Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Lovely

Miley Cyrus: Leopard Print Lovely

Miley Cyrus walks and talks with a guy friend and mom-ager Tish as they grab a quick coffee from Starbucks in Blackpool, England on Monday afternoon (December 7).

The 17-year-old starlet is set to perform for the Queen of England TONIGHT! How exciting?!

Miley told Goom Radio host Zach Sang recently about her upcoming meet with the Queen. She shared, “I’ve never met her. It’s going to be cool. I’d love to teach her the ‘Hoedown Throwdown.’”

Good luck, Miley!

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Credit: Pete Goddardspl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Nileyforever2

    Omg she looks soo pretty love miley and she’ll rock the royal variety performance

  • gabi

    sweet forever ever!!

  • Matt

    Meow! Sexy, Milerz.

  • rania

    she is beautiful

    Topman is clothes for man?

  • Lesly

    love her!
    good luck Miley (:

  • alex:)

    @rania: technicaly topman is a counterpart of topshop where Miley usually shops when she’s in London they do have womens clothes too

  • billythekid


    I hope she rocks it for the Queen because Miley fan or not, I have to be honest when I say her performance the other night at that JIngle Ball thing at the O2 wasn’t good at all. She sung 3 songs and was out of breathe and completely off-key singing Party/USA. She isn’t sick so no idea what was up. Maybe just too excited and couldn’t get it right? Possible.

  • pouty

    I used to hate her so bad… now i think she’s just a young girl trying to find herself… and you know when i look around me n think about myself I can tell that a lot of girls do dress really sexy and like older than their age. i just hope she won’t end up like britney. even if brit is now back on track i mean she had to go through a lot of things. she’s not a role model for kids because she is growing up and being a sexy young girl. demi and sel can take up this role, and may be other disney stars will take up this role after them

  • Nkeeyah

    Miley looks great. I hope she rocks it tonight. Love Miley

  • lo


    I noticed that as well. I wonder what songs she will be singing for the Queen and what clothing she will be wearing. I doubt she will dress the way she does in her concerts when she sings for the Queen. I could be wrong though.

  • Jenny

    EEEEEEP good luck Miley ur a great singer and the queen should see that and i feel so happy u are getting to perform at such and amazing place

  • Lottie


  • Taya




  • KYLE

    She really is very beautiful. Wonder what lucky guy will get to date her. she really IS gorgeous and talented.

  • abby

    The dark hair really works on her. LOVE her moms coat.

  • lol

    you can tell by Miley’s comments that she has no idea how to talk to the Queen of England. That slang & teaching her the Hoedown Throwdown – shows that Miley has no class. I sure hope she waers some clothes that cover her backside & her bra.

  • ashley

    on the real, the boy she’s with is SLAMMIN’ .

    & i looooveeee mileyyyyyyy

  • wow

    wow – she is starting to look beat in her face like Lindsey Lohan who is what 23 & looks 40. soon Miley at age 17 will be looking 40 in her face too.

  • http://justjaredjr simone oconnell

    Miley has been to topshop and topman in blackpool.She was also in london on saturday shopping..She said in a interview that she is in uk for a month.The family are renting a place instead of being in a hotel.She said she already has the christmas tree up and everything is ready for christmas

  • elizabeth

    does anyone know the drink miley got from starbucks?????? i tried to read it but i cant. i want to kow sooo bad!


  • bjoern

    Theres a wild animal in the UK.
    i guess mr stewart is not allowed to see this particular pic.
    no time to write awesome stuff about miley in this post, its too much! -gotta listen to “girls just wanna have fun”; guys go listen ASAP, it`s awesome!
    One thing left to say: Miley Christmas!!

  • :)

    …she looks pretty. Hope she has a great time performing

  • mrs.nickjonas

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! I want that colt for me!!! She’s wearing a lot fo make up… but she looks beautiful anyways…

  • forson

    Miley looks so classy and beautiful. she looks stunning the eye makeup is fantastic. she looks great with the eye makeup. she so, so beautiful.

    Liam is one lucky guy.

  • billythekid


    Baloney! Miley does not look like shiit in the face like Lindsay Lohan does these days, nor will she be looking like shiit when she is 23. It’s easy to tell that she will look decent for that age by looking at her parents. Of course, that assumption is based upon my belief that she will not end messed up like Lindsay.

    Real criticism is not bad at all when it’s warranted etc, but jealous, hateful criticism is just so ugly and unnecessary.

  • chelsea

    Wow! The Queen of England? That’s such an honour!

  • annie


  • missdestinyhope

    @annie: poor you with no life. Instead of going outside and meeting new friends, you rather waste waste your life hating on a girl who has don’t nothing to you. Sad , sad. But that’s haters for ya. DUMB and IGNORANT

  • Mileyfan

    i was there with my mum when she was there, i got her autograph and she is superduper nice.

    she’s not a diva, im her nb.1 fan and a super role model

    i was talkin 2 her for like 10mins and got about 10 autographs

    luv her

  • Mileyfan

    i was there when she was, i got like 10 autographs and talked 2 her for ages
    shes ssoo nice and nb.1 fan deffo

    luv her