Zac Efron: Kanaloa Club Cute

Zac Efron: Kanaloa Club Cute

Zac Efron keeps his head down as he’s lead to his car after leaving Kanoloa Club in London on Wednesday night (November 18).

The 22-year-old actor and his leading lady, Claire Danes, premiered their new drama film, Me & Orson Welles, at Vue West End earlier in the evening.

Zac and Claire will be attending a private Picturehouse at Notting Hill Gate screening of the film later tonight. The screening includes a Q&A session for all attendees.

Also be sure to catch Zac on The One Show TODAY!

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Credit: Ringo; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks so good in those pictures.

  • Gre


    I mean…ZAC!

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    Hope he had a great time last night, I’m sure the movie is awesome. I can’t wait till it comes out in the US.

  • lilli

    looks great. but poor zac. he wont see nessa a looong time..

  • Marta

    OMG! i love him!

    Zac Efron at the premiere in London was a god! I love this guy! Does anyone know if there is premiere in Spain and if zac come?x)

  • ANNE

    lovely as always!

  • katie

    He looked so good last night.


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  • marie

    I can’t wait to watch the movie myself..It sounds amazing

  • gaby

    oh zac.
    can you get any hotter? :]

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    aww i love him, i have a feeling the one show interview will be rather awkward though. they should have had him on paul o’grady :(

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Oh I forgot! Zac will be on GMTV tomorrow morning.

  • carly

    he will see vanessa i hope, he probably has break off for thanksgiving and next month is vanessa 21st birthday !!!! I love zanessa <3

  • Megan


    ughh same I hate the one show. I was hoping ge would be on Paul O Grady… Oh well.

  • Euge

    he is perfectttt

  • pink sugar

    Zac looks great

  • LuckyL

    Very debonair

  • Karen

    I’m sure Zac will be seeing Vanessa within a few days. She most likely will be off until after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US which is November 26. Zac will be at the premiere of MAOW in NYC on on Monday night and if Vanessa isn’t there he will be seeing her most likely when he gets back to LA by the next day.

    Also, Zac has been known to visit Vanessa when she was in Montreal filming Beastly and could do so when she returns to Vancouver to finish filming Sucker Punch. But Vanessa is scheduled to be done with her filming there by mid December so that won’t be long and will be home by the time she has her 21st birthday on the 14th of December. SO, would all of you stop going on about how long they will have to be apart? It simply isn’t so.

  • belinda

    who’s the guy beside him in the car?

  • nikki

    zac is so delcous!!<33
    i wounder why he hasnt gotten many comments lately on like anything??

  • amy

    he keeps getting hotter!

  • London Lemming

    Why do you people insist in mentioning Zanessa in a post that has absolutly NOTHING to do with Zanessa. This post is about ZAC and the promotion for his movie. It has nothing to do with Zanessa. so why mention it? Its ridiculous@Karen: should not have to write a long drawn out explantion on ZANESSA because this post as I said is about zac,therefore what Vanessa is doing or where she is filming has no merit on this thread. I really wish these posts were monitored better and all posts which go off the subject get deleted. People should be commenting on the write up and pics in which Zac looked distinguished and rather dashing in his suit. People need to realise that the his world does not revolve around Zanessa,he has a life seperate from that and some of you need to learn that. At the moment Zac is working and will be until the begining of December if the updated Schedule I saw earlier is accurate,please can some people on here bear that in mind when posting inane comments about Zanessa. Both have work to do which means they dont see each other often. Stop noseying into a relationship you know nothing about ,I often wonder about some of the less mature people on here will cope if they ever were to break up?

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac is grown up fast. He is no longer that Kid from HSM.

  • AdAItaly

    If You Want to know the real secret of Zac Efron, watch this video on YouTube: “The evident proof that Zac Efron…” !!!

  • peggy

    @London Lemming:

    People can’t help mentioning Zanessa in either a V or Zac post I’ve learned to ignore i and so should you.

    But lets at least get our info correct ZV spent the last 3 months working together in Vancouver, then they were apart 2 weeks, then she came home, now his gone for 8 days and then goes home again..

    They see each other very often for 2 people both working.

  • kgg

    @London Lemming: In every Zac thread, you post the fact that it bothers you that Vanessa is mentioned. What’s the deal? They have been dating for 4 years and the longtime fans and newer ones are curious as to their comings and goings. That’s not going to change as long as they are together, so lighten up and try not to let it bother you. Read the comments you want to and skip the rest.

  • leo

    any truth to the rumors he was seen out late partying and flirting with other girls?? maybe he’s ready to move on and meet some new chicks to fool around with. Would not blame him if he did.

  • colleen

    If they ever do split up, this site will blow up with nay sayers and whiners. Hope I get to see that!

  • London Lemming

    @kgg: I post it in Vanessa threads when Zac is mentioned. Its irksome that some people dont treat them as individuals.
    Il lighten up when people learn the difference between Zanessa,Zac and Vanessa.

    There both talented individuals who deserve to be recognised in there own right as actors and not constantly linked as Zanessa when the post is about one of them.

    Did you all know there was over 100 fans outside the Soho last night hoping to see Zac?

  • susan1

    @ leo;
    rumors!!! what are you talking about? did you know the meaning of club here in uk?i explain to you!!mostly group of people using this place for party.i think thats what happen to zac group they went there after the premiere having a small drink.
    ignorant you are!

  • ally

    They broke up

  • susan1

    yeah ! lots of fans there last night and somebody mention their also fans coming from other country.
    i watch one show tonight its a good show.
    Zac is very intelligent guy

  • London Lemming

    @ally: Do you have proof or is this just hear say again. You do realise without justafiable proof Ie it comes out of their mouths or a statement is issued, No-one is gonna believe it even if it happens to be the truth!

  • awurbii

    I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is. If they’ve broken up. So what?? Their private lives are none of our business. All those people stating that they want to see them split so that they can see the reactions from fans. Do you have a life? I want say anymore. According to the tabloids, they’ve broken up so many times that I can not keep count. At no point did they sign a contract that says that they have to keep us informed about their relationship. All I know is that I am going to go on supporting their CAREERS regardless.

  • awurbii

    sorry, I meant to say, “I won’t say anymore.”


    I’m getting so sick of People saying that Zac and Vanessa Broke Up. It is Bull Shit.

  • http://WWW.E!.COM girly34


  • lyn

    was it not just four days ago i think that the daily 10 said that zac and vanessa are still together. He has been working so has she. Plz do not start rumors. I am sure they would say something if this was true. I have a feeling once her b day comes around we might see pictures of them together.

  • hunny

    Zac just said today on The One Show that he was still spoken for romantically. I think he would know if he was in a relationship, don’t you?

    He looks gorgeous in this suit with this haircut. So mature.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Thanks for that info.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    you could translate this interview?
    thanks for the info

  • kgg

    This is from someone who watched the show:

    “he was also asked if he was taken and he sort of seemed nervous and said As a matter of fact Yes i am”

    They also gave him a pumpkin pie and Zac told them that he would be home for Thanksgiving because it’s a family tradition.


    I saw on Zac’s site that said the enguirer are saying Zac and Vanessa are finish, but show bliz and US mag say it is not true. they talked to close friends that know them, they are still together and going strong, and are happy togeher. Here we go again enquirer telling and making up storys again I can’t beleive people beleive these lies. At lease Showbliz and US checked the story and told the real truth.

  • Karen


    If you are truly interested in Zac and Vanessa then you know perfectly well what you said is full of it. They have not been apart from each other for months except when Zac was filming MAOW in England during the first third of 2008 and Vanessa was in Austin, Texas filming Bandslam. Once they reunited in Salt Lake City to film HSM3 they have not been apart more than 2 and half weeks. They have recently both been filming movies in Vancouver in Canada and were seen all over the city all the time. They had not been apart more than 2 weeks once Zac left to start promotion for MAOW before they reunited in LA for a few days before he left to go to London—which he did at the very last minutes btw. He even stayed in Vancouver for nearly 10 extra days where Vanessa was after his new movie wrapped filming. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to say all this because I don’t believe for a minute that you are that uninformed and if you are it is because you don’t care about them anyway.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    Thanks for the trouble

  • athena

    WOW! Can’t wait to see this movie! ZAC LOOKS HOT!

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    @Karen: I think you are wonderful. i think it’s nice that you take the time to put minds at ease and to explain things that people seem unaware of. Your patients is far greater than mine. My answer to all those that seem so concerned about Zac and Vanessa’s relationship ending or having trouble or the fact that they don’t pose for cameras when they’re out in public is simple . . . it’s none of your business what they do in private or in public. An $8 movie ticket does not give you carte blanche into someones personal life. It’s a good thing that Zac and Vanessa, even at their young age, are not as insecure about their relationship as their public seems to be, otherwise they would have split years ago. I can totally sympathize with those that are curious about the two of them, both together as a couple and as individuals. But I can’t begin to fathom why people would get so worked up over a relationship they have NOTHING to do with. Let them be, let them move forward to where ever THEY see them going. Though they both had done projects prior to HSM their almost overnight fame comes with positives and negatives . . . to which they have proven to be more than capable of handling with grace and maturity. I’m sure they’re able to handle things in their relationship with the same maturity . . . you don’t last as long as they have if you can’t.
    girly34: to use if then when speaking of love is a sure sign of one that is not ready for that love. For example ‘if’ you love me ‘then’ you’ll be with me on my birthday. Think about that for a minute. If being with Vanessa on her birthday is the only way to prove his love for her and the strength of their relationship than their relationship has little value in the first place. You can’t weigh someones love by giving deadlines and if than demands . . . their love can either be weighed on it’s own merrit or it is worthless anyway. I hope if nothing else you take this and apply it to your own relationships because if you can’t you’ll have a very dificult time finding longevity in any relationship you attempt. Your “if” will increase with time and eventually you are bound to be disappointed with the other persons “then” response. No one wants to spend a life time proving their feelings. Think about this please and save yourself a lot of heartache.

  • kami


    they didn’t see each other for months? where you been? obviously you are not a fan of either zac or vanessa and don’t visit their fan or blog sites. they were just together this past weekend and watched the boxing match with monique. and right before zac came home from vancouver, the two of them were pictured at a hockey game and had teams shirts with their names on them. just cuz they don’t do relationship phot ops for thier fickel fans, does not mean they aren’t hanging out in very private places.

    btw, zac didn’t brush his teeth today. i didn’t see him do it so i know he has dirty teeth.

  • kami


    they didn’t see each other for months? where you been? obviously you are not a fan of either zac or vanessa and don’t visit their fan or blog sites. they were just together this past weekend and watched the boxing match with monique. and right before zac came home from vancouver, the two of them were pictured at a hockey game and had teams shirts with their names on them. just cuz they don’t do relationship phot ops for their fickel fans, does not mean they aren’t hanging out in very private places.

    btw, zac didn’t brush his teeth today. i didn’t see him do it so i know he has dirty teeth.

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    sorry for my last post being so long winded . . . but my frustraion got the better of me. Now, I would like to add that Zac looked great last night and despite his nerves it appears he handed the evening with his usual charisma and charm. I hope the movie gets the attention from the public it deserves but regardless of that it’s wonderful that it’s getting the respect from the critics that it is. Zac’s future gets brighter and brighter with every role he takes on. It’s nice to watch him largely because he never disappoints. As far as I can see his success knows no limit . . . years from now we’ll be saying to people, ” I remember when he started out . . . I knew he’d move forward and be one of the greats, one that we remembered for years to come, and he’s done it.” Go Zac!!