Ashley & Lisa Tisdale: Lunch Lovers

Ashley & Lisa Tisdale: Lunch Lovers

Ashley Tisdale walks side by side with mom Lisa as they leave Mo’s restaurant on Wednesday afternoon (August 26) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Looks like best friends do share everything! The 24-year-old singer was seen wearing a floral Free People dress — the same one that BFF Vanessa Hudgens wore back in January.

Ashley tweeted about her day earlier, saying, “Morning tweeters! Didn’t sleep well :/ Coffee bean def woke me up tho! Headed to meetings. Then gonna rock the gym!”

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Photos: SLY/Fame Pictures
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  • Cals

    shes so stunning!

  • moondirty

    wow V wear’t in January that is so far BTW ash looks gr8

  • chloek

    copying baby v with the exact way she wore it as well, but still think she looks cute

  • zanessar2gether4ever

    the dress looked better on vanessa , dont get me wrong , i love ashley but i am saying the truth , if ashley looked better , i would say but it looked more awesome on vanessa!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw !! See, see, whoever said that Ashley & Vanessa weren’t friends anymore was stupid. Gawd, I really miss Ashnessa though.. haven’t seen them together, obviously, since they are both working.. but hey, who knows…maybe Ashley will come to Vancouver and hang out with Vanessa ? Like Sterling Knight !! XD

    Anyway, aw…Ashley looks so cute in the dress. Her mom looks really pretty too. :D Personally, I think Ashley and Vanessa both wore the dress in their own style and I think they both look fabulous.

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    I agree with: @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    You are right..Whoever said they weren’t friends anymore were stupid..They were very close at the TCAs and now this.

    I <3 both Ash and Van, but I think Vanessa wore it better..But, I also agree, they both wore it in their own style, so they both look cute in it..

  • bri
  • Jordan

    Ashley is looking so cute in that dress. Vanessa and her have both said they raid each others closets. Both of them have also said they’re sisters. Both have great style and they have a great friendship. Everyone needs to let Ashley be Ashley and Vanessa be Vanessa. They aren’t in competition with each other

  • lol

    the dress looked better on vanessa

  • Chit CHIT

    She wore that dress twice. That’s a fashion NO NO.

  • Jordan

    @Chit CHIT: Vaanessa, Ashley, Selena and Miley all wear outfits more than once. I think they just wera what they like and to hell with what anyone thinks. It’s not like she wore it to a red carpet event twice

  • Eugenia

    :0 she copy the drees of V rawrr! dosen’t matter! haha

  • the fame

    @lol: yeaah

  • belandsel

    @Chit CHIT:

    oh like YOU haven’t worn the same thing twice?!
    everyone does.
    vanessa looked better on it
    but ashley looks cute too
    GOD! i wish she would visit v&z in vancouver!

  • Katie G!

    eh i think they both looked great it in, jst in there own way… i love the dress thought its really cute =)

    havent they both wore the same thing like tons of times before?
    i love their friendship and im happy with the viideo from the tca’s but i need picturesssss ashnessa is like my guilty pleasure =)

  • jazmin

    They are BFF..both are beautiful…

  • Zanessa=love

    Ha b4 I even read the post I thought hmmm Vanessa has that same dress

  • mrsefron.

    Ash wore it BETTER! : )

    i love ashleyyy hairrrrrrrrrr <3

  • watermelon.-

    Love ASH !!! (L)

  • Jordan

    Every time I think about Ashley and Vanessa I can’t help but think about this video….Its so cute ….but I also think its what made them start hiding thier faces from the papparazzi. I couldn’t live like this…..Ashley and Vanessa are so cute in it

  • lucia

    I think that Ashley looks so pretty on it

    AND ashley looked better!!
    That´s my opinion XD

  • ashleytfan

    I think they both look great!
    And I love how they share clothes.
    true bffs!

    btw, haters dont say shes copying her or whatever
    she isn’t they just wear the same clothes
    ashley is her own person
    she doesn’t wanna be vanessa

  • craz

    i like them both. I hope to see zanessa and ash together.

  • jackie

    i think that’s cute probably borrowed from her house! lol.. but i do have to admit Vanessa did wear it better

  • Jordan

    Anything with a lot of white, pink or yellow in it is going to look good on Vanessa because of her skin tone. But I don’t think you can take anything away from the way it looks on Ashley

  • Jordan

    @Jordan: Theres also a few pictures floating around of Vanessa wearing Ashley’s shoes

  • erika

    ashley looks pretty :). and omgggg skool starts tomorrow for me :(

  • Jordan

    @erika: School started last week for me :(

  • erika

    @Jordan oh i see. what grade?

  • Jordan

    @erika: 11th :(

  • ZJ207

    @Chit CHIT: No, wearing the same dress at a premiere/award ceremony… is a “fashion NO NO”. Everyone wears the same clothe that they wear daily.


    She looks soooo cute <3
    and ASh and V both looked so cute in this dress <3 :)

  • ZJ207

    Ash looks amazing in this dress! and NO she isn’t copying Vanessa since they are SHARING their clothe. I read that somewhere in a magazine, Vanessa was saying she’s really close to Ash and they always share clothes ;)

    P.S: HER HAIRRRR <3 OMG i love it!!

  • dany

    to ashley the dress is long but much better! However ashley this dress if there already remember has worn it once with the cover behind above, then more be ashley that vanessa year the same dress and that ashley if puts it because you like and are not necessarily because it must copy vanessa! Perhaps and vanessa that copy you!

  • riana

    its probably ashley’s dress since shes worn it twice and maybe she lent it to vanessa??? i’m guessing. But they both look cute in it

  • FAN

    actually i don’t think that they shared this dress; i think that they both liked it & bought it… anyone agrees??

  • Niley

    Obviously copying Nessa…She had exactly the same dress and bag and shoes were that kind of style…I really hate when Ash is copying Nessa….

  • ashpha

    The dress was seen wayback jan or feb worn by Vanessa with her fringe bag ( gray) and brown gladiator sandals.

    Also, I have seen that with Ashley she worn it wayback April or May with a cardigans if I am not mistaken.

    Now, Ashley is wearing it again w/ Black Fringe Bag & Gladiator Sandals.

    I think, if one borrows it from the other, its ok. Or maybe, they have same taste of buying said clothes. Or one may refer or recommentd it to the other… They both admitted that they usually do that. Maybe sometimes or most of the time they have same style on how they wear it. The copy thing is obsolete. ASHNESSA fans should stop circulating rumors that they are no longer friends. Beacuse They are still very good friends…

  • Jannii

    She looks pretty =)
    I love her lots =))

  • Kate-Lily

    Ashley wore this dress in april ( as said ashpha. I like her style she’s really cute ! =)

  • sweetbutterflies

    Aww! I love her hair and that’s absolutely one of my favorite dresses for both girls. It’s SO cute. And I love how they share clothes. I hope now everybody will lay off the rumors of them not being BFF’s anymore… I mean, of course they don’t hang out a lot nowadays, Vanessa is in Canada!

  • ZJ207

    @Niley: Would you be convinced that she’s not copying Vanessa, if Vanessa herself told you that she’s not? As I already mentioned, Vanessa said once in a magazine that Ashley and her have the same taste in clothe and obviously buy the same clothe when they’re shopping together, or share each other’s clothe.

  • ZJ207

    @riana: yeah i was thinking the same! Since Ashley already wore it twice, it could be hers and gave it to Vanessa once… could be!

  • bep

    I love that dress! They BOTH looked great in it! And I love Ashley’s hair, it’s really good!
    People should realize that being BFF with someone lets you share clothes with someone, and you won’t be ‘copying’ them.


    People who think that Ashley is copying Vanessa obviously don’t have any BFF because they don’t know yet the true meaning of having one and its benefits!!

  • lisa

    @zanessar2gether4ever: Yup :D I agree, but that’s just my opinion. <3

  • sally

    looking cute on ashley..but i have to say it looks much cuter anfd better on vanessa..also van shoes and her hair looks much more cuter and match the dress more than ash’s..anyways i likevanessa much more..but ash still pretty!!!!!!!

  • sally

    if anyone have a pic’s or videos foe them wearing the same clothes,shoes,or whateva…then tell me and post it in here….tnx


    @sally: I don’t know… I actually prefer it on Ashley. But I guess everyone support their favorites! haha

  • jailine

    dont get me wrong but vanessa looksa wayyyyyyyy better in that dress