Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Fred Segal Friends

Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Fred Segal Friends

Vanessa Hudgens and pal Nikki Reed get their shop on as they stop off at Fred Segal Feet boutique in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (April 23).

The duo, who co-starred in Thirteen together, shopped around Melrose Avenue before grabbing some lunch at Lala’s Argentinian Grill with Sage Dill.

After parting ways, Vanessa headed off to Diesel once more to pick up a few more things. Guess she forgot some things on Tuesday!

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10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Nikki shopping…

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Credit: Gabo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • mhay

    i love vanessa!!!
    God Bless Zanessa.

  • Jazmin

    love her dress…

    Thanks for posting JJJ

  • awurbii


    for your information i live in australia too so saying that doesn’t do anything. if you read my comment, you will see that i don’t have a problem with nikki. i said she’s a good actress and i meant it but the idea the nikki has more of a career than vanessa is a laughable concept. nikki is not well known. ask most people who nikki reed is they can’t tell you. only a select few people like you and me know she is and you know it. i am not a moron. i am sorry that i offended because you are obviously a nikki fan but i am telling the truth. my pursuit was only to put troy in his place.

  • lslsharon

    unbelievably beautiful!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!

  • awurbii


    and you know what. i admit it. what i wrote wasn’t the nicest thing but i don’t know if what you wrote was any better. i apologise for that though but like i said she is not more famous than vanessa.

  • Anamaria

    LOVE VANESSA… i met her at the HSM 3 prmeire in Sydney last yr and she looked too amazing for words!! plus she was sooo sweet!
    she awsome as always and Nikki Reed is cool too! im glad thier both friends!

  • troy


    Yes but you’re opinion is invalid because based on the premise on the premise that Vanessa “is latching on to someone whose career is actually going somewhere” which is false. Vanessa is set to film two films “Beastly” and “Sucker Punch” at the end of the year. So I would say her career is pretty good shape. I’m not trying to give you I’m stating facts which you are either unaware of or just choose to ignore.

    BTW I have posting here under “troy” which in fact is my real name for two years so I don’t know if you’re posting under that name just to be clever or that is also your name and it’s just a coincidence. If its the latter then I just want to be clear there is more then one Troy.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    dont like her dress but vanessa looks very pretty :D

  • troy


    How does Nikki have a “more respected” career then Vanessa? I mean outside of “Thirteen” (which she co-wrote as well as starred in) and “Twilight” what else has she done of note? The only other thing I ever saw her in was a guest spot on a show on Fox. I know that she did at least one other small movie (the name of it escapes me).

    I want to make it clear I am in no way bashing Nikki. I’m just saying that at this point she really hasn’t done that much. So to say that she “has a much more respected career” then Vanessa at this point is really pushing it.

  • sunny

    @everyone who is arguing

    Get a load of yourselves, you mindless self righteous retards. OF COURSE you 12 year old children can’t possibly fathom the idea of them being 2 different actresses with different experience. No, one HAS to be better than the other. It’s so funny how YOU GUYS care more about which one did what movie and who is better known than NIKKI and VANESSA obviously do. Continue with your foolish games you blabbering morons.

  • awurbii


    i agree that our argument is stupid so i suspended it by apologising but what you’ve said doesn’t make you any better than we are.

  • bella

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as always. I love the pattern and colour of her dress!!!

  • mona

    no one outside of the states knows who she is –> Now I’m laughing:D
    I’m from Hungary and I know her. And not just me… Europien people know her….

  • Naomi

    Vanessa’s upcoming projects, with an adorable video of an interview with Extra’s Tamika where she talks about Bandslam and doing stunt evaluations for Sucker Punch. She looked so freaking stylish as well. Enjoy!

  • justme

    Ashley Tisdale is dating Rober Pattinson?? WHAT??

  • Such a Fan


    vanessa looks sO SO So Hooooooooooot in the longs dres

    love’t she’s looks SO Hot

  • nyssa

    Zac Efron has apparently “had words” with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for flashing too much flesh.

    The 17 Again star spotted paparazzi pictures of Hudgens in nothing but a shirt splashed across the Internet, and was furious.

    “After the photo scandal Vanessa endured only 18 months ago, Zac was not happy when he saw her step out in just a shirt,” an insider reports. “It barely covered her up. He loves the way she dresses and that she always looks too stylish, but he was just being protective.

    “Zac feels she took it a little too far this time and she should be more careful about her outfits in future.”

  • yets

    #66 i dont think its true , as zac said he loves her style.
    Go Zanessa.

  • lslsharon

    love nessa!!!

  • AllisonC

    To comment on Troys comment on the first page, I’m literally laughing along with the others. I have NO idea who sage dill OR Nikki Reed is.

    -Vanessa is far more attractive in my opinion, i just don’t like their styles (Sage and Nikki).

    -Vanessa looks amazing in that outfit, so springy and innocent. (I find it amazing how her face can change to make her look sexy, it can make her look mysterious, and now, she’s showing she can look innocent too.)

    -She’s got movies coming out, and we’ll see just what the girl can do. Im a huge fan, and support her. Haters are everywhere, it takes a bigger person to ignore them.

  • Karen


    That sound like you got that information from something like Star or The Enquirer magazine. They are so desperate to write things about these two in regards to them fighting it is pathetic. It is a FACT she has shorts on underneath that shirt. Don’t be so stupid or naive and pay no mind to gossip ragazines.

  • aw


    Again made up bs, that the site you got it from is known for.

  • vanessa tiller

    I love vanessa, she is incredible, the clothing, hair ,her boyfriend
    finally, love soo much (L)

  • mariA

    LOVE EM!!

  • janiece

    To everyone arguing:

    what is the point? honestly, what are you people getting out of it? everyone has opinions. yes, they may seem dumb and not true from your point of view but it doesnt matter. nikki and vanessa are two different people with diifferent careers. it doesnt matter who is more famous or has done the most work. personally im a nikki fan so i know that she has been in other movies besides twilight and thirteen. but i dont care who is more famous because its a pointless thing to argue about. you arent gaining anything from it. it would be nice if people could grow up and stop acting like children.

  • ally

    wow i just watched that movie last night so its hillarious that they are hanging out dont you think.

  • katie

    is it just me or do they look alike?

  • maria

    I really love that Vanessa has so many different looks! She can seriously do ANY look. Soft and sweet, amazingly sexy, vulnerable, whatever. And she does it with her clothes. They tell us what her mood is at the moment. That’s why she’s so fascinating to watch.

    How nice that she has maintained friendships for so long. I think she’d be a REALLY fun girlfriend!! Good for great heart-to -hearts and advice! Even though she’s only 20, she’s experienced a lot in life to be a very loyal friend and a great listener!! Yeah for girlfriends!!

  • Thamina

    love u vanessa soo MUCH!
    she’s so gorgeous, i love her dress!
    i’m a big FAN!
    i wish i could meet you

  • chakryra


  • 11

    @emma: thats wikapiedia and anybody could just change that even if they don’t know the facts and that was nikki’s past, it doesnt make her any less of a person