Demi Lovato & Madison De La Garza: Biking Buddies

Demi Lovato & Madison De La Garza: Biking Buddies

Demi Lovato takes her younger sister, actress Madison De La Garza, for a family bike ride on Wednesday (March 25) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old Sonny star talked about her 7-year-old sister, who plays Juanita Solis, the daughter of Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) in Desperate Housewives. She told JJJ last month, “My little sister has the type of body where she’s going to be really really tall. She’s going to stretch out when she gets to puberty, which is what I did. When I was on Barney, I was really heavy. Then I lost a lot of weight and I got taller. I hope that my little sister can see that. I mean, she’s gorgeous, and she knows she’s gorgeous, but I want her to know that when she’s my age, she doesn’t have to be stick thin.”

UPDATE: Demi updated her Twitter, saying, “My little sister is BEAUTIFUL…. I can handle discrimination and “haters” on me. But BACK OFF my little sister… I get it if people write things on gossip sites about me, and other teen actors and singers, but if you are old enough to be typing on a computer, you have NO right to bad mouth a 7 year old little girl who is just living her dream.”

10+ pictures inside of biking buddies Demi Lovato and Madison De La Garza

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  • Zoe

    I hope that her sister does see that. She is soooo cute on desperate housewives!

  • anon

    demi looks hot! her boobs look bigger though?

  • .

    Her sister need a proper diet… can’t say she’s healthy and perfectly fine because she is not. On the bright side, at least she’s getting an exercise right?

  • Annie


  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ..Uhm, I kinda thought that Demi looked kinda like Miley for a second there in the picture..but anywho, …that’s her sister ? She looks adorable, and Demi is such a great role model. I love her !!

  • Mkaaa


    Nice to see Demi wearing pink! I’m glad she grew out of her all-black obsession, cause she looks really pretty in other colors :)

  • swe3t23

    demi is short what is talking about tall

  • cassia

    woah i cant believe her sis is the one from desperate housewives!! they dont look alike at all…. and she is a bit chubby hopefully she grows out of it but in the meantime great job on dh!

    and isnt bike riding a miley thing?

  • Emily

    Aww madison is sooo cute

  • Vanessa

    Demi is an awesome sister.. check out her twitter. she was outraged with bad comments abt madison her sister.. protective and loving demi!

  • brittney

    Demi seems different,
    i like it.

    there both gorgeous.
    : )

  • SomeFan

    Wow, Demi’s on a bike! I need to get one of those. Now. Cute little Madison. I want to adopt her. Especially when she’s like, “It smells like updawg in here.” Little Madi has the cutest bike EVER. I think I want to kidnap them both just to make a YouTube video with them. =/

  • allyt

    she is an amazing sister and i am glad they are so close with each other with the age gap…

  • lindsay revae

    All the lovato girls are so gorgeous! Madison looks like she is having a blast!

  • Andy

    Demi looks hot!

  • meh

    cute :)

  • nick hot wifey

    the tire are going to blown hahahhahahahhahahahahahahh!jk
    love that little chesse puff!
    check out ocean up there mean to maddie!

  • TV

    She’s really starting to act like Miley. The whole riding bikes with your sister in front of the paparazzi. Only Miley does that. You usually see Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale get caught by the paps doing REAL things like shopping, driving, etc. I’m not saying Demi shouldn’t be allowed to ride bikes for fun, it’s just everything she’s done lately is a reflection of Miley.

  • Zekemaster

    Only Dallas is hot in the Lovato family. the rest are-*shutters*…

  • TV

    And I didn’t think Demi was as heavy as this when she was on Barney. Demi was only a little thicker than the rest of the girls on the show. But Madison is on the verge of obesity. I really hope she will grow tall like Demi said. Otherwise she would need to watch her diet for the sake of her health. Idk how Demi’s diet is but she should help by being a healthy eater so that her Madison could be influenced by her.

  • Vanessa 1# Fan

    they are looks so cute , love them

  • anonymous

    they look cute! hey everyone check out a group called truetooself they posted a video of them on YOUTUBE doing a girl version to THE JONAS BROTHERS BURNING UP they wrote it themselves this is their youtube url and their twitter is and their url for myspace is they are amazing !check out them and lets make them FAMOUS!!!

  • motormouth

    uhm…demi, dear…you’re SHORT!!!

  • Annie

    WOW people need to shut up. some of you guys are really rude. like wow, you’ll really get far in life. you need to learn to keep your thoughts to yourself. because obviously demi reads this. idk if youve seen her twitter lately but yeah shes read all your comments. grow up people. Madison is beautiful & so is demi!!!!!!

  • Jenna

    @<a href=”/2009/03/26/demi-lovato-madison-del@.: -algarza-bike-ride/comment-page-1/#comment-8671112″>TV:

    Jeez, she’s a little girl, leave her alone. I’m sure her parents know what they’re doing. She’s an adorable little girl, seriously. Let her be a kid. Get her hooked on the way she looks and an obsession with dieting now, and you’ll have a seriously annorexic girl on your hands come her teenage years. As if she isn’t under enough scrutiny being Demi’s sister as it is.

  • Tiffany

    Seriously, stop hating on Demi’s sister. Do you have nothing better to do?! She’s 7 years old for crying out loud!! Grow up. Demi AND Madison are beautiful & talented and are living their dream. What are YOU doing with your life? Sitting at a computer writing mean things on gossip blogs? Oh….SCORE!!!!

  • me.

    random q, but does madison star in Desperate Housewives?
    she looks a lot like juanita… lol

  • Alyssa

    Demi looks gorgeous and Madison looks cute!! :)

  • Shirley

    well, they are still young. they have a lot to catch up.

  • Erin

    Madison does not look overweight at all. Her body seems perfectly normal to me. Besides she IS only 7 and it IS probably all baby fat anyways and she will lose it. But Madison is pretty, I’m glad Demi is sticking up for her sister, someone needs to.

  • Miley

    @TV: What do you mean like real things?? Riding ur bikes are real things! I’m 16 and me and my sister ride bikes all the time. Just because ur a superstar doesn’t mean u can’t ride bikes.

  • zanessa4everr

    wow i thought that was miley at first

  • Izabella

    I see no helmet on 16 year old Demi Lovato :O
    how much crap will Demi get for this, let me gues, hmm.. NONE!!

    I love Demi and I love Miley, I really don’t think they should get crap for biking without helmets, I’m just pointing it out ’cause people were so rude and tough on Miley when she was biking without her helmet, but it’s never the same rules for Demi as it is for Miley :/

    and btw, Demi’s new style is awesome!!
    she looks so beautiful, not that she wasn’t beautiful before :) ♥

  • Izabella

    and I love Demi for sticking up for her sister, that’s so sweet!!
    and Madison is adorable and beautiful!!

  • qwerty

    That is definitely not cool. Her little sister is absolutely adorable, and anyone who is going to discriminate against a 7 year-old girl on the internet is sick, disturbed, and horrible.

  • oth ! (L) (:

    people should’nt bash her 7 year old sister. That hurts more than when people bash u.
    anyway.. love desperate housewifes, but i had no idea that it was her sister

  • iZZY

    wow just amazing demi and her sister are just beautiful demi you are an awsome rolemodel and madison is just perfect like demi i always
    watch madison on desperate housewives she is soooooo cute on the show,and demi i’m glad that you are sticking up for your sister
    it shows that you really care about her.


    xoxo,ur #1 fan Izzy:)

  • iZZY

    @Miley: not to be rude
    but i really don’t like you.

  • jo

    Demi has grown on me so much. She’s been looking amazing lately too.. Her sister should just be enjoying her childhood and living her life. Some kids have different metabolisms than skinnier kids. So what? My little sister is on the heavier side and its upsetting to see her upset about it. I understand where Demi is coming from. She’s a good sister :)

    Now about people saying Demi is “like Miley” – people have GOT to stop all that garbage. She’s like miley bc she rides a bike?? She’s just riding a bike! I don’t see any need for comparison. Both girls are great.

  • francesca

    madison is adorable! and demi’s such a good sister standing up for her.
    most little kids are chubby..its just baby fat! everyone had it at some point.
    both of them are perfect the way they are!

  • duddeee:]

    Hey Guys….SHUT. UP. Demi and Maddie are beautiful and they dont give a crap about your stupid insults, knock it off. how can you be so hateful and rude. jackasses.

  • duddeee:]

    uhmmm ANYBODY can ride a bike. it’s nobody’s “thing” miley doesn’t own bike riding. and it’s not like Demi was chasing the papperazzi they were following HER. im sure she would be glad if they weren’t there.

  • jo

    i hope her sister is eating healthy. she’s only 7 so she’ll grow but they need to make sure her diet is healthy so she doesnt grow up obese. but reality is her sister is overweight, at least she’s exercising

  • vanessa

    I cannot believe anyone would abd mouth a little 7 year old girl. For goodness sake! thats just ridiclous! shes adorable and shes young, people need to SERIOUSLY leave her alone. She is obviously a beautiful little and and attcking her or her self esteem is just so freakin low.

  • David

    whatever … her sister needs to be on diet
    she is very very FAT!

  • lipsie glozz

    Peopld shouldn’t be so hard on maddie’s weight..I mean,come on..She’s only 7 for god’s sake..Those pounds might shed off once she’s a teen..Duh..Thank god she will not be in depression mode with all the slamming coz she’s 7 not 17..Demi looks like she’s watching out for her lil sis,which is cool..

  • Jaime

    Her sister was like me.I was really heavy. Though I still am, but not much, I’m sure I’ll stretch out some more

  • awwww!!

    AWWW and madison is sooo cuttee shes 7 yr old she doesnt need 2 worry about her weight. ok so when shes about 11 or 12 yeh you will start worrying


  • Andrea

    Demi I LOVE YOU,, you´re the best girl on disney channel, don´t worry about the haters, because you have a lot of people that love you LIKE ME!! GO GIRL YOU´RE AWESOME

  • vintagelove

    why are people calling demi’s sister adorable?
    she needs a diet ASAP
    not trying to be mean
    but it looks as if she can’t see cause her eyes are covered!
    demi looks pretty
    i think she’s getting her style from miley
    but nevertheless she looks good!