Vanessa Hudgens is All Saints Stunning

Vanessa Hudgens is All Saints Stunning

Vanessa Hudgens glitters in gold on stage as she attends the 2010 ShoWest Awards ceremony held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on Thursday evening (March 18).

The 21-year-old actress looked breathtaking in an All Saints mini-dress and Sergio Rossi heels. Vanessa is the recipient of the Female Star of Tomorrow Award alongside costar Alex Pettyfer, who received the Male Star of Tomorrow Award.

Entertainment host Robin Leach tweeted from the gala, “Vanessa Hudgens said she didn’t really talk to boyfriend Zac Efron about winning ShoWest breakthrough star award which he won last year. [She also said] he did tell her to work on her acceptance speech though and she said she’s worked on it, worked on it & worked on it some more.”

25+ pics inside…

Vanessa & Alex at ShoWest 2010

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Credit: Juan Rico/FamePictures; Photos: Ryan Miller/David Becker/Ethan Miller/Getty, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • Jess!


  • kgg

    Girl looks gorgeous and I’m loving the dress! Work it, girl! You know you shine like the star you are.

  • rickii

    na na na DIVA

  • zanessafanforever

    soo pretty!

  • christy

    Vanessa looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning…Pls post more pics…

  • maisie

    OMG! she’s really beautiful!!!!!

    love the dress..!

  • znlover


  • http://yahoo lyn

    i love her.., xoxo…, keep up the good work.., i hope there will be a video.. i wanna watch it.., and i wanna hear her speech.., hahaha

  • Vanessa lover

    Beautiful and sexy she deserves it!

  • kami

    lovely girl and lovely dress.

  • Ashley

    Gorgeous! I’m sure her speech was great. I’m glad she’s finally getting recognition for her acting she deserves it.

  • me.

    i want pics of her & alexxxxx.
    (i just realised that most of my comments are pointless. lol)

  • abby

    Aww she looks stunning.

  • http://! fearless

    gorgeous dress, looks like the one she wore in the AMA’S .. alex and vanessa look good together

  • bfffflllll

    she looks amazing :) Can’t wait till we get more photos and maybe some interviews to (YN) Let’s hope yeah?
    @fearless not really just the colour, the one she wore at the AMA’s was tighter shorter and more plain then this one

  • -Pao

    WOW!! beautiful!! Gorgeous like always….

  • live in love kuuipo


  • http://deleted Van

    she doesent deseeRve she is jusT popular cuz of zaC efron she hasnt done anything by her xcpet for two albums and a movie which both floPPED !! flopd VAnessa!

  • http://google barbara

    @ Van, grow up!

  • lovezanessa

    she’s always stuning as usual !!!

  • yets

    i love this girl!!!

  • birdie

    She look AMAZING! Congrats again!

  • Jess!

    me too!

  • Shorty

    Wow she look gorgeous

  • xoxo

    Good for her!!! And for all the haters…if you’re gonna hate on her least know your facts!!!
    and whats with the weird comments about zac?? just seems odd but w/e
    Cant wait to see beastly and suckerpunch

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She definitely outshines the dress. :D Congrats to her again !!! So proud.

  • mykamicks

    No other DESERVING FEMALE YOUNG STAR except HER. That is the result of extreme hard work she had previously done. Nice not only her face & body is being recognized in Hollywood. Simply beacuse she is talented. SHOWEST made a wise choice. Bravo VANESSA HUDGENS… Keep on going.. Diligence will put you not only in Fame but an improve & mature artist in the future…

    For haters keep on coming back and criticize her, Your part of her growing & sucessful career she has right now..

  • nathalia

    I am proud of vanessa
    this is more stunning in this dress

  • Mae

    Whoa! She looks stunning! She truly deserved the award given to her.

  • emma

    They Only reason Zac and Her didn’t talk abour it is most likley because he dosne’t want to put presser on her to be the perfect girlfriend but in his eyes she already is

  • andrea

    please post more pictures!! she deserves it! i love V

  • samantha

    i love her!!!
    i hope see more pictures

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa looks so pretty!!

  • samantha
  • Vanessa lover

    @Van: The award She received wasn’t what she has done in the past in her career. They are recognizing the perfomance she did in beastly. That’s the point practically in every single award in Hollywood. They recognize what you did in a certain film or tv show, not what you’ve done on the past of your career or who you’re with. To ShoWest they think she deserves it. I don’t think your opion will make a deffernce to them. No offence to you.

  • gr8 gift

    she looks so HOT

  • dani

    congratulations ¡¡¡¡ you totally deserve it
    btw she has a natural glow on her smile

  • TAta

    OMG, she looks like a fairy from some magic country!!!! LOVE THE DRESS!!!

  • J

    U@Van: dude your stupid … Have you seen her other movie she is really talented and if u haven’t seen it then your blind… Critics pic who gets the award not who u are dating or how much popularity you have…

  • boji

    That’s my girl, Vanessa. Congrats! I totally agree that she is deserving of this award from what I’ve seen of her acting in Beastly. How she glitters in her dress! Just plain gorgeousness. And Alex, looking every bit as handsome, but I wished he’d shaven off that little beard of his.

  • Karen

    I love the dress and the length. Even though she has killer legs and the dress she wore at the luncheon earlier in the day looked nice on her, I’m not a real fan of that length. This one is “just right”.

  • http://google barbara

    @ Mykamicks, I agree with very thing you have said, and Vanessa I’m so proud of you and you look stunning, I love your dress and you sure have beautiful skin and legs to die for, and I loved your outfit for the lunchon also.I can’t wait to see her movies.

  • lovezanessa

    So amazing! Love Vanessa. She’s gorgeous!!! Vanessa & Alex are really cute couple on Beastly movie. I also like Mr Neil Patrick Harris & Mary-Kate Olsen. So happy! Can’t wait Beastly on July, 31st.

    Ps : I like a way Zac support Baby V. He’s always beside her on this Showest Awards. Love them so much. Wish seeing their picture together.^^

  • chloek

    LOVE! She looks amazing, a big congrats to her! The last pic of V and Alex reminds me a lot of our beloved Zanessa pics! Hopefully some pics of Zac and V will surface as well, if not im sure they are having fun in disguise somewhere!

  • Sizuka

    Vanessa, you’re so pretty…. so radiant… I wish you nothing but the best..

  • Saya

    she looks so AMAZING!!!

    her legs are ridiculous!!!!

  • honey

    She looks really pretty…and Alex is a Hottie too :)

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey


  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    And congratulation nobody deserve this award better than her.she overcome so much to be hear.she was the only reason i watch HSM(and corbin hottness too)and i propably will watch anything she is in and plus alex is hot so Beastly here i come.wish her al the best and the best promotion for this movie i love it already U GO GIRL

  • http://Justjaredjr Zulu-girl

    It is so UNFAIR why do South African always have to wait for ages for everthing that have vanessa on it Bandslam isnt out Beastly is coming out in october.but i adore vanessa Hudgens so much and that mean i wont protest thier decision.ijust have to learn how to b patience(no idea who to do it) WISH ME LUCKY.CONGRATZ BABYV U DESERVE IT GIRL