Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Starbucks Sweeties

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Starbucks Sweeties

Miley Cyrus is pretty in plaid as she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth take a stroll in the sunshine in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (January 23).

The 17-year-old singer/actress picked up a couple of Starbucks coffees later in the afternoon. Miley brought her new puppy along with them and ran into a friend, whom she joked around with.

Miley has been spreading the word about To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization committed to preventing suicides. Have you voted for them yet?

15+ pics inside of Miley and Liam in Santa Monica…

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  • leesha

    She’s 17 not 16

  • ashley

    miley is 17 not 16 hahaha

  • synergy

    They are the hottest couple around . He is hot and she is gorgeous. He is so tall wow!!! nice.

  • lil’ sugar cube

    She’s not 16… she’s 17 yrs old. But as always… she’s LOVELY. :)

  • guesswho

    i gotta say, i’ll miss niley but Miam is so adorable too <3
    and isn’t Miley 17? XD

  • Dione santos


  • wow

    Liam is huge great taste miley he is hot and big and tall. I think i want a guy from where he is from. Do they make them all like liam. I think i need to make a trip to aussie land.

    Miley is gorgeous they are one good looking couple.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Nick who? You go Miley. MUCH BETTER without the feaux fro bro. MIAM = Hottest Young Couple of 2010

  • kris

    he is hot…

  • wow

    The looks adorable together miley like tall, tall guys. he is very handsome and she is very beautiful. He dog is so beautiful too.

  • rachel

    good on her for wearing actual clothes. keep it up, girl.

    she actually looks cute.
    i wish she’d take out the ratty extensions though.
    they’re so trashy looking.

  • Ashlee

    she was not at the help Haiti Now Telethon in Los Angeles, it just goes to show how selfish she is

  • lifesgood

    wow she’s so pretty<3 and he’s soo tall!! and he’s hot!
    wootoott lol good catch miley:) im glad shes really happy!!
    they deff make the hottest couple of 2010 by far and so far<3

  • hannah

    Thats not Starbucks. It doesn’t have the logo on it. :|

  • Lilian

    @Ashlee: and you are doing what exactly to help out?
    yeah i thought so.
    there are thousands of people helping already. Miley in case you didn’t know it promoting another charity.

  • nevie

    While I don’t think much of her acting and many of her life choices, it’s good to see her support a group like TWLOHA. And at least she’s one of the few celebrities to get an actual dog, not one of those teacup things you see actresses lugging around in their purses.

    And @ Reasonable Doubt: I think you mean “faux,” not “feaux.”

  • whut

    @Ashlee: I didn’t see you at the telethon, so why don’t you shut your effin mouth.

  • Samantha

    isn’t that coffee bean?
    Just looks like the same place Ashley Tisdale get’s her coffee..

  • Samantha

    @Ashlee: I agree with that too, she’s preventing people from suicide, who choose to try to kill themselves, which i mean, Isn’t good. But I mean she could have done both.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Excuse me? she has different organizations..she is not selfish..she donated $1 every ticket from her world tour to an organization..she is helping the should think before you call someone selfish….and who knows? maybe she donated money towards Haiti..not everyone was at the Telethon..
    I’m just saying..

    they look so adorable..but I think he should he is way better than Nick for her..I can’t wait for their movie to come out..the book was amazing..

  • carolin

    @Ashlee: um she was filming HM last night a girl posted pictures on twitter of miley when she meet her so shut up

  • carolin

    How does she keep landing these HAWT guys? lol she is one lucky bitch well she is pretty hot herself sooo…maybe thats why they make one heck of a couple :)

  • Mmmm

    I think that Liam is using Miley to be famous but who cares lol

  • Benjamin

    That is the exact same dog that Nick has, but I’m not trying to start Niley S***.

  • hulu

    he looks like scott speer. gross

  • stella

    wow :| does she want a bigger dog if she tried :) bahahh it looks so odd you normally see her carring little sofie in her handbag and then BANG mass dog (: im jealous :( she seems to get a new dog like every 2 seconds. ahaha :) :) i love miley

  • lifesgood

    hottest couple !!!
    they’re adorable together!!!
    she seems so happy when she’s around him:)
    LOVE HER<3

  • lifesgood

    totally agree with u lol!
    but don’t they seem really happy:) its like the cutest thing ever!

  • leanne

    burning my twloha shirt now

  • Casey

    for one they went to coffee bean not starbucks.

    2 thats most likely not her new puppy. she said that she just got a german shepard puppy and thats not a german shepard.

    and 3 the voting has already ended.

  • Casey

    ok i take #2 back. that is a german shepard. ive just never seen a white one before.

  • sds

    they look very cute and hot together.

    looks the like Miley grew up this summer

  • sweetiepie

    What are those stars doing with their dogs? It seems like every few months one has a new puppy. I mean miley must have already many dogs but i can’t believe she has enough free time to care.

  • Helena

    Doesn’t Nick J have that same dog? …

  • haley

    That dog is the cutest thing!

  • wow

    Liam is hot and miley is gorgeous they are one hot looking couple.

    I can’t believe liam is 6″4 he a basketball player basically.

    wow He is tall. I think he the tallest guy miley has ever dated. He is also very handsome.

    But who can blame liam miley is gorgeous who can resist her charm and smile.

  • same
  • paulc

    1) just because someone wasn’t on the telethon doesn’t mean they’re not helping out…

    2) this is yet another one of those “movie” romances where they’re just appearing in public together to generate buzz for the movie… they’ll have a big tearful well publicized “split” when the movie is showing in the theaters just to generate more hype for it… we’ve seen it all so many times before and yet websites like these still fall for it… but then again, these websites make money out of page hits from this junk anyway

  • honey

    I like Miley but not the clothes shes wearing in the pics…
    And Liam is really handsome.
    Looking forward to The Last Song, gonna be a great movie..i totally loved the book .

    But the best couple ever is Zanessa ;)

  • mimi

    Ashlee @ 11:33 pm on 01/23/2010 she was not at the help Haiti Now Telethon in Los Angeles, it just goes to show how selfish she.
    You need to do your research miley is getting in the help too. What are you talking about and she going to work for it as always.

  • nyny

    yess , i not starbucks, it The coffee beans, and her drinks has name Caramel Ice blended rlllyy delicous <3 . i love it <3

  • Ronnie

    Disney teen star Miley Cyrus gave a huge boost last night to Simon Cowell’s Haiti mercy project.
    She signed up for his charity single as the music mogul chased other big names to take part.

  • waschal

    Love her style :-) and the Dog is sooooooooooo cute

  • Carla

    Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re not.
    We will see it in a few months.

    I like Liam better than Justin. But it seems she got over her breakup with Gaston so soon. ¬¬

  • Megan

    JUSTJAREDJR!!! htey went to coffee bean…not starbucks…just saying….and aww miley and liam are really cute together=) im so happy for them<3

  • lol

    He is using her for fame & he is UGLY – not hot – just plain UGLY like a neanterthal – gross.

  • Michelle

    He kinda reminds me of Scott Speer (Ashley’s boy). They’re cute together and look happy and the puppy.. ADORABLE!

  • kali

    @Ashlee: UMMMMM…………Miley isn’t selfish she dinates 1 dollar frim every CD and Ticket sell she makes to the City of Hope. Yeah, helping to fight cancer, but shes selfish? Breakout sold over 1 million copies so that’s over 1 million dollars for City of Hope.

  • haley

    I dont like them together. He’s way to tall and not cute like Zanessa. Zac and Vanessa height are only few inches different but Miley and Liam is like 3 feet long the height difference and they’re not a cute couple in general. This is just for publicity of their new movie. This will be over around May 2010.

  • http://justjared cristol

    shes a pretty girl, but i have to say…im annoyed how she says in her interivews on the last song tht she more growned up now and stuff, and she thinks she can show tht by like trying to style her self edgier and grungier. i liked her style before if got too overthee toppp egdy and grungy. its too much. combat boots annndd rip jeans?
    but i still think shes extremely talented.

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