Justin Bieber is a Comet Cutie

Justin Bieber is a Comet Cutie

Justin Bieber dances it out on stage as he performs at the VIVA Comet 2010 Awards held at Koenig-Pilsener-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany on Friday night (May 21).

After the award show, the 16-year-old musician headed up to Bangor, Wales to perform at Radio 1′s Big Weekend on Saturday (May 22).

A lot of you spotted Justin‘s seagull tattoo while he was playing some football on the beach a few weeks back and MTV got the scoop on it’s special meaning.

Brian Byrne, the co-owner of the Son of a Gun Tattoo and Barbershop where Justin got the tattoo back in March dished, “From what I can gather, I guess a bunch of people in his family actually have that same tattoo, his dad included.”

10+ pics inside of Justin Bieber

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Credit: GF, Samir Hussein, Stefan Menne; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, Getty
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  • justine

    16 yr old with a tatoo?? How STUPID is that!… even if it is meaning.. at least wait till your old enough!

  • anonymous

    he denied that he has a tattoo. i heard him say it yesterday. and his voice was totally messed up at comet.

  • Sketch

    Especially when he has the body of a 7 year old. He seriously needs to get a flipping new hair style. >__<

  • green bay

    @Sketch: yah i know, and why is everyone like his hair is amazing! zac efron had the same hair style and zac cut it and now he looks much older and sexier.
    This kid is just soo idk, creepy and lame haha

  • lulu

    look, if u all hate justin, don’t post here! i love him, but i don’t think he was old enough to get a tattoo, but thats up 2 him and his parents.

    and so what if people like his hair? thats their opinion, leave the poor kid alone! x x x

  • jessica

    @justine: wow im laughing so hard right now. calm the fuck down. its his life and his body. if he wants to get a tattoo then he can. so stop overreacting. and anyways he looks so damn cute in those pics.

  • beatrice

    he’s so hot :) and i like his tattoo

  • http://twitter.com/chalinabrucker chalina

    aweee I met him backstage! (:

  • tutti

    omg~he looks stunnin all the time~~<3~~
    his voice s changing ~ worry~a litte

  • diana

    your people are just mad cause ur not hot like him and none wants to go out with u
    he’s sooooooooooooooooo hot =)

  • Liljj123

    He will regret the tattoo sooooo much in 10-20 years. He is just such a….. Creeper or something. The tat probably isn’t even real. He is wayyyyyy to much of a wuss

  • Liljj123

    Ohhhhhh…. And he things he can dance byt he can’t…. And he thinks he is from the ghetto when he is from Canada. Seriously he thinks he is black or something. And when his voice changes completely his career is over and Greyson Michael Chance will take his place as the teeny-bobber heartthrob

  • katiebellxxx

    omg me and my mate really really reallllyy love him he is the best why do people have to hate on him x

  • http://www.twitter.com/selinalunn selina

    @justine: what are you o0n about you the one thats lame you stupid freak and its his body he can do what he wonts with it. tbh ur just jealous of him because hes got everything he wants!!!! :)

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  • s9s9

    justin birber iz ugley an stupid but i luv hiz music

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