Nat & Alex Wolff Fire Up The Fillmore

Nat & Alex Wolff Fire Up The Fillmore

Nat and Alex Wolff snap a pic with a few of their younger fans backstage before their show at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza in NYC on Saturday (August 29).

The band of brothers recently chatted with JJJ and told us they couldn’t wait to play The Fillmore. They shared, “That’s where all the 70′s guys like Crosby Stills and Nash, Jimmy Hendrix and everybody would perform. It seems like a great venue, legendary.”

Be sure to check out the rest of our interview with The Wolff Brothers!

15+ pics inside of Nat & Alex Wolff playing at The Fillmore…

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
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  • Mamic

    aaww love them!!! they’ve grown sooo much and they’re new music is soo much better.

  • Jason

    Awwww, look at the kids that dissed the Jonas Brothers for not writing their own music. Now the Jonas Brother are playing sold-out giant arenas, while they are still playing at small venues. So cute! xD

  • ximena jay


  • jonas 4 canada

    @ Jason are you serious???
    Lmfao JB does so right their music, gosh these little brats annoy me!

  • Raven

    Wow! I hate those stupid Nat and Alex Wollfee(idk or idc about how to spell it, so don’t correct me please!). They say JB doesn’t write their own stuff?! Those stupid boys are TRYING TO SOUND LIKE JB! They wish they were 1/2 as good! You go Jason and jonas 4 canada!!!!

  • Lisa

    I love Nat and Alex!! They are sooo awesome!! Congratulations to them for an awesome show at the Fillmore!! :)

  • Jason

    @jonas 4 canada: Yeah, there’s an article or video out there with them saying it. THis was back in 2007 when their show debuted and the Jonas Brothers weren’t that famous. Now the Jonas Brothers are a phenomenon and they are not lol

  • briana

    i personally love this boys. and who cares if 2 years ago they said crap about JB?! i was at this concert and they were amazing. and i’ve been to 2 JB concerts. Nat n Alex were a lot better. and im not just saying that. and their not trying to sound like JB, they don’t even listen to that kinda music.
    and stop comparing them to JB their toatally different. they have different fan bases and different kinds of music (as you’ll see with Nat n Alex new album in sep.)

  • amy

    woah, they’vegrown up since i last saw them!

  • Nea

    Nat looks so hot and Alex so cute!

  • nea

    @Raven: hey shut up girl!! Nat and Alex try to sound like The Beatles, The JB are a stupid band and the songs of JB sounds all the same!. :P

  • http://Sillyjared,Ihavetwocompies. hahaha


  • Mamic

    @nea: haha i love jb but i do agree with you that all their songs do sound the same… oviously the people who post rude comments about nat and alex don’t really know them… i’ve actually been to a few of their concerts and they are pretty talented kids. they’re music is pretty good, some of their songs remind me of the beatles. don’t think iam like 10 years old cuz iam actually 21 and they do have fans who are waaay older than 10…

  • SamiJo

    these are so great! haha i love how in the pic of nat and alex with the 3 girls you can see cooper in the background just looking right at the camera (cooper from nbb)
    thanks for posting :)

  • brittany

    when did nat get so damn tall? lol


    Love Alex’s John Lennon shirt! Can’t wait for their CD! But I’m sad there’s no Season 4 of NBB! Nat & Alex come to Singapore!

  • rock fairy

    Rocked it, I can tell. They rocked that concert, and whatever the outcome was, they played their hearts out, and they made good memories. All Nat and Alex’s haters should really back away. And I know there will be no season 4 of nbb, but these guys, there’s just something about these guys that makes me love them. Something makes them sparkle out from everyone else. I can’t really tell still, but I know they will be doing more tours, they have a dream to live a musical life, and NOBODY will deny that. Nobody. They rocked that show. I did not go to it because I am stuck in San Diego as always but they rocked it. Just like they did over here. And I will forever be a fan, no matter if someone tells me something bad about these guys, no matter if they quit music, no matter if they get in big trouble. Anyone got a problem with that should leave because it’s called the freedom of speech! THE FREEDOM TO ROCK OUT!!! AND TO THAT I SAY LONG LIVE THE ROCK STARS AS I ALWAYS SAY!

  • meghan

    dang he looks weird

  • Caitlin

    I too was at this concert. These boys have grown up so much and they are amazing musicans. I cannot be anymore proud to call myself ot them. They treat all their fans with real respect and couldnt be anymore real. They are so much different then the jonas brothers. So i think everyone should just more on with their lives and stop talking about something that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Danielle

    I can’t belive people are saying all this stuff about jobros vs. natnalex. they are two different musical groups! i prefer natnalex but why are the jobros hating on them. they made one little comment. what do all the obsessed jobro fans do? “oMJ THEY MADE FUN OF THEM! LETS START A WAR BECAUSE IM AN OBSESSED FAN WHO WANTS TO MARRY ALL THE JOBROS! NAT AND ALEX SHOULD DIE!!!!”

    yea well your all obsessed and why are you looking at this stuff if your not a fan?!!?!? go post crap on something else.

  • JUSTIN c.

    I Vote For Mamic & rock fairy they Are Right & Not About Who Is Right or Wrong It Everybody I Have Better Music On There Own And I Only Like Nascar Because I Through Girl Never Race And I Like Nat’n'Alex Because Bigger Thing And Have More Fans & Way Better T-Shirt And + Nat’n'Alex Is The Best Band Ever! & + There Music Is Getting Better Them On T.V. If Was Me Or Other People Being Mean To Nat’n'Alex I Will Say: *I Going To Take A Whole Bottle Of Syrup And Putting In There Underwear C” For The Next 9 Day You Will Be Runny Around In “STICK BUTT”

  • http://clubpenguin k

    @Danielle: u r crazy nat n alex r better than jb jb suck

  • Rylan

    All of you Nat n Alex Wolff Fans and You Jonas Brothers fans Better Watch out for a Young Band from Portland O.R That gos by The name STILL PENDING these little guys know how to rock the house down.