Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Not Engaged

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Not Engaged

Miley Cyrus fiddles with her keys in hand as she leaves a nail salon on Saturday night (January 16) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Reports have been flying all over the place that Miley and her The Last Song costar/boyfriend Liam Hemsworth are getting ready to tie the knot — which is absolutely FALSE.

Reps confirmed to People that, “Miley‘s not engaged.”

So what fueled the rumors? Miley was spotted out earlier this week with Liam and sister Brandi sporting a ring on her left hand finger.

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  • heat

    ohh love her outfit

  • jojo

    she is so so cute <333
    love the hat <33

  • diane n.

    pretty. (:
    liam seems to make her really happy.
    that makes me happy.

  • erin

    she is naturally pretty!

  • abby

    OMG what was she thinking buying that ugly bag?

  • fearless

    of course she did it on porpuse to fuel the rumors..

  • Zoe

    She thinks she is some kind of style icon.
    Oh. And she clearly has a fat face too. Go have a few more iced coffees Miley. Then people might think you are pregnant!

  • Serena123

    who the on earth said she was engaged?
    why is she always dressed so monotonous?

  • Emma

    She might be, cause normally when rumor like this happens, she will respond to it personally. Hopefully she does.

  • ashytisdalefan

    can the rumors get any worse?
    poor miley I feel bad for her.
    I doubt she would get engaged at 17!!

  • kayla

    i bet you are so fat that people think you are pregnant, she is a US size 4 and and UK size 8, that is skinny!!!!!
    And she is a style icon, she is starting all the styles in the mags over in the UK!!

  • kayla

    I wish i could wear that kind of clothes over here in the UK but its only like5 degrees, where as over in LA its like 24 degrees :(

    MILEYS #1 FAN :D

  • LoveLeeR

    Of course! haha
    LOVE U MILEY !!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    This was obviously a rumour and I’m glad her reps stated that, I mean OK! mag started this and they make up a lot of stupid stories, and I doubt miley would get engaged so soon, I mean she hasn’t even been with liam for a year right?? It’s just sad that some mag companies make up rumours just to sell their mags at the expenses of others private lives, but I guess that’s the life of being a celebrity and you have to live with it *sigh*

    I like her clothes but not so much the bag- it’s weird

  • LA

    she has a lot of money , so she could do something with the haiti’s disaster isn’t it?
    She is a teenager but that doesn’t mean anything to doesn’t think in that horrrible thing that has left people on the street.

  • Jenny

    She looks great and for whoever said she has a fat face well atleast she isnt a stick thin like people you see nowadays and yall need to get a llife hating in excess doesnt make you cool it just makes you sound bitter and jealous so do yourself a favour and stop. Obviously Miley is doing something right to have the amount of REAL fans that she has.

  • lol

    yes she does and says alot on purpose to get the attention on her & she also likes to bug a certain someone – but this time it seems it finally backfired for good.

  • hollywoodgossip

    miley is number one.

  • Nikki

    Love her!

  • kali

    isn’t that just her purity ring? She usually wears it as a necklace but maybe she decided to wear it.

  • Kristen

    why does she dye her hair so much?
    just a couple of weeks ago it was dark reddie brown.
    i don’ understand it

  • http://deleted Cloud

    her life is just a SH!T

  • Thetruth

    I was not a hater but she is doing such a crap man!

    Okay she really looks ugly here I don’t knwo why maybe without any make-up! And yeah I agree is is now kinda fat! She should do a little diet now! And just for your information Taylor Swift isn’t anorexic or too skinny!
    Her body is amazing !you lil stupid Miley fans r just jealous becauz your s.lutty cyrus is fat!

  • jessica

    um no it isnt. i think your confusing yourself with her.

  • Carla


    totally agree with you! but maybe she already did something! i mean… Maybe she doesnt wanna say it out loud..
    or…maybe she just doesnt care! idk! XD

  • ktawnyy

    she looks so naturally pretty in these pictures. love her!

  • kali

    She doesn’t look bad in these pics but kinda sad. Dont you think? Remeber that pic of her walking out of Mcdonald’s right after the Niley break-up? Her face was red and she wasn’t all bubbly or anything. These pictures look like that. :/ Im not a hater i swear, i love Miley to death but she just seems unhappy compared to a couple days ago.

  • Zoe

    @kayla: The only reason why she is in fashion magazines is because she kind of keeps up with the latest trends, when you see her talking in interviews she always talks about how she “Has her own style” and that she “Doesn’t follow trends”
    She should try to find her own style and not copy Ashley Tisdale all the time. The pics of her in oz were of her looking like every other girl in Australia. She has no personal style whatsoever.

  • billythekid


    Oh you’re not a hater with that kind of messed up rant? Go stick your head in the toilet bowl and cool the heck off, Douchebag!

  • http://donthave Ambrose Milburt Souza

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  • someone :)


    lmao how is she fat? she is gorgeous have you seen the pictures of her @ the beach she has an AMAZING BODY , and if she did gain weight WHO CARESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! get over it your just jealous. :)

  • iluvrobpattz

    awwww it woulda been hella funny if she was! and maybe, preggers 2! now i would be LOLin!

  • mileycyrusbiggestfan

    love her hope to meet her somewhere soon. :)