun when all of us here in P.R. love dogs. I think us puerto ricans would know more than her because we actually live here, and we’re not heartless people that kill their dogs when they’re bored!

  • amanda

    My mother is from Puerto Rico so I’ve been going down there since I was born and let me tell you, the way they treat dogs is TERRIBLE. I’ve always dreamed of going back there when I was older so I could start a dog rescue. I think what Selena is doing is wonderful! Something needs to be done about those innocent dogs that are tortured, beaten, and even killed. Puerto Rico needs to have strict laws against this type of animal cruelty.

  • Beth



    tut tut.

  • Orls

    Selena is so amazing.
    I never really thought about it but she actually is a really good role model.
    Love her =)

  • Orls

    Selena is such a good role model and such an amzing person =)
    Love her <3

  • Orls

    She sets such a good example for teens..
    And she looks amazing, so no change there.
    Love her =)

  • Vivi

    aww Selena rocks!!!
    what the heck???

  • addha

    we don’t kill dogs for fun!! thats BS. They are not pi~atas… and what they should do its look for shelters for them, Btw we already have a camping against animal abuse and specially Dogs… for the next time get well informed because the name of the beach its just a freaking name…!!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I think I like
    her now :roll:
    Once again THANK YOU
    She is soooooo
    sweet for doing that.

  • abc

    I notice she never fully concentrates on her carreer. She always finds time to do a charity or help others. I mean even when she’s filming for a very important movie for a very popular series, she’s out there feeding dogs. Never seen a Disney star like this. I hope she stays like this and doesn’t go La Lohan on us.

    Selena, youre a true angel. <3

  • Gary

    She’s soo sweet and acts so down to earth. And the Russo cast really act like a family. Looks so much fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SELLY!!!

  • Sony

    I feel so bad for her. She so kind-hearted and the media just had to go and make up a story about her and Miley have another fight. Apparently according to a “source”, Miley thought Selena was flirting with Justin and got jealous.


  • tori

    You guys are taking the ‘they kill dogs for fun’ thing to seriously. Shes not saying everyone in Puerto Rico does it. I may not live there but when i went on vacation there the way some people treated dogs there was unusually cruel. I’m not saying everyone is though. Its just like saying some places in the US may be like that.

  • krissy

    go selena!
    what an animal lover!
    she’s such a talented, amazing role model for all teens out there
    way to help a good cause , especially treating the dogs with respect and dignity, the way it should be!
    i’m so proud, she’s thinking of others, instead of her self, and it shows, she’s still the same person, no matter what!
    aww poor doggies!
    they have no homes and no food.. :’(
    they DEF don’t deserve this!
    glad the whole cast is there to help! :D

    i’m seeing alot of comments
    that are saying, PR’s don’t harm or kill dogs on that dead dog beach
    and they really love animals
    and that selena should watch her words to what she says
    even tho, i’m not too found of the country..

    I believe you guys for saying that..but think really hard on what selena said:
    SHE didn’t mean ALL purto ricans to be animal haters and kill animals for fun
    SHE meant some of them- and that would explain for the dogs being on that beach, getting hurt and tortured every day. ( or nearly tortured and harmed every day)
    EVEN if it had stopped 20 years, ago..
    then explain, why those dogs are still there? O.O

    umm, i’m not sure, if you ppl might notice, but.. there are heartless people ( and im not referring to PR’s) out in the world, who do hate animals for certain amounts of reasons( which i don’t know ), and DO kill for fun, because.. well.. there stupid and don’t reliaze their actions.
    IF you don’t, that’s great!
    but it still doesn’t stop to prevent others from doing it..
    and not knowing people from carrying wrongful deeds– such as this!
    What sel is doing is fantastic! not only is she setting a wonderful example, to prevent animal cruelty everywhere,but she’s getting more people to help and fight for what they believe in!

    I know, she has been there for a few days, but hey-
    what you see, is what you think, right away, on what happens
    and the only logical explanation for animal cruelty is domestic violence , which leads to death!
    AND to me, those dogs look scared, lonely, and kinda hurt- to only have a few left :O
    So selena is doing the right thing :)

    Don’t bash on someone , who’s just trying to take her time, in helping others (:
    JUST be lucky, you get to see this cause happening NOW , than never !

    # 22
    ALOT of people smoke.
    it’s just not him.
    AND i think, he covered himself kinda well enough, for people not to see ;)
    maybe the next cause, is to stop tobacco and drinking/driving :P


  • megan

    animal abuse is something that goes on world wide. and besides she didnt say ALL puerto ricans did it. besides if you know you dont do it then why worry about it? pls stop trying to twist her words. we know that not all puerto ricans are dog killers.
    chill out..

  • nysro

    People kill dogs in the US everyday for fun too.. Just ask Michael Vick…

  • Lizzie,

    actually, I’ve been to a dead dog beach in Mexico, Puerto Rico and other countries in south america, etc. & I have helped out at one. So to say they don’t exsist would mean you are mistaken. I went just in 2008. However just because of dead dog beach doesn’t mean the the locals are awful.The locals are wonderful people and warm hearted & I had a great time. Kudos Selena

  • Lizzie,

    & also regardless if you don’t believe in dead dog beach, Selena is doing a good thing by helping these animals. and you guys are taking her words and manipulating them. she did not say all puerto ricans do this activity. Michael Vick, ring a bell? the pit bull fighter in america?
    Just because some people in the U.S do pit bull fighting does that mean we all do it? Absolutely not. I love Puerto Rico I support the country & I support Selena as well. She’s doing a good thing for animals, hey at least she’s not shopping in Burbank & wasting time doing nothing productive

  • Jessica

    Such a sweetheart :)

  • Soraya

    I’m proud of Sel!!!
    Anyways… same as #15 where can i get her t -shirt?!!
    #3 U have the shirt!! Where did u get it from!?

  • sara

    omg she is so nice

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