Kristen Stewart: Twilight SCREAMS Best Fantasy Movie

Kristen Stewart: Twilight SCREAMS Best Fantasy Movie

After a quick weekend trip home, Kristen Stewart zones into the music on her iPod as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles en route back to Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (October 18).

The 19-year-old actress covers this month’s Seventeen magazine. Kristen shared on the Twilight phenomenon, saying, “I’m used to doing really tiny movies. But then it turned into a big deal. I mean, I know how obsessed the fans are – they love it, but we love it just as much!”

During the 2009 Scream Awards this weekend, Twilight picked up the Best Fantasy Movie Spike Award.

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  • maichi

    Pfft, the movie doesn’t deserve any award for that matter.

  • Danny

    Cute i love her!

  • Kendall

    I love how she doesn’t care what people think about her (or at least it looks that way). I don’t know why people say she’s such a bad actress…you can’t base it solely on Twilight, which unfortunately didn’t do a good job showcasing her acting abilities.

    She really has great skin doesn’t she? I’m so envious.

  • Daisy

    kristen looks really good here. I’m not a fan of the Twilight series but kristen doesn’t look like the kind of girl who would do a movie like that. she’s so different

  • kaz

    She is so freaking cute. and love the shirt and pants

  • laura

    Her skin is absolutely FLAWLESS! I love her jeans and top.

  • Danielle

    @maichi: Well, if you say so, although it is true but “Twilight” won cleanly the award, as their fans (including myself) voted to make it so, you’re entitled to express your opinion, just express mine

  • Danielle

    @laura: yeah! it’s so true,i’m jealous of her skin LOL i love her

  • Sarah22

    She is so freaking pretty. and IA, she has like the most gorgeous skin! love her!

  • Dede

    I love her knitting needles!!!! Thats so awesome she knits :)

  • jasmine

    Team Kristen all the way!! shes adorable. and Kendall, who cares what some few vocal haters say about her, the critics love her (she got so much critical praise for her roles in Speak, Cake Eaters, and Into the Wild) and she is always getting praised by the best actors in hollywood (Sean Penn, Jodie Foster, Melissa Leo, Juliane Moore…) and she just had multi-Oscar nominated and Golden Globe/Emmy winner James Woods handpick her to play the lead in his movie. She is THE it hollywood actress right now. Go Kristen!

  • mnm

    Her skin is so flawless, she’s pretty but someone needs to tell her that emo is so 3 yrs ago.

  • kayla

    Luv her…but Jared, why is she on Just Jared Jnr?
    shes much cooler than the ‘disney crowd’

  • Emily

    Every single time I see a new photo of her I idolize her ten times more. She’s such a natural beauty. ha. And her braaaaain!! I love her mind and personality, the way she thinks is just, so phenomenal to me. Is that odd? I have a feeling if her and I were friends we’d have non stop conversations about just, everything.

  • guest

    Where is my man Rob?? Ooooop’s I mean Kristen man Rob? and what was she doing in LA was she at Scream Awards?

  • mIA

    I really love this girl. Seriously! She is so Sexylicious and Such an awesome actress…. @ Munchi I didn’t see you get an award so Shut Up and leave Twilight Alone!

  • min

    her skin is just flawless. She looks badass and gorgeous as usual

  • camila

    her skin is incredible, looking great as always

  • camila

    She is wearing a new ring on her left hand

  • Gigi

    I’ve loved her since her earliest
    movies. She just keeps on getting better.
    I do have to admit though, that
    it’s pics like these that make
    me feel the worse for her.
    Can the cameras be any closer to her face?
    I mean, it’s not like they’re filming
    scene “Kristen Gets Stalked by the Paparazzi, Take 1,087,525′ or
    Personal space, anyone?

  • cookie

    I love this girl! Who wouldn’t be pissed off if there are cameras in your face. It’s true she’s a movie star and super popular but that doesn’t give anyone the right to invade someones space,gees, at least keep some distance. Anyway, she’s absolutely gorgeous,talented and very level-headed and intelligent. Read the article re: her interview by Dennis Hopper for the 40th anniversary of Interview mag. She’s just amazing and I can’t say enough about her. Rob better not let her go now that he’s won her.

  • jashley

    leave her alone! goodness!

  • Kate

    Love her. Love her boyfriend more though.. I’d be rushing back to him if I had him too.

  • nola

    YAY, her hair is growing! I love her, she’s gorgeous without being vain.

  • Kfan

    Such a beauty! Wish I looked this good being overworked. Luv her n I want her bag, too.

  • Dee

    She is an amazing actress. She has played some very tough parts like in Speak and other parts that were lighter in feeling. She is absolutely gorgeous and has such amazing skin and eyes and when her hair grows out more she will once again have gorgeous hair.

    There will always be haters but she has a fan in myself because I think she is amazing.

  • BEBE

    kristen stewart is real. her skin is flawless like hell even she is not trying to doll-up. i like her and i love her boyfriend, ha.

    kristen is cute and adorable, and i love her pictures in magazine, she is effing cool and gorgeous even if she is not trying too.

  • freddie

    Well i would look upset to if i read the rumors that her supposed boyfriend couldn’t keep it in his pants for a mere 48 hours. He supposedly hooked up with his ‘friends with benefits’ partner last night Miss Ashley GREENE. According to this inside source in the cast, she knows ashley really well, and ashley and rob catch up in you know what way whenever they get the chance. Kristen has no idea of what a player he really is. If he really considered her a friend he would come clean and not sneak behind her back. I hope kristen catches him in the act, and then she can see it without having to believe his lies.

  • Mcwmgirl

    Idk why some people say she sucks at acting. They should totally see her in like ‘the messengers’ or ‘into the wild’ she’s really good there. GO ROBSTEN! :D

  • KristenRULES!!

    Marry Me Kristen!!

  • freddie

    no wonder she doesn’t smile. Rob sleeps with anything when she is not there, and she has to read so many mean comments all over the web. How she is still standing is beyond me.

  • blonde and fringe

    I think she would look so cute with her hair blonde and with a fringe. Even at that length she would look hot. She still is cute, but i just like her hair lighter.

  • london

    I just love how she’s like “I don’t care what people say” blah, blah,blah….and yet, there she is googling herself. Poor thing. It must be hard knowing the truth, how bad she sucks. How nobody likes her, with the exception of a few 12 years old out there.

  • rose

    i love you kristen!!i’ve never been in love with an actress and now here is kristen. flawless white skin, short black hair (though her roots are showing lol), dresses in skinny’s, t-shirt, jumper and sneakers!!!kristen is epitome of cool. im so happy that she was chosen for bella.

    its like everytime i see this girl she makes me happy. im obsessed with her. love you kristen. keep living the dream.

  • gabby

    she wasn’t even at the Scream Awards….weird.

  • gabby


    whoa she’s not my favorite celebrity by a long slide. but don’t be so harsh on someone you don’t even know.

  • kat

    I love Kristen so much. She’s awesome. Love all her movies.

  • Angela

    I can’t believe Twilight won. AGAIN.

  • Susie

    Kristen Stewart looks very unhappy all the time…

  • wow

    was any of the twilight cast members there?

  • LARA

    Actually i think she’s talanted by the way she has lost her weight hasn’t she? or it’s just for my vision?

  • ceci

    Love you Kristen!
    I miss ROB!!!!!!!

  • natt

    Hahaha, what a surprise! She changed her clothes! WOW!

  • Amalie

    She is beautiuful.
    I adore her. <33333

  • naree

    Yes she’s beautiful and we love her so much.

  • c


  • http://x twilighter xxx

    Go twilight i voted for you every day!!!

    new moon in 31 days!!!!!!! :)

  • http://x twilighter xxx

    yeah…i just red another artile which was slating her outfit…i like it…its kristen!!!

  • Just Jill

    @kayla: This site isn’t just for the Disney actors. It’s for celebrities who are in the demographic of young adults.

  • jess

    yay i love her!! perfect