Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Avatar Date Night!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Avatar Date Night!

Zac Efron strolls with two of his favorite girls — girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and her lil sis Stella — as they leave the movie theater at Universal CityWalk on Monday night (December 28).

The threesome took in the much-talked about Avatar. Stella tweeted after, “Alright. so i went to see Avatar with ness and zac … then we got papparazzi’s and ran like avatars hehe:):)”

The Hudgens sisters were spotted out earlier last week, picking up some last minute Christmas supplies and engaging in a wrapping paper war.

FYI: Vanessa is sporting a Rebel YellFree Hugs” hoodie and Koolabura “Wings” Boot.

10+ pics inside of Zac laughing as Vanessa and Stella Hudgens running from paps…

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  • sunny

    yey first !
    they look so cute .. haha Vany love her :D

  • zinha

    I need pix *-*

  • Xxx

    Awww I love v!

  • carol donato


  • ANNE

    there that good good to see the trio together again Brazil loves the three

  • suzy

    V is too cute. Her hair looks good from what i see.

  • taylor

    Zac and V looked happy. The sisters looked gorgeous! :)

  • jamie

    stella’s growing up!
    the last time we saw her with zac was in 07 and she had short hair and an ice cream cone in her hand
    now she has longer hair and almost as tall as vanessa! :O

    oh and to share my excitement for a zanessa sighting:


  • Tiffany

    She is so pretty.:D

  • Tiffany

    I think Stella has extensions.

  • ashytisdalefan

    awwww! how cute! I love Stella’s tweet :P

  • iron

    look like they are have fun.zac look happy.i guess him and vanessa will be get read for the new year.i wish the papparazzi’s would just take the picture and stop run after them.

  • lilly

    oh my gosh that is too cute <3.

  • lilly

    whats stellas twitter ???

  • ANNE

    lovely! Zanessa’s back <3

  • daniel

    till the end ………………………Vanessa

  • Lily

    OMG How Adorable <3

    Love Zanessa 4ever =) xx

  • Lydia

    I love u zac.

  • ayen

    so cute. Love you Vanessa. :D

  • amara

    what is stella twitter url..cuz there so many fakes

  • pouty

    she is really a talented artist! how many awards did she win so far?? refresh my mind please

  • kristy

    i love them! V had a lot of class to actually be nice to perez

  • procrastination101

    i love how vanessa hides her face like the paparazzi cares about her. they want zac sweetheart!!!

  • lslsharon

    OMG!!!Sooo happy to see them together!!!!
    Vanessa is soooooooooo adorable!!!

  • nathalia

    i love them!

  • B*

    Aww they are soo cute… Zanessa the best.. and Stella is so pretty :)

  • may

    ahhh they look sooo happy :)
    i love them..stella is cute

  • heat

    aw such qts

  • Eika

    @amara: datz the one :)

  • Grace

    They are so cute . . . looks like they enjoyed the movie. These are some of the rare pictures taken by the paps where Zac is smiling. He seems very happy . . . nice to see.

  • musicgirl

    aaaawww they are soo cute and vanessa is the most beautifull girl in the WOLD:)<33

  • Eika

    adore them :) <33333
    but i can’t believe they met perez though.
    after what he’s done to V.
    gosh V is one tough girl. <3

  • Jordan

    Gotta love them :) Sometimes I think they have fun making the papparazzi run LOL.

  • inji

    woohoo!!!! ZANESSA SIGHTING :D
    Avatar is like the best movie ever… hope they enjoyed it.
    love them all <3

  • lilly

    I love that unshaven look on Zac. He is hot no matter what.

    We saw Avatar in 3D the other day. It was great.

  • em

    how do you know they met Perez?
    If they did, i hand it to Vanessa, that was a very class act thing to do. After everything he is done, that just makes me like her more. : )

  • Mac

    Awww how cute…date night! And I love the fact that Zac seems so close with Stella too! She has grown up a lot. I remember the first set of candids back in ’07 when she tagged along with Z & V for some ice cream and she was such a baby then.

  • Paulina

    any more pictures? :)

  • april


    Vanessa also had extensions.. all that volume is fake.. but then again pretty much everyone in hollywood had fake hair.. i like her hoodie

  • Jazmin

    Spending time together…love how you said Zac with his fav two girls <3
    I guess they met there since I see V is driving with sis in the passenger seat. So sweet of Zac to make sure his girls are in the car.

    Thanks for posting

  • Mac

    Oh and good for V for not stooping down to the level of Perez and for Stella clearing things up that V actually was gracious and polite enough to even say hi to him. What’s with PH’s tweet to Ashley Tisdale saying that V should say hello to him? Another lie to make it seem that V was rude to him and purposely ignored him when it was far from the truth?!

  • Laura

    Zac and vanessa are the best. I love them they seem very happy in these pictures.

  • isabela

    Stella is a very, very, VERY lucky girl.
    Zanessa <3

  • lilmiyo

    They look so cute all together!!! :3 I was chatting with Stella ( on ustream ) right after they watched the movie, and she looked so tired… >.<

  • vanny

    to see their smile and their love in their face
    is great
    they really look very very happy!!
    love them i seid it one year ago i say it now and i will say it next year
    : zanessa forever together
    love them<3

  • Xxx

    Perez is an idiot. Vanessa and Stella were actually nice to him and then he lies about Zac being there and the fact that she didn’t say hi to him

  • inji

    @em: i totally agree. its on stellas twitter. and perez’s twitter aswell. i love her for saying hello, it just shows to everyone that she has such a kind heart <3 love her.

  • kayla scott

    lol i went to see avatar:3D last night too was a phenomenal film LOVED every bit of it!! woo zanessa..hehe xD

  • Jazmin


    I think Perez told Ashley to tell Nessa it was really nice of her to say hi…It’s the Holiday season so I think everyone is in good spirit. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Perez at all…I don’t even go to his site at all. I do agree with you that it was really nice of Vanessa not to stoop to his level.

    So happy to see them out and about enjoying the holiday and their time off.

  • sara12

    love vanessa !!