Kristen Stewart: Extension Ready!

Kristen Stewart: Extension Ready!

Kristen Stewart hides her Joan Jett mullet inside an Army green beanie as she heads to hair and make up on the Eclipse set in Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon (August 19).

The 19-year-old actress, in Born Famous Couture grunge pocket tee under a plaid button down, is currently awaiting hair extensions before starting to film her scenes for the third film in the series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Kristen recently dished to Dazed and Confused mag about playing the iconic Joan Jett in The Runaways. She shared, “It’s so much fun. She’s the ultimate badass. She was the first woman to start her own record label. Everybody threw her out after the Runaways and was like, ‘Sorry girl, your shticks over,’ she was like ‘No, the message stays the same people still want to hear it.’”

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • mar

    freak!!!!!.buy new close and new hairs style

  • Ruby

    love them canit wait to see pics of set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Whitney

    Eclipse already? Man, they don’t get a break.

  • virginia

    gorgeous!!!! can’t wait to actually see her in full costume!!! go KSTEW!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Love Kstew!!

  • rilezz

    Her hair looks really baaaaaaad.

  • Stacci

    obviousdly ur the freak/ If rob pattinson likes kstew an the way she dresses maybe u sou;d learn a thingf or two from her

  • Jordan

    I think what people don’t like about her is how she comes across at personal appearances. She comes across as a little strange in those situations. I figure she just doesn’t know how to deal with it yet, because she comes across a lot better in print interviews. Then again I’m not a Twilight fans so I don’t pay that much attention to her

  • Ektraa

    anyone noticed that shes like a female version of Robert Pattinson??
    im glad shes getting rid of that hairstlye i like Kristen but really that hairdo was awful! i guess she was really dedicated to her work that she would cut her awesome hair!

  • ash

    looks like a guy.

  • me

    she looks like a truck driver.

  • Someone

    haha all your comments are funny.
    yeah i think robs influnced his hobo look
    on Kstew… :P cuteee

    Cant wait til she gets her hair back…
    her hair was awesome before she cut it… :)

  • gladys

    just let them be. why does it matter how she dresses or if shes dating rob.
    shes not an idol. shes never said she was. shes 19. geez.

  • sasha

    i am really happy that they are changing the hair…love her but there is something about the hair i dont like

  • cami

    I just love Stewart<3 she’s the best

  • Andy

    LOL your comments are hilarius! she really looks like a truck driver!

  • loveghost

    Me tooo, I cant wait how she look with new hair costume. Im sure taylor and Rob shock how she get her new hair costume.. I m sure shes very very very beautiful . I love her face, very beautiful. Only one problem is hair thats all.. I strong beleive she will get her real long hair back in few month, watch. Anyway I cant wait and see how she look with hair costume..

  • Daisy

    How will they be in Vancouver filming eclipse?

  • Daisy

    I meant to say how long will they be shooting eclipse?

  • chanel

    @mar: you should really learn how how to spell clothes!

  • irene

    I love them both, please lets stop the Kristen bashing, she is 19 and looking like real teenager. Has no one else noticed she is wearing Robs beanie???

  • rose

    thankyou so much kristen stewart!you look gorgeous as usual. why cant other girls be comfortable enough to wear a singlet, plaid shirt and skinny’s, its just an easy style anyone has in their wardrobe!!!if you want to know if a guy likes you for you are, dress like the fabulous kstew.

  • jess

    3 months they will, KRISTEN is so cute and love her style she is unique. xoxo

  • REBElovesROB

    yay!! finally extentionss!!! LOVE HERR!! TEAM ROBSTENN!

  • Cindy

    have anyone notice rob has a red shirt like that. at first I thought it was his…..but the shirt is too short. but I do know rob has alot of beanies. rob wears kris’s blue hat alot and she wears his beanie. que lindo! : D

  • Naomi

    I always thought she was a lesbian. No offence.

  • ag

    i love kristen the way she is did anyone notice that she’s the only celeberty that dresses and acts like her self not all pink and sparkley GO KRISTEN lol and ya she is the femlae version of ROB …. yay ROBSTEN <3

  • Krsp

    #21: Well I can definately be a lesbian for Kristen.. She is beautiful no matter what…. OMG!!! I have a girl crush on her.

  • Daisy

    ha! love how kristen stays herself no matter what. the more people tell her to glam up, the more she shows her true self.

  • Sarah

    ahhh love kristen stewart, she could care less what people write about her! no one looks their best every day and some can’t even look decent ever! Kristen is Kristen and i doubt she’ll ever change for anyone and if she is with Robert thennnnnn good…i’m sure he loves her just the way she is!!!!!!

  • overated.

    that’s kristen ? oh, thought it was a guy. like a lumberjack. nice beanie though.

  • cara

    @overated.: she’s probably hiding her hair because she was in the process of getting it looked over by a hair stylist and it’s a mess. you can tell she’s been self-conscious about it ever since she’s got it cut. so, you can go shave the hair off your back now.

  • jjr
  • alalalalalalalal!!

    Kristen rocks, :)
    did you se her Cake Eater movie?

  • dalia_erreway

    you r idiot -.-”

    GO KRISTEN!!!!

  • KristenRULES!!

    cant wait to see the photos of her new hair

  • eldina

    Not trying to hate or anything but i really do not like Kristen
    like not as a person but as an actress i don;t like watching her i movies she just seems like shes boring.
    She also always looks like shes high/

  • jdusdgjg


  • alalalalalalalal!!

    she is so nice, really enjoys what she do and I feel it becuse I love her movies

  • Sure

    like her, hate the black hair. im happy shes getting rid of it. im sure she will rock in the movie, but im glad shes done with it.

  • dana

    This girl isn’t pretty. She looks like Rumer Willis to me.

  • sPEAK

    When are there gonna be photos of her new hair. I think she is always beautiful and I hate if someone sais she is ugly. Even if you think so keep it to yourself. Don’t need to be mean!

  • Paige

    her hair looks terrible :(