Miley Cyrus is a Motorcycle Mama

Miley Cyrus is a Motorcycle Mama

Flying high on a red hot motorcycle, Miley Cyrus rocks out to the rhythm at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Wednesday night (September 23).

The 16-year-old actress/singer, who just premiered her new music video for “Party in the U.S.A.“, invited several of her Disney Channel friends including Debby Ryan, Matt Prokop and Nicole Anderson.

Matt even bought his gal pals Miley glowsticks!

Debby tweeted from the concert, “Miley puts on a show! She sounded awesome, her dancers were fierce, I got a tricked-out glowstick. Fun night!”

30+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus flying high…

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miley cyrus honda center 01
miley cyrus honda center 02
miley cyrus honda center 03
miley cyrus honda center 04
miley cyrus honda center 05
miley cyrus honda center 06
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miley cyrus honda center 26
miley cyrus honda center 27
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miley cyrus honda center 30

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  • Sarah

    I would get so tired from playing everytime the same show. It would get so fake to me. But then again (thank god) I’m no artist. Miley’s show looks really fierce! She’s hell of an entertainer.

  • Megan

    omgg she is SOOO amazingg! wow! i cant wait to see her november 7 and 18th!! im superrr excited.

  • Anna

    that’s sounds awsomee !
    i wish i was there ! haha .

  • Matt

    She can ride my bike. :D

  • nwl

    She’s hell of an entertainer.

  • andre



  • Lic_Merry

    super Linda Miley ..<3
    es tan FASHION!


    FOLLOWME @Lic_MerRy

  • Shanaynay

    Super I Love her & she never dissapoints <3 Miley

  • Fernanda


  • Aussie

    She needs to fix her chipmunk face and teeth….and someone has to tell her to stop trying to be sexy…she just looks like a little kid playing dress up in her big sister’s clothes….
    No boobs and no booty to be sexy…sorry Miley you still look like a kid

  • Chanelle

    I totally agree with Aussie, I really think she should go back to the pants or at least stop wearing such short shorts. Shes only 16 . But I LOVE Miley and her music and everything else. <3

  • –’

    She’s one amazing entertainer, that’s for sure :)

  • florence


  • nathalia

    she’s soo stunning

  • kay

    @Aussie: i agree. stop trying to flaunt what u dont got and be miley !

  • Ryan

    Wow i loved mileys concert last night it was incredible!!!!!!!!! She was amazing and put on the best show i have seen!

  • jason

    she is gorgeous and so beautiful the most sexiest disney girl. there is no one like her. she perfect in my eyes. best performer and the one with the best talent in disney.

  • jason

    she is gorgeous and so beautiful the most sexiest disney girl. there is no one like her. she perfect in my eyes. best performer and the one with the best talent in disney.

  • Gossip Girl

    @kay: don’t e mad cause you aint got nuttin to shake! LOL! You go Miley!

  • k

    contraire i think is shake what your momma gave yo u. she has a great sexy body and she has a sexy face don’t be jelouse hater. she hot and there is nothing you can do to stop it. guys are dreaming about her i can tell you that much. she a total dream of a girl.

  • sallyjo

    Can you all vote for my kids? I’m a single mom and full time college student, so they $500 gift card if they win would be such a blessing!

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    going to see her on novemberr 7thh!!!!!!! sooo exictedd :D

  • lifesgood

    She;s like one of the best entertainers around!
    She always puts on a memorable performance!!!!!
    its so cute when us fans see that her other celebrity friends are there to support her=)

    can anyone tell me if the miley cyrus wonderworld will be coming to canada???

  • Jen

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus as much as the next person but she does have talent. She can, technically, sing. And dance. And act. And she’s beautiful. Is she a little annoying? Yes. Does she not always make the best decisions? Duh. Is she overrated beyond belief? Of course.

    But she has talent.
    Even someone who doesn’t like her at all, like me, can say she’s talented.

  • nickj’swifeyy

    slutty much?

  • nickj’swifeyy

    $lutty much?

  • Jlene

    I don’t feel that it’s talent, hell this is all Disney has and they’ll do anything and I mean anything to make her look good for she is raking in the dough for them. Got to give her credit though she puts it out there even though she looks before her time, I can imagine when she gets older what she’ll look like??

  • mcf

    wow u think your nj wife ! in your dreams honey just ..poor little kid !
    miley is gorgeous and disney doesnt need 2 try ! everyone who went 2 her show said it was amazing !! haters still dont want 2 get a life aka a real one ! this is reality wake up ! shes on top and your just not is that why your so rude ?

  • =)=)=)

    love her !

  • Jannii

    @Aussie: Agree!
    Look at the last pic.. sry but she ISN’T pretty ^^… look at her teeth and stuff.. ^^ sry.. but.. I don’t like her.. AND I caaaaan’t he sing.. thats sounds really bad.. O.O
    AND.. she should wear stuff like her age.. not like an 20 old one.. O.o

  • Jannii

    Uh… and nice WAISTCOAT.. O.o .. reminds me KIND OF Ashley’s … Americana at Brand ;)

  • me

    @Jannii: Shes singing!
    What’s wrong with her face & her teeth are like perfect there.
    Learn to type!


    Haters= FAIL

    Don’t be jealous that she has boobs and an ass, unlike you! jealous 12 year olds!
    Truth hurts,right?
    Miley is a hell of a preformer and can’t wait for to see:)


    Haters= FAIL

    Don’t be jealous that she has boobs and an ass, unlike you! jealous 12 year olds!
    Truth hurts,right?
    Miley is a hell of a preformer and can’t wait for to see:)

  • maximum miley fanpage

    i saw her @ her opening show on Sept. 14th…she is totally amazing:)
    The show,effects, dancers and Miley were all fantastic!
    one of the best shows I have ever seen:) Miley looks amazing in the photos..she sings “I Love Rock and Roll” when she rides the motorcycle over the have to see this:) Haters get a matter how much you pick on would change how miserable you must be..You can’t stop Miley!:)

  • gossipgirlxoxo

    @Gossip Girl: Get over it, everyone has their own opinions and i completley agree with “aussie” she aint like beyonce who can actuallyy dance and have something to shake, shes trying waaaaayyy to harddd. And i actuallyyy love miley, but im being honest here and if you can take critisism about a celeb you like than thats just patheitc, get over it!

  • flashmob

    I utterly don’t buy into these troll’s argument that if Miley would just be like everybody else she would be special.

  • =)=)=)

    i love the pic on her twitter and she looks stunning there ! and they prove she beautiful ( inside and out ) especially the cupcake one !

  • Megan

    @ALexandra: me too!

  • shantel

    i agree with Aussie also she has no but,boobs,AND no curves shes like a sick (like hang man!! big head to skinny of a body)

  • la

    omg!!!!!! do you guys ee like a skar on her leg!?!?!?!?!?

  • #1MileySupporterForever!

    I Went to the concert lat week
    and it was really GOOD!
    She looked pretty
    i think she saw me
    when past by me with the motocycle

  • omg!!!!

    u r sooooooooooooooooooo lucky !

  • Christinitza

    she’ s pretty…but Idk why she keeps on wearing short shorts cuz she has ..well not fat..but not legs to show…and to all u who are saying that she doesnt dress like a 16-year old I have to say only this: they( teen stars) have to dress up this way..they started to wear make-up..when..oh yeah when they were , like, 10 or sth? Just look at Noah … she dued her hair..i mean WTF???…And My Sweet 16…the girls who are 16 act like they are 20…..and the worst is taylor momsen..that girl started dressing up in provocative clothes in her 14,15? and at the top look at american toodler pagenat show…kids (3.4.5) wearing make-up…grosse…BUt in the end your are critisizing Miley cuz its easier..she’s famous..right? Well at least she has an excuse…she has to do it…but look around how many girls are acting even worse but no one cares….so get a life..let Miley have her onw life..and God bless ye! :P :D

  • nilly

    come to iran and have a contest here in shiraz or in dubie you know i am one of your number one fan and i love you so muchhh bye