Greyson Chance Lands Record Deal!

Greyson Chance Lands Record Deal!

Have you heard of Greyson Chance?

At just 12-years-old, the piano-playing sixth grader has attracted nearly 14 million views on YouTube with his rendition of Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi.”

Greyson just signed a record deal with Interscope Records. CrazedHits reports that “Interscope [chairman] Jimmy Iovine closed the deal before any other label could even step in and meet the kid.”

Check out his cover below and tell us what you think of Greyson!

Greyson Chance Covers Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”
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  • CAtherine

    YES!! i knew he could do it :D

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    almost 15MILLION views!!!!!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    much better than justin bieber!

  • amy

    good for him!
    i hope they don’t over exploit him like they do wit that bieber kid.

  • Rachel

    Yayy! ::DDDD

  • Sarah

    So happy for him!

  • monika

    The kid is absolutely amazing!

  • :P

    SO AdORAblE xD

    BUt iLOve JUstin Bieber :)

  • http://@meggermegz Vanessa lover

    Saw him on Ellen. Good for him; Good Luck

  • Roman

    It was so clever of InterScope, and I second the fears and hope they don’t make bad use of the privilege.
    Greyson has an absolutely amazing Gift, these kinds of prodigious children are born once in a thousand years, and only a fraction of the lucky ones gets so lucky to get recognized.

    And a note to those fearing Justin Bieber can get overshadowed. I doubt this will happen. I admit Greyson’s talent is beyond comprehension, I think Justin is a pure r’n'b heartthrob, while Greyson will be speaking to different fans with his heart open wide, so these both gentlemen will exist safely in their own realms, like for example Justin Timberlake and Enrique Iglesias.

    BTW, listen for his own-penned “Stars” song, doesn’t it just make you cry? He is amazing singer and writer too.

    Greyson, your gift be blessed! Make best use of your talents!

  • camille


  • Kellykellz

    Wooohooo! He is an amazing kid. He deserves it!

  • jenny

    good for him… in just under a week so much has happened to him I really do hope he works hard and finds time to enjoy himself… and oh yes i hope he doesnt get over hyped

  • green bay

    He will be bigger than justin bieber! THANK GOD! justin is so annoying… and this kid has a DEEPER voice than that bieber kid and hes only 12 while justin is freakin 16!!
    thank you lord

  • jessica

    wow it seems like anyone can get famous these days.

  • shani

    aww mann! crazi! i was just watching his videos.. then come on twitter and i seeee this.. im so happy for him! and hes trending on twitter nowwww… bieber gots some competition. lol


  • lulu

    he’s not better than justin bieber, because they’re both sooo different. i am and will always be a justin fan, but this kid has got talent, they’re both different- justin’s got a bit of rnb, and greyson is more pop. justin won’t be overshadowed x x x

  • bugs


  • Roman


    Believe me, not every one, really. I can post like 30 videos of me signing (yes I do some singing myself) yet I would hardly get recognized by 14 million views within 17 days or so. (I could get 14 million tweets with “please shut up” though) LOL

    And I agree Greyson’s voice is special, it actually does sound suprisingly deeper yet he can swirl it up to pretty extreme highs or whatever the word. Gorgeous. Love how he can work with his voice.

    What happens now? This will prove how faithful Justin’s fans are cos they will either stick with Justin, join Greyson or, come over to Greyson and abandon Justin. Hopefully the latter is not the case.

    Im crosing fingres for both.,

  • hanni

    I LOVE YOU GREYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    *not, just imitating the future fangirls*

  • bethannny

    i am so happy for this boy!he deserves it!

  • C.K

    Honestly, Justin and Greyson are both so good. Doesn’t really matter who are more talented than the other. They are both inspirations to the others. Justin started, Greyson is next and I am sure we will see many
    more new talented kids and teens. The world is coming to a new better start…


  • Jose

    Visit a new fansite about Greyson Chance!!

  • Beiza

    It just goes to show the power of the internet, he really is truly talented.

  • shiko

    man he’s talented!!!
    i wish i cud be him !!! :D

  • ruby

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! i just this video last week and was thinking he should go on ellen and what do i see in the next few days??? hes on ellen!!!!!
    and now hes signed on to a record deal??!!! wtf!!!!!!
    that was fast!!!!!!!!! but anyways the first time i heard him i was like damn hes so freakin good he even sounded a little bit like lady gaga..
    i wish him the best of luck to him and hope that he likes the attention hes gonna get

  • c.k

    THANK YOU FOR NOT POSTING MY MESSAGE………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • nathalia


  • http://j chelsea

    @jessica: my thoughts exactly

  • bonjour

    i think that hes going to go farther than justin beiber!! (: I love greyson!

  • bububu

    this kid is so much better than justin bieber and jonas brothers together.

  • MC

    this kid is so talented! for being 12 years and in sixth grade this kid is amazing! i have never heard a voice like that at that age!

  • quirkyxoxo

    YayyyYYY!!! Greyson’s got SERIOUS vocal ability!! I can’t wait to buy his albums!! I’m so happy and excited for him. XD Best of luck Greyson and thanks for following me on twitter! :)

  • G.G.

    YES YES YES. I am so so SO happy for him.
    He really deserves this.
    Especially with a voice like his. : D

  • It’s great that its with Interscope because Lady Gaga is signed with them so if he has her persmission to cover it, then it will be a lot easier to get his cover of Paparazzi on his album then if he was signed to another label.

    Ps. Congrats to him =]

  • kathy


  • Sarah

    grayson is such a great singer he has way more talented than justin bieber he’s going to be bigger than justin!

  • swiftfan


  • Leigh

    Wow, I haven’t stopped watching his videos in days. I’m so happy for him. He is mad talented. He’s just the most adorable kid, too. Great for him. I’m happy to see someone who seems like a good kid do well. I was wondering if someone would sign him but Wow, that was quick! I guess when they saw those girls in the background of his 6th grade talent show, they saw dollar signs! And I can’t believe some people’s comments that the girls in the background “looked bored”… I was once a 12 year old girl and I could tell their expressions were of shock, disbelief, OMG, etc. If you watched them closely, they did not take their eyes off of Greyson, some of them had their mouths gapping open most of the time, some of them started off with their head propped in their hand, and then gradually they just ended up with their hand over their mouth like what they heck, this kid is amazing!, if they did take their gaze off of Greyson, it was to look at everyone else to see if they were seeing how incredible this was too… and then they would look back and then again at each other like, is that voice really coming out of that cute little kid!

  • lauren plus justin=LOVE

    he’s great. but i personally like justin bieber more, his music is better to me, and i think his songs are more catchy!

  • Janet

    Wow.. he’s just really lucky.

  • vanessa

    oh look a mini justin bieber. he is more talented thoo- this greyson kidd.

  • http://megcheung MEghan

    OMG!!! he is amazing, i love his song Stars.
    He is soooo much better than Justin, no offence since he’s canadian and so am i and all but Greyson is amazing!

  • Julia

    he’s gonna be great.
    his inspiration is lady gaga.
    he’s gonna be so different than every other kid in the business.
    i can’t wait to hear his cd.!

  • jack

    This kid probably landed the biggest signing bonus ever. haha amazingly talented, can’t wait to buy the album.

  • Christine

    not really…its just that the people who DO get famous and make it out there are REALLYREALLY talented, Greyson for one.

    I’d like to see you try to be famous, because I know no matter how hard I try, I’ll never land a record deal or get a part in a movie.

    Oh and congrats Greyson! You’re going to do great! :D

    And can people stop comparing him to Justin, they have completely different musical styles and I bet completely different career paths-just because they both started out on youtube doesn’t make one any less talented than the other. For those fangirls who were fans of Justin then suddenly follow Greyson, they were never really fans of Justin in the first place.

  • LeaveIt2bieber_

    he is not better than justin he is not good justin will always be on top!

  • Michelle

    OMG! this kid, is much more talented then Justin Bieber. Greyson deff has a carrier qoin, he does thinqs his own way and he doesnt have ppl sittin there tellin him wich note to hit or sinq. he will deffinatly be a hit(:

  • Anika

    YEAH! I LOVE GREYSON! He’s the most talented kid I have ever heard so far :). For me he is better than BIEBER! BIEBER SUCKS!

  • angie

    He’s better then Bieber. Good Job. <3