Taylor Swift - MTV Video Music Awards 2009

Taylor Swift - MTV Video Music Awards 2009

Taylor Swift shines as she arrives in an actual Cinderella-esque coach for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday evening (September 13).

The 19-year-old musician will be performing her hit single, “You Belong With Me,” during tonight’s ceremony. Taylor was even seen rehearsing her performance on top of a taxi this afternoon!

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards are hosted by British comedian Russell Brand and will air live @ 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

Taylor wore a stunning Kaufman Franco dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels for her arrival. For her performance, Taylor opted for a 1950s vintage red dress and paired it with more Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Louboutin pumps.

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, CWNY/Fame Pictures
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  • Anna

    it’s okay …

  • ruby

    She looks so amazing watching the vmas right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her ride!!!!!!!!!


  • Deen

    omg! she loos so beautiful! so gergous, she is amazing, love her, and i can not wait to see her performing!

  • CS !

    Sorry i don’t like the dress..

  • SJS

    As pretty as she looks, it’s kinda boring that she almost never tries anything new with her hair & make-up. Not loving the dress either. A few of those pics make her look unhealthy too. Best of luck to her for the night though!

  • ep227

    I cannot believe Kanye West interrupter Taylor when she received her award! He’s so rude!

  • http://mandymaria.blogspot.com Amanda!

    She was amazing. I can’t believe that jerk grabbed the mike away from her!

    Her songs are honest and something everyone can relate to, not empty words like Beyonce.

  • Sarita

    hello??????!!!!she is the best and her video deserves the award!!!!kayne west suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!taylor swift rocks!!!!!!!ans kayne is so drunk and he is a jerk!!! I´m so mad now….

  • bigdhl

    Who was the idiot that interrupted Taylor’s Acceptance. I hope to goodness someone makes him pay the price.

  • Thicka

    Kanye need to get put out for that…I’m just ashamed of him right now he should have never did that to Taylor its not her fault people are geting sick of Beyonce

  • AJ

    Yay! She won best female video. But WTF is up with Kanye West interrupting her speech? Ugh, that irritated me, it was so unnecessary.

  • angel pela

    What just happened with Taylor Swift and Kanye West??? I loked away for 1 second and missed it!

  • ytrewq

    What the heck was that???Was that Kanye who just stormed the stage and dissed Taylor Swift?? That was horrible! I feel so bad for her! You’re amazing Taylor!

  • v snipes

    Kanye should be banned from all future shows..

  • reeta

    Kanye’s an ass

  • kiara

    did yall see what kayne did to her….

    he has no shame

  • rhonda

    I can’t even believe that ANYONE could be so rude. How tragic to steal her moment away from her. Shame on you Kanye!

  • cah

    WTF. West is a raciest jerk!

  • JW

    what just happened?! i missed it i just heard the boos

  • tayla

    wow, classy kanye, very classy.
    even though i thought someone else would win, poor girl.
    he just ruined such an amazing night for her and something so momentous.

  • wowkanye

    Man, cant believe Kanye did that. So sad.

  • jazmin

    she looks stunning.
    kanye west needed to keep his opinion to himself.
    yes, not everyone agrees, but you dont have to jump on the stage and take the spotlight away from her.
    her expression broke my heart. ):

  • JIB in Boca

    Your show is disgusting rude, and racist! I’m ashamed to say I even
    turned on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  • E.kurka-crafton

    WTF!! Was up with Kanye West???

  • http://www.jbabzee.wordpress.com catalina89


  • Cals

    KAYNE SUCKS! I LOVE Taylor Swift! SHe Totally DESERVES the AWARD!! LOVE HER!

  • http://timothybhowell.com timothy

    kanye West is a rude Punk!! It’s just like that Monkey to make fun of Tyler Swift!!I If it was’nt fot Jay Z he would not even have a roof over his head!!!

  • Wb

    Such bad form!!! Not fair to steal the limelight from the winner!! What if someone did that to Beyonce??????

  • Me

    She looks beautiful!! P.S. Kanye West is a piece of shit!!

  • Tami

    that was sum real bull shit what kayne did…that gurl was not only embarrased but she was lost for words.how he going to interrupt her like that ? I wish he would go get the pyschotic help that he needs with his pyschotic ass!!

  • taylor

    What did Kanye say?



  • http://mandymaria.blogspot.com Amanda!

    No one respects any one any more, Its all about being the worst a–hole or the biggest b—ch

  • tiffany

    She looks beautiful.

    Kanye was f**cking stupid and rude seriously.

  • sherry k

    omg ! kayne west should be stripped of anything he wins on this show tonight…how tacky to step in taylors spotlight ! i am in awe….

  • ardmore32

    Taylor–total class!! So glad she won. VMA awards look beautiful but I’m SO TIRED of Russell Brand. Talks too long, too full of himself and all he can come up with is raunch. Kanye keeps showing his true colors….. go Taylor, go Taylor goTaylor

  • SJS

    Wow Kanye, way to be a world class douchebag. I agree that Beyonce should’ve won, but that was tactless and horrible. On the upside, i’m sure Taylor will get lots of publicity from this.

  • http://letahonda.com terry

    wtf does Kanye West think he is!!!!!! I would ban him from the award shows> He’s proven before he is a little child when things do not go the way he likes!!!!!

  • BC

    @AJ: agreed – Kanye was an idiot, he’s probably drunk

  • SJS

    @taylor: Stole the mic from her & said Beyonce’s video should’ve won.


    that was highly innapropriate of Kanye.. how could you be so inconsiderate to take such a moment like that from someone. guess that’s just MTV. I can’t believe they brought that irritating, annoying russel brand back also.. Nobody cares how much you want to **** Lady GAGA or what your political views are… ugh I’m turning this nonsense off.

  • http://timothybhowell.com timothy

    Kayne needs attention! Taylo Swift need pay no mind to someone who was dropped a as baby to many times. You look beautiful Taylor…

  • NH

    I think it’s appaling that MTV would let Kanyae West get up on stage and embarrass poor Taylor Swift like that. They should escort his a ** out of the VMA’s! What a loser. I lost all respect for him and will be taking his music off my Ipod.

  • sss

    Kanye west….your nothing but a D**Khead. You don’t deserve anything you have you piece of trash

  • mimi

    omg can believe that kanye west did this to her what and idiot butt kisser beyonce is good but sorry she did not won please Just Jared addres this matter thanks

    I am not a Taylor’s fan but i love her music the same way I love Beyonce’s

    sorry Beyonce maybe you should start singing COuntry Music maybe next year you could win an MTv award


    what an amazing performance in the subway :)

  • mimi

    sucker kanye west cant believe what he did

  • alison

    Kanye West lost a fan that really didn’t care about his music all like that any way but gave him the benefit of the doubt that being said he was totally disrespectful and very ignorant for that. Taylor Swift was so happy at that moment in disbelief that she had won and he made her feel bad . Kanye West should not be able to perform and he should have been escorted out of the VMA’s for that act of stupid ignorance. I will not support Kanye West ever I will not watch any of his video’s, I will turn the radio station when they air his music etc. Congratulation Taylor Swift, hell of a performance and you deserved to have won the first award for you are great at what you do. JOB well done!!!!!!!!!

  • stephanie

    She looks great! She is such a talented girl, and let me just say that Kanye’s comment was TOTALLY unnecessary!! Wow! What a jerk!!

  • lily

    WTF IS wrong with DUMASS KANYE?!!!!!!!!!!!!?he’s such an ass…he should not be invited to those events anymore if he’s just gonna ruin them. She deserved to win….