Demi Lovato: A Little Bit of Romance...

Demi Lovato: A Little Bit of Romance...

Demi Lovato pulls her jet black hair to one side of her face as she heads back to her car in Studio City, Calif., on Monday afternoon (May 10).

The 17-year-old Sonny starlet stopped by the Romance Nail Spa to get a fresh manicure.

Don’t forget to catch Demi on an all-new Grey’s Anatomy THIS Thursday where she plays a potentially schizophrenic patient named Hayley.

Also check out a new promo for the upcoming Jonas Brothers/Demi/Camp Rock 2 Tour below!

“Jonas Brothers World Tour Promo”
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Photos: National Photo Group
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  • S

    What she got her nails painted black again? She thinks shes goth and shes not.

  • ♫rosie♫

    love her but the pants make her look short and fat for some reason oh and i cant wait to see the concert!

  • ♫rosie♫

    @S: that dosent make her look goth at least she isnt in all black with really wihte makeup like usual

  • jesse

    uhm @S you can clearly see her nailpolish on her fingers is white and in her feet is red. LIKE really, just because the nail polish is black it means trying hard to be goth? better get your facts straight.

    ps. if you hate demi why bother going to articles related to her.

  • jesse

    oh and since she started dating joe she doesnt wear alot of make-up anymore,, she doesnt paint her fingers black anymore, she wears different colors of clothes now. and she’s tan/

  • Anne

    @S: Where do u see the black polish!!??? God! and I use black polish! and guess what! I’m not gothic ;)

  • Bethany


  • Sam

    Did she pack on a little weight or something? Or is it just her clothes that are unflattering. She does not look good here. ):

  • Anne

    She’s wearing that ring again! like all the days!! definetely that’s the ring joe gave her! so cute :)

  • patty

    Wow, she’s ugly now. Even the JOnas Brothers lost their look. Demi and the Jobros were hot back in 2008. What happened?

  • Idkk

    I Always Mizz her Brown hair with bangs …. She’s look so cute with that style …. But I still Love her though

  • Diana



    I love her so much!! can´t wait for greys anatomy ep
    the sneak speak was really good

  • S

    Aww poor Demi she looks so sad without Joe. I bet hes happy that shes not hanging all over him. She needs to stop using JB for publicity and find some real talent lmao like that will ever happen.

  • fghng

    demi is not fat. she awesome. love her. shes probably the only disney star that can sing besides selena. and i like miley new song.

  • haley

    gag! Girlfriend’s look huge with those pants!

  • Bethany


    She is ugly, but the boys are as hot as ever

  • chris

    I love the Jonas Brothers but I just don’t like Demi.

  • Meagan

    The Jonas Brothers are ok. I don’t love them as much as I used to. But I hate how Demi is always tagging along with them. I know she’s dating Joe and they all star in a movie together. But everytime I see them , I see her. It’s getting kinda annoying.

  • KimKim

    WHOA! Her thighs almost look like Kelly Clarkson’s in those photos.

  • Bethany


    ITA Meagan. We hardly saw any pictures of Dani in the first 1&1/2 years they were dating and no red carpet walks til they were married. Jemi is everywhere only 2 months into dating. Its annoying

  • jesse

    HATERS YOU NEED TO SHUT UP. if you want to get annoyed by it get annoyed, but there’s nothing you can do about it. it’s joe’s decision for demi to tag along to them. dont hate demi just because she’s with joe or she’s with the jonas brothers. you’re just jealous cause u want to be in the same position that demi is right now. low people.

  • jesse

    @S i know you’re one of those ppl on twitter who are saying mean things about demi maybe even giving death threats. oh i know i think you’re also in oceanup with your anti demi or anti jemi army. if you dont like demi why bother comment here? remember it’s a DEMI POST, and you hate demi. god. and demi is not using the jonas brothers for publicity. they’re just always together because they have the same managers. do u think the jonas brothers will not be aware if demi’s just using them. they”re smart people to know who they want to hang-out or not..

    ps. lke demi said haters will always hate, but they are strong. so hate until you want, demi doesn’t care even if you write 1 million things why you hate her :P

  • jesse

    just jared your site is turning to oceanup cause of the hate comments.just saying .

  • joejonaslover

    @patty seriously?open ur eyes…jobros are WAAAY hotter now ok?
    and SO IS DEMI
    @jesse agreed:)

  • http://none Nay o

    where’s joe??? is he still in texas?? someone??

    btw demi looks cute here, i like it that she accepts her favorite color is black but doesn’t wear it on her entire body like she used to 3/4 months ago.

  • haley

    sorry, Selena’s way prettier. Always been since the days of Barneys. Selena’s the pretty, skinny and talented one. Demi’s quite the opposite.

  • Belle

    I’m looking forward to see her in Grey’s Anatomy.I saw a little bit of sneak peek of her on the show and I must say I’m impressed.

  • tia

    she’s so beautiful !!! i love her !!!

  • lovedemi

    shes gorgeous!!!!
    haters: go out !!!!

  • liliii

    i love demi!!!!
    she’s beautiful!! shes not fat !!!!!
    haters you need to shut up!!!!

  • nati

    haters shup up!!!!
    demi is amazing !!!!!

  • don’tdare


    HEY! Don’t bring Selena is that!
    Sel Miley & Demi are 3 different girls!
    Of course Selena is skinnier and a way better actress but Demi is a better singer! But this is about Demi okay?

    To This Post : Sometimes she looks pretty but just with make-up! MY OPINION!
    Now she’s looking awful & kinda fat :S
    Sorry but…..

  • demiisthebest

    Demi haters should SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    and why wouldnt you care and comment here if you hate her!!!
    I hate how some people hate her just because she’s joe’s girlfriend
    Demi looks AWESOME As ALWAYS!

  • Lion2

    I think Demi is a young girl who is living her dream. Why writing negativ things about people? If you don’t like her or hate her, ask yourself why. A normal human being would never hate or say something bad about another. She is in love and she is following her dream, try to do that too, than maybe you will see that she is working hard. She is a lion and she can do without the Jonas, believe me!!! But for now they like working together, they are both stars. Let’s send them a lot of love in our prayers.

    Kisses from a lion from the Netherlands (sorry for the grammatica)

  • sammy

    Demi herself said that when joining disney she had to get a makeover to fit the mold wich ment dying her hair light ight brown changing the way she dressed and toning down her lyrics when writing her songs that’s why she teamed up with the jobros on her first album

  • Tiffany

    I didn’t even know she was on grays!!!!!!!!! I will have to tivo it tonight. Thanks for hte information. Get all of Demi’s clothes here

  • http://J Chelsea

    Fat cow

  • Hahaha ;)

    For christs sake I stopped going on Oceanup because of these hate comments. JUST F**K OFF. >:(
    @Chelsea Stop hating ffs, and of course you super thin :| Bet your just a ugly troll (I mean by hate comments but still, the other way as well ;)

  • Britini95


    Yeah! And Demi is definately the most talented Disney star! She really isn’t fat at all. Looking at this comments I don’t get too upset, I see how the public school system and reality T.V is stupifying this generation. So its not your fault that you’re all jealous haters with nothing better to do with yourselves!

  • Britini95

    Don’t hate Demi cuz she’s the best! AND IF YOU HATE HER, THAN WHY DO YOU READ ABOUT HER!?!!?!?!!!

  • Belle

    Here is the sneak peak of her on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • candyshop

    demi and the best??? hahahahahaha
    acting – Selena
    singing – yeah okay Demi
    but overall Selena is the best!

  • Jon

    She’s got the voice and now she’s got the huge thighs. Wow, she really is Kelly Clarkson 2.0.

  • ALEX

    I don’t really like her /:


    I bet all the haters on here have really sad, empty lives. why else would you insult someone you don’t even know over the internet? get a life.

  • http://kik Qwonique

    arrrrr you look so gdgd

  • lOL

    Yikes, look at those hips! She looks like she just gave birth. D:

  • A.M./p.m.

    Gosh she’s ugly

  • joejonaslover