Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Viszlát Budapest

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Viszlát Budapest

Robert Pattinson leads girlfriend Kristen Stewart into Budapest Airport with their entourage on Sunday night (April 11).

Kristen, 20, who just recently celebrated her birthday, has been visiting Robert, 23, while he’s filming his new movie, Bel Ami in Hungary.

Robert has been most recently linked to Heavier Than Heaven, a biopic about late rocker Kurt Cobain. Jonathan Daniel, Courtney Love‘s manager, tells Spin that Robert‘s name hasn’t even been mentioned. We shall see!

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  • winona

    Too cute!

  • melissa


  • ayen

    awww.. love robert & Kristen.. team edward ftw

  • Michelle

    I LOVE THEM:)))))))))

  • Lucy

    and they’re just friends…right! ¬¬

  • @itsmehannaa

    they still going out? hahhahaha i’m so out of date ..

  • lo

    Very cute! Glad Kristen was able to sneak over there at least to get some time with her man. :) Haters to the left!

  • Amalie

    aww, i love them. <333

  • kate

    awww! im so glad she got to spend her 20th with her boyfriend!!

  • woo-hoo

    Yeah!!! Happy Birthday, Kristen. I love them!!! :-)

  • karla espinal

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viviana

    Awww Rosbten!! I can now die a happy woman!!!!!♥

  • @Dalvafernandes

    ownnnn so cute *0*

  • Charli

    my only question. JJJ has dropped the ‘rumored’ based on what statement by either party. None very likely because they haven’t made one. The only statements the two have ever made are friendship, very close but still friendship.

    And just like always, there’s no lovey dovey true love in any of the photos. they aren’t even walking side by side. No one has gotten a money shot of them kissing. and given that lots of guys and their female friends hold hands, that single detail means nothing against the massive lack of evidence.

    There is no reason for them to have not simply come out with the truth. No reason Summit would want them to not admit they are dating (and a few 100s of millions why they would want the ‘couple’ to admit it). They can’t use privacy cause they have none thanks to the hordes of obsessed fans that truly believe they are just like their characters. Which they are not.

    And for JJJ to make a statement of ‘fact’ that has no support is pushing what has been a good site into trashy tabloid land and disrespecting the very stars that give JJJ a reason to be. Shameful
    the truth. Thy are NOT OEdwardc and Bella.

  • JJ

    Awwwwww, soooo sweet – they’re really in love, I think they are in engaged. she spent her b-day with him. loves it.

  • cherry Jess

    Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Go ROBSTEN!

  • jashley

    OMFRK!!! *dead*

  • Dany

    I love them! I’m very happy for them, they look very cute together.

  • kate


    this isnt anything to do with twilight, he’s filming a completely seperate movie and she flew to freaking budapest to be with him on her birthday … she has plenty of friends in L.A she could have celebrated with but she went to him because it’s beyond obvious at this point that they are together. They don’t have to make any sort of statement, actions speak louder than words.

  • emma

    they are so cute. love them.

  • joy

    OMG!!!!! SO CUTE!!!

  • pame


  • h a v e n < 3

    yes ! finally pictures :)
    f – youu R|K Haters >:D
    lmfao ! justt kiddinnggg < maybe.
    & JJ DIDN’T put “Robert Pattinson and leads -rumored- girlfriend Kristen Stewart”

    x o [ h a v e n < 3 ) .

  • heather

    here’s a novel idea! maybe they don’t confirm anything with words because they like their privacy and don’t want attention like joe and demi … just sayin ..

  • rob+sten=ROBSTEN

    am i in HEAVEN coz i..i… fell like i am!

  • Chechu


  • Yesika

    Omg!!! RObsten

  • Emma

    Yay! Love them!

  • bahahaha

    charli, grab some bucket. tissue cant handle your tears. go robsten!

  • maka


    go Robsten

  • abby

    Sorry but there is no way they can now say their not dating. You almost never fly to the other side of the globe to visit a friend. Their SOOO dating. They seem like they’d go together.

  • lela

    LOL are you an idiot charli? This is not Eclipse promo LMAO. She flew IN FOR HER BIRTHDAY to be with him. That’s not what friends do. ROB HIMSELF said he never smiles for paps because he DOES NOT want to give him the shot. The Paris tarmac had them smiling b/c they didnt know paps were spying on them. Get a friggin clue.

  • Nate

    They look as if they’re both being put to this. They don’t look happy together.

  • peaches

    i totally agree with you Charli
    and i still think they are not dating..they’re just very close friends. you can be BFF with a guy also. His friend Tomstu apparently was with him last week. and when you have money you can flew on the other side of the world to go see your BFF.

  • aebabe

    Charli is in some major denial

  • meg

    why would she fly out to another country for just a friend – she has plenty of those in LA too. this pretty much confirms, to me, that they are something.

  • Annon

    charli get real will you be traveling around the globe on your 20th Birthday just to celebrate when her whole family is in Los Angeles. Robsten shippers are just sooooooo happy.

  • Roberta – BRAZIL

    meu coração com o video _/\__/\__/\__/\_

    Meu coração com as fotos….

    _/\__/\__/\__/\_/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\_______________________________________ (ploft)

  • Annon

    Charli give me a break will you be traveling around the globe just to celebrate your 20th Birthday when your family is in LA. Happy Robsten shippers. How sweeeeeet

  • demi

    nahhhh they not a good couple its like shes boring and dull and hes happy chap

  • demi

    nahhhh they not a good couple its like shes boring and dull and hes happy chap

  • SUE

    To Charli:

    You just wasted everyone’s time reading your uneducated drivel. You need to do research into videos and pics of these two to understand that they are very much in love. Their eyes and actions speak volumes. You would have to be blind not to see it…but then..maybe you are just jealous that Rob will never be yours. Friends do not travel halfway around the world especially since he was almost finished filming and heading home to London first than back to LA for Rob’s next film. Think about it. Also, not all pictures are allowed to be released. That’s why there are management teams. Eye witness accounts confirm they were holding hands. Rob and Kristen have now spent her last 3 birthdays together and looks like they will be making it 3 yrs for his too next month in LA. Hopefully they can stay on the downlow and not be bothered. Let them enjoy their time together in peace.

  • Boo


    abby you are SOOOOO stupid for falling for this pr bs AGAIN! Ever notice these “candid” shots only appear in the weeks leading up to their movie release? Hmmmm. Gullible twi-twit!

  • sussy

    poor robert and kristen they really dont have privacy.

  • raysa


  • Joan

    She went to Budapest to promote “The Runaways”

  • snick

    Charli, for goodness sake, of *course* they’re a couple. Puhleeze girl – must you keep swimming that infamous river in Egypt?

    Just wait until they move in together. Yikes, you’ll have one heck of a time spinning that one.

    BTW, for all the yammering about them being such “rebels”, they’re pretty conventional. Particularly Kristen.

    Leading man/leading lady fall for each other. One dumps long time bf who’s very much lower on the Hollywood food chain for the hot guy at the top of the chain.

    Happens all the time. Next will be the nesting phase.

    Charli – get with the program. Kristen’s very conventional. So’s Rob. The only thing that’s slightly weird is Kristen’s insistence that they not verbally confirm their relationship (I think Rob would rather just acknowledge the very, very obvious). Along with her sneering reference to not letting “the fiending” know what’s going on.

    But then again, the paps have already confirmed things for the hated “fiending” with photographs.

  • elista

    a happy robsten day today….:)

  • Joan

    They don’t have to say anything. Action speaks better than words.

  • Pat h.

    Are they dating anyone else??? They are two healthy young people and by this time I think you would have seen them with someone else, don’t you?? You don’t, because they ARE TOGETHER! Just because they don’t kiss in public, please!! Lot’s of people don’t! It’s their business! But get over the fact that they ARE TOGETHER! Good luck to them!