Jennifer Stone: Harriet Premieres NEXT MONTH!

Jennifer Stone: Harriet Premieres NEXT MONTH!

Jennifer Stone poses with costar pals Melinda Shankar and Alexander Conti in this new still from the upcoming Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars.

In the DCOM, willing to do whatever it takes to earn the coveted position, Harriet (Stone) competes against her arch nemesis, popular student Marion Hawthorne (Vanessa Morgan), in a month-long blog war to win her classmates support.‪

When Harriet’s father, movie producer Roger Welsch (Doug Murray), signs on to produce the sequel to the hottest teen-musical, “Spy High,” she knows her inside scoop will be a perfect opportunity to win over her classmates. Despite Harriet’s disdain for the movie and its star popular teen heartthrob, Skander Hill (Wesley Morgan), she embarks on a mission to spy on him and expose his true colors.

Harriet, with the help of best friends Sport and Janie (Conti, Shankar), manages to turn Skander’s every misstep into fodder for her postings. But when her blog entries begin to take on a life of their own, it’s up to Harriet to set the record straight before she unwittingly brings down her father’s film and Skander’s career.

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars premieres NEXT month, March 26 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 15+ stills inside…

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Photos: Steve Wilkie/Disney Channel
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  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    nopeee u have the wrong date it comes out march 26th not february 26th!

  • alicia

    i love jennifer!

  • none

    I Love Jennifer Stone and can’t wait to see the movie on March 26th at 8 p.m. est. I wish Jennifer was my girlfriend. She is so sexy and beautiful. Jennifer you are smoking hot.

  • Erica S.

    LOVE Her! :)

  • Lu

    Whoa. Even March seems really fast. Didn’t they film it after Camp Rock 2? Why hasn’t that come out yet? Nevertheless I can’t wait for this one. It looks really good.
    I think it’ll be interesting to see Melinda play something on Disney, especially since I’ve only really seen her character on Degrassi. And Alli is NOT Disney material at all.

  • Mileycyrusfan

    Shes sooo ugly and fat
    this movie looks retarded
    she looks like poop
    she thinks shes all cool just becuz she wear galsses well shes acutally really stupid
    even on wizards of waverly place on there said she was fat

  • mary

    Go Jen!! I’m so happy for her:)

  • none

    @Mileycyrusfan: You’re just a troll. Oh and you should learn to spell. The word is BECAUSE NOT BECUZZ! Jennifer Stone isn’t fat or stupid and by your own comments I would say go degrade someone else cause I have better things to do than listen to you troll. At least Jennifer Stone isn’t always on the front page news like Miley Cyrus.

  • none

    @Mileycyrusfan: Oh an I almost forgot. The correct spelling is YOU ARE not UR! You want to call me weird and you can’t even spell. What a loser you are. Get a life.

  • josephine m

    I think im gonna watch especially because Melinda is in it I love her but she shouldn’t be on disney they’ll suck the life out of you lol.

  • jessica

    that dark skinned girl is really really ugly.

  • Mileycyrusfan


    HAHAHA Thats very funny!!!!!!
    This movie looks sooo stupid and soo dumb!!!!!
    I should get a life?
    well she should loose some weight!
    and u should get a life cuz u you dont know wat pretty is!
    u problay think a dogs butt is HOT!

  • none

    @Mileycyrusfan: I’ve seen your posts before and all you do is attack anyone who isn’t Miley Cyrus. Jennifer Stone is goodlooking and isn’t fat. How do you know what the movie is? You haven’t even seen it so how can you call it stupid and dumb? You are either a little immature child, teen, or adult who just wants to attack a beautiful young lady. Grow up! If you don’t like Jennifer Stone STOP posting hate filled ignorant comments about her. Move on Mileycyrusfan. I do know what pretty is and you are not it. It’s people like you who should be ashamed of your behavior. You should get down on your knees and pray cause you have issues. Jennifer Stone has a great talent and is friends with Miley Cyrus so Mileycyrusfan go find someone else to degrade and molest cause your insults are lame.

  • kfc@chicks

    Hey you all i think this movie Harriett will be a blast, look at all the good looking Canadian stars from Ottawa and Toronto and Jennifer Stone of USA.

    The Miley fan i think you are just jealous go get a life or may be you should get an agent and start acting.

    This movie has some pretty girls and will be awesome, i hope they make more eposides. You have the best looking casts as i mention before like Jennifer Stone, Melinda Shankar, Vanessa Morgan, Alexander Conti just to name a few.

    Can;t wait for movie to air on March 26,2010

    Utah fan who love Degrassi.

  • Mileycyrusfan

    @none: @kfc@chicks:

    I mean yeah shes pretty but no glasses
    she doesnt look good with glasses
    but sorry…
    and @none … isnt it kinda weird how u said u wanna have kids with her? im not trying to be mean or anything but i just think its weird
    BUT I think she dresses cute but no on WOWP
    Just in real life ( im not trying to be mean) but im just saying she looks pretty without glasses

  • hugemlieyfan



    they’ll suck the life out of you!

    but congratulations on the role anyway! you deserved your big break from the latest buzz vannessa and the same thing to you melinda