Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Vancouver Vixens

Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Vancouver Vixens

Vanessa Hudgens and gal pal Nikki Reed stroll down the streets of Vancouver on a lazy Sunday afternoon (August 16).

The darling duo, who’ve known each other since they met while filming Thirteen, also met up with friends Sterling Knight and Nikki‘s Eclipse costar Elizabeth Reaser.

Later in the evening, Vanessa and boyfriend Zac Efron went to see Kings of Leon for the second night in a row.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Nikki Reed enjoying Vancouver together…

Sorry for the LQ pics, higher-res pics come later!

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • i love vanessa

    I love vanessa’s outfit. I love it in her casuals ! haha!
    She looks fab!

  • kami

    anyone know if vanessa really got her hair cut/styled for sp? there was a twitter that she was getting a haircut at some place in vancouver.

  • Jordan

    I can see why celebrities like working in Vancouver. Not to many Papparazzi there and they can actually enjoy the day. Not like LA where she would have a mob following her. Looks like her and Zac had a great week-end :)

  • zashnessa

    omg nessa and nikki stared in nessa movie
    thirteen hehe
    just got that
    vanessa look soo pretty
    so does nikki
    even thou her movie bombed, she stil going forward

  • xoxogossipgirl

    sux that her movie was such a huge embarassing flop.

  • Sa5m

    love you vanessa …

  • jazmin

    She looks great as always… It’s great to see her. Vancouver is just a happening place wish I was there.

    Sterling just so cute and adorable. Love his smile..wish I can see it more clear.,..

    Thanks for posting JJjr

  • jazmin


    I know it did not make the box office but it is a great movie and all the cast did such a wonderful job…Aly blew me away. Took my 14 year old and we both loved it…..Soundtrack is great.

  • zashnessa

    @xoxogossipgirl: omg yeaaa

  • Jordan


    The only people that should be embarassed is summit. None of the people that made the film have anything to be embarassed about

  • HMM

    @xoxogossipgirl: I wouldn’t say embarassing flop – the critics really loved it – that’s something to be proud of. The numbers were very low at the box office but I’m sure Vanessa and the cast are smart enough to realize that that’s not all thats important about the experience of making that movie. And if I understand it right the music from the movie is doing great on i-tunes – this could help the numbers in the theatre and make people give the movie a chance despite the lousy advertising for it.

    Anyway, she looks relaxed and like she’s enjoying her free time – good for her.

  • music

    perfect as always!<3

  • Karen


    Why should she be embarrassed? Also, why is the movie such a flop—just because it didn’t make a bunch of money? Well, critics loved the movie and they gave Vanessa herself some pretty good reviews. You people failed to get the importance of THAT. PLUS, the movie can still make money and even be a hit if given a chance—especially if the promoters will step up the the plate and correct their error in how they promoted it—or have you not read what a big flop SUMMIT was? You might as well give it a rest seeing you know very little except to bad-mouth a good movie only due to your dislike of one of the actors!

  • Karen


    LOL, I guess our heads was in the same place at virtually the same time!

  • ewwww

    i love how vaneXXA is always hanging out wityht the new crowd.

    now that ashley’s a hasbeen, theres hardly been any peep of the two in ages….and now with all the spotlight rovoking on nikki, vanessa is with her whom she hasn’t been seen with….EVER.

    what. a. famewhore.

    and to top that off, her nude photos. i had grown to get over the first batch….but again? damn have i lost all “Respect” for this teeny has been bopper.

  • Jordan

    @ewwww: You should probably go post at Perezhilton’s. You seem to be as big an A$$ as he is

  • ctiffanybella

    @ewwww: i kind of agree.
    anyways she needs a hair cut, mhmm.
    but i like what shes wearing & Nikki looks cute.

  • Carol

    Vanessa is beautiful
    So good to see how she keep friendship throgh the years.
    Nikki Reed…Sterling…Matt Prokop;
    It’s great!!

  • tamara mendola

    vanessa it’s orrible person zac it’s fabulus but she’s clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fantastic look!!!!!!!!!!!so great

  • jazmin


    Fist of all Ashley is not a hasbeen…second they were just photograph at the TCA….third she’s worked with nikki before and have been friends even before ashley and was also photograph together at the TCA…..get your facts straight.

    It’s great to see her hang out with friends.

  • jazmin

    just funny how haters can’t find news things to hate her for so they make up stuff….boy they must have so much hatered or so unhappy with their lives they look and search for the negative things.

  • pink sugar

    @ewwww: The only hasbeen is you not Ashley Tisdale.
    Vanessa is friends with Nikki, Sterling and Matt before you even knew who they were so the only famewhore is you trying to get attention to yourself by posting on bloggs.

  • heat.

    omg they are such cute friends <3

  • kgg


    Hmmm….I think you’ve got that wrong. Ashley quit hanging out with Vanessa since after HSM3. They still are friends, but are not seen together in public unless it’s a group thing. Times change, people move on, but true friends will always be there for each other. Vanessa has some new friends but still maintains her friendships with old friends who care about her. Nikki is an old friend…they filmed a movie together called Thirteen years ago.

    That’s all that needs to be discussed.

  • Alyssaaa

    @ewwww: nikki & vanessa were already friendss beforee hsm.

  • Karen

    Yes, pink sugar, you are correct in your statement. ewwww is only trying to kick up dust or breathe on dying coals when it comes to the big picture “scandal”. Some people can never let go. It is obvious she is only trying to get people mad and gain attention for herself.

  • sweetbutterflies

    @ewwww: Leave Ashley Tisdale out of this! Ashley has said she and Vanessa still talk a lot, they just haven’t been around each other lately, except for the TCA’s, where they took pics together. Ashley is NOT a hasbeen. And wait… Vanessa has been friends with Nikki for a long time, but now Nikki is getting more well-known, Vanessa is being called a famewhore for hanging out with a long-time friend? Grow up.

    You awfully sound like a Perez Hilton fan, so please… go back to his site, where you belong.

    Sterling looks absolutely adorable. Love him! And also love seeing Vanessa & Nikki hanging out again. :D

  • liz

    vancouvers the place to be.
    camp rock 2 cast is going to be there too.
    wow. i wish i could go there!

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Vanessa looks so gorgeous!
    Sterling looks so cute :)

    I agree, Vancouver is the place to be, all the great celebrities are there, haha!

  • Katty

    Aw, I’m glad they are still friends even though they were in that movie a while ago, and Vanessa had a pretty small role in it. I wish we had some ZV pix, but they are cute in the video.

  • zane

    you can tell that Vanessa is very friendly. she managed to keep her old friends

  • susan 1

    Its good to see vanessa and Nikki and the others hanging out in

  • maeli

    beautiful baby v

  • sara12

    love vanessa
    amazing with black

  • Jess!

    she is sooo cute!!!

  • teamhudgens

    she’s so pretty <3

  • Lauren

    wasn’t vanessa and nikki pictured together a few months back in LA when nikki had got back from filming new moon….so anyone saying that she is using nikki for the fame thats incorrect….plus vanessa’s very famous in her own right for starring in hsm and now bandslam so thats just stupid to say otherwise…and insulting to vanessa

    she looks good….i like the casual look shes been supporting whilst in vancouver it makes a change she stills looks beautiful

    and i love how nikki dresses

  • Jess!

    it was a really really great movie! but really none of the cast members shouldnt be embarrassed cos they know its a great movie therefore they auditioned and got the part. I LOVE VANESSA & BANDSLAM AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE DVD TO COME OUT :D

    and ——– VANESSA LOOKS SO PRETTY! ahhhh and sterling is HOT! loved the video of ZANESSA at the kings of leon concert ZAC WAS SO CUTE he kept a hold of his girl the whole time! loved when he wraped his arms around her and started to dance! AT LEAST WE KNOW ZAC IS PROUD OF HIS GIRL! <3

  • perry

    Ok people the movie was a box office bomb.
    Stop trying to make excuses. The movie bombed plain and simple. Why do movies come out TO MAKE MONEY! And the movie was a huge disappointment cause it wont make back its budget.

  • vancrazed

    Love Van has stayed friend with Nikki for so long. So cool that her Matt, and Sterling are still buddies too.
    Love her!

  • Jez


    First of all, Vanessa and Nikki have been friends BEFORE Nikki got the role of Rosalie in Twilight. FYI, they starred in a film together about 6 years ago. Now they’re hanging out again because they’re both in Vancouver filming their own movies. And even before that, they were already seen shopping together a few months ago. So, uh, don’t say they haven’t been seen together before ‘EVER’. Please get your facts straight.

    Secondly, how can Vanessa be seen hanging out with Ashley when Ashley is so busy promoting her new album and Vanessa is busy getting ready for Sucker Punch. Oh and their also a couple of hundreds of miles away. Shopping together might be a problem there.

    Thirdly, how is she a famewhore? She’s famous already! I personally think Nikki is the famewhore here since she tries to go around with anyone who is currently famous so she can bring some more attention to herself.

    And lastly, why are you even posting comments on a Vanessa post if you hate her so much?

    Thirdly, the new batch of pictures are taken the same time the old batch of pictures were taken. She has learnt her lesson.

  • Jez

    Oops got the third and last mixed up there but if you’re smart enough, I’m not sure if you are @ewww but the order is actually First, Second, Third and Last.

  • paris h

    Oh vanessa looks so gr8 i love ehr so much

  • Jez

    Woops, got Third and Last mixed up. But if you’re smart enough, @ewwww, I’m not sure if you are but the order is First, Second, Third and then Last. K? :)

  • Katie G!

    Yay!!!!! i was excited to see pics of the two of them together =) i love their friendship

    and @ewwww you need to just go away your WRONG on all accounts.

  • ewwww

    i KNOW they made a film together. OVER 6 YEARS AGO. there hasn’t been a mention of the two ever since with the exception of last year when twilight was on a rise.

    taking a picture with a hasbeen doesn’t make one close or “friends”.
    did you read the backstage gossip. ashley and vaneXXa left each otherss orbit the minute the photographers left….

    and vaneXXa went back to her famewhoring ways with nikki who seems to have not much respect for the skankahoe as well….laughing at dane cook’s true statement.

    i know what i’m talking about. and this is the truth. deal.

  • http://YAHOO.COM Vanessa fan

    Vanessa looks so pretty!
    Like usual!
    But i don’t really like it when she wears her bangs…..
    You can’t see her gorgeous eyes!

  • lp

    @ewwww: wow, your life must really suck,if you’ve got nothing better to do then spend your days by a computer and bashing some girl you dont even know!

    how can you sit and tipe these words on you conputer and not realise that you sound soo dum!? they have been friends for a really long time, and they have been haning out before nikki became famous for twilight!and vanessa and ashley are still friends!

  • the fame

    i like her friends, she looks so beautiful and i think that maybe bandslam wasnt a blockbuster but it definitely had great critics and did well in rotten tomatoes, besides there was an article blaming summit for not promoting the movie as it should