Camp Rock 2: It's On Music Video!

Camp Rock 2: It's On Music Video!

It’s here!

Demi Lovato and Matthew MDot Finley go head to head in the brand-new video for “It’s On” from Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

Kevin Jonas told MTV recently about the video, “The video is a really cool concept. It takes on the aspect of the music and just the intensity, the high energy of what the song is. … What’s cool is just the passion of all the people who are singing.”

Be sure to catch Demi and the Jonas Brothers on GMA this coming Tuesday, May 18th!

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam – “It’s On” Official Music Video
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  • Minh

    AMAZING! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • victoria

    ahhhh im excited :)

  • Carla

    OMG! Can’t waiit. this is awesome!

  • regrets101



    Can´t wai for the movie
    i´m really impressed with 4mdot

  • Diana

    The song is really catche i love it , they all are so talented the movie looks amazing, love Demi <3

  • marimadness

    love it even though i cant see it. I love it and cant wait but it seems high school musicalish to me. Was happened to originality. Its hsm all over again. Hope this movie dont disappoint and i end up liking the first one only. No im not a hater of anybody. I just hope it doesnt lose originality and becomes high school musical. Love camp rock 4ever! Peace!

  • Deen

    soo cool. They are amaziing!

  • demijackie

    I love it. I was on twitter when you announced I love it and Can’t wait for the new movie.

  • jessica

    joe looks so hot in that music vid. he should have kept his hair like that.

  • T_JBMileydemi

    I CAN’T WATCH IT any other link??? please please please!!!!!!

  • mary

    I love Joe and Demi

    I want Miley/Demi concert together

  • stephany

    not a hater of anyone on here
    or anything cause i loved the first camp rock but
    it needs to stop thinking its hsm
    because hsm was so much better
    and um zac efron can actually act so yeha
    joe has a few cute moments with demi but he cant pull it off that well everything else

  • anonymous

    CAMP LAME will do nothing for the Jonas Bros career Joe and Kevin are grown men in a stupid Disney movie and tour. Love the Jonas Bros just want to see them in something that shows their talents not makes them a joke in the music industry.

  • Britt

    I didn’t like the first camp rock. But I did say that I would give the second on a chance. The first song release looked like a representation of HSM’s “Stick To The Status Quo” and I didn’t like the song. As for “It’s On”, I really like the beat and I think the song is really catchy, although, I think where disney messed up with this song number was with the choreography..some of the moves were great, while others (like the “make a wave” hand motions, the “sha la la la la la” movements in a circle and some other moves) made it cheesy. But I really do like the song, the vocals by the cast is fabulous! :)


    Is Tess that girl with the flat hair and now is she in camp star it looks like

  • Gaby

    Its great that they are putting out movie clips and music videos but with the movie coming out in September how many extras can you put out before you basically give away the whole movie? They should just push up the release date.

  • Katie

    wow, i can’t wait for this movie!!! dare i say it, i think this one will be better than the first. @Gaby i agree, they can only put out so much before they give it all away, they should push up the release date. September is way to far!!

  • anonymous

    By September most people will be so sick of Camp Rock and Jemi – yes move up the date so its OVER!!! The first one was OK but most original Jonas fans still love the guys and their music but are now too old for Disney.

  • Ella

    What I’m excited about is Joe & Demi’s new duet song!! :)

  • hmmm..

    I don’t like the lyrics of It’s on and Can’t back down. No offense it’s like they’re just saying words. but still i’m a huge fan :)

  • jan4ik

    can’t see it. :/

  • karla

    i cant see it =(

  • Zyphora

    The music video was pretty cool, although some of the dance moves I could do with out. I look forward to the new movie, wasn’t as impressed with the first. I think all the casts are talented. Bravo. Just as a side note thought I would like to say that Kevin Jonas looked absolutely GORGEOUS in this music video. I think I have watched it three times just to see him in that hat playing his guitar (And I am 24 years old!). Missed Nick though, you don’t really see him as much, but he did great on the drums.

  • BrooklynIBABI

    Mdot whatever the hell his name is is mad sexi

  • mina321

    dont like the song… but loved the video…jonas brothers looked great so did alyson stoner

  • hmmm..

    The lyrics is LAME

  • Abigail

    a mi me encanto camp rock y espero que camp rock 2 este mejor

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    this is exactly the same as that one song in high school musical two.

  • katlyn

    hey i love this song i cant wait for the movie camp rock 2 to come out cant wait



  • Danica

    I’m not as stoked for this movie as I was for the first Camp Rock movie, but I’ll be watching to see how it goes. I’m mostly looking forward to the Jemi duet and the kiss.

    Although, JB, Demi, and Alyson looked good in this video, that’s all I can say.

  • coda

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE CAM ROCK 2 THE FINAL JAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL FANS F CAMP ROCK THIS MOVIE IS GOING ROCK I BET YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ana beatriz

    eu adoro camp rockkkkk!!!!!!

  • Camp rock 2 lover


    Ya Tess joined camp star. and yes she is the one with blond hair is Tess. Sorry to say I don’t know what you mean by flat. but in a way I do.
    I can’t wait to seeeeee the Camp Rock 2. The final JAM!!!! or what ever it seems like the best!!!!!! I read that there’s a love mix in the moive too!!! I just can’t wait!!! IReally want to know what the songs are!

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  • http://windowslive Lucero

    i love this song i can’t wait until the movie comes out

  • brenda

    hola!!!!! esta re buena cam rock 2 los re quiero a los jonas y a demi lovato bueno BESITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • michelle

    i love you joe jonas

    you guys are the best in the world

  • http://boomabj bobbie-lee fitzsimmons

    hello camp rock2 see you like looks

  • monica

    i love demi and nick plus joe rocks

  • monica

    i love joe and demi mdot is so sexy plus joe is cute