Miley Cyrus To Perform on Britain's Got Talent!

Miley Cyrus To Perform on Britain's Got Talent!

Miley Cyrus shows off her sexy side as she arrives at London’s Fountain Studios on Thursday morning (June 3).

The 17-year-old singer will be performing her new hit song, “Can’t Be Tamed,” on TONIGHT’s fourth semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent. Stay tuned for a video and check out Pixie Lott‘s performance too!

In case you missed it, check out Miley‘s interview on Radio 1 with Fearne Cotton.

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Credit: Parshotam, Ringo; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jenny

    I cannot wait until this is one normally when miley performs in the US i cant watch it live but since shes performing her I will see it live and its a great show for her to promote her single…aaah im so glad Just Jared Jr this on twitter

  • Ann

    She’s wearing different shoes!! *applauds*

  • rosie

    what the heck is she wearing you see one cup of her bra and the skirt shows she has stick legs ………..she was doing so good but here she goes again revealing things and trying to be sexy

  • rosie

    @Ann: and no they are the same ones but at a diffrent angle

  • Melanie

    I am so excited to see this performance!

  • leticia

    So pretty

  • Taya

    beautiful, i love her

  • kat

    Yay ahe finally gunna perform while in london and it being live. Thoese contansts are so lucky they gunna meet her!!!!!!

    I am so proud to be English!

  • emma

    Miley is amazing .. I do not like to see her bra it is not sexy

  • Shell

    Completely ironic considering she has no talent.

  • leticia

    ahh shell if your referring to Miley you must be a lttle slow since Miley has the most talent out of a the Disney stars.

  • leticia

    I have yet too see one other Disney star who can sing act perform sell records etc perfectly as Miley does.

  • roach


    haha x) so true.

  • roach

    it is embarrassing how hard she tries to dress sexy and look like lady gaga or someone interesting!

    she will never look cool with that ridiculous muppet face, jaysus!

  • hiha

    American girls are so not refined! That’s what I’ve noticed. You can easily recognize them if you live in countries like France or Great Britain. They don’t dress/behave appropriately

  • cassidy

    Shut up. Miley does have talent. Get a life.

  • Britini95


    I do agree that Miley is a good singer, but definately not Disney’s best. Demi has better vocals and Selena is a better actress. Miley is just the most famous, which doesn’t mean she has the most talent. She a good comedic actress, but her in the Last Song was kinda painful :/ Either way, I want to see her perform! Since I live in America I probably have to wait until someone puts it on youtube. And I agree with Emma, I love Miley but she’s trying to hard to be sexy. You CAN be sdxy without flashing your bra and too much skin.

  • leticia

    Wel britini95 Mileys got a way more unique voice than Demi. Its different from anyother singer thats why she is that successful. And her acting is actually quite well for someone who never took lessons before. Selenas been acting her whole life Mileys been singing her whole life. Miley is also easily the best performer and songwriter out of them all. Miley just has the star pwoer the others do not there truly is no argument.

  • Britini95


    Rude! You shouldn’t base all Americans on how celebrities from here dress. That would be like saying all people in Great Britain don’t like to wash thier hair because Robert Pattinson is known for his dirty hair! And isn’t France known for its lingerie, minaji trois’s and nudity on television? Don’t jugded us all based on a few famous people! And I spelled sexy and with a d insted of an e,oh typos.

  • leticia

    @Britini95: and I was referring to Miley being able to do it all very well SInging acting performing live. Demi can just sing Selena can just act Miley can do all 3.

  • Britini95


    Not trying to argue with you, because you are very much entitled to your opinion, but Miley’s “star power” is her controversies. I love her too, but she isn’t this great deity. Demi a pretty amazing songwriter and performer too. And you have to remeber, Miley didn’t take any part of the writing in her two biggest hits (the Climb and Party in the U.S.A) But you have a point, Miley has never taken acting or vocal lessons, that has to count for something!!

  • leticia

    @Britini95: Miley was #1 before any controversy and no you cannot argue that Demi is abetter performer than Miley that is completely untrue. Mileys performances are actually amazing.and Mileys voice is definitely more unique people want originality and thats what Miley brings. Demi sounds like many other emo punk singers.And you have to admit Mileys songs are better than Demi.

  • bailey

    oh pleasee give me a break that miley has never had singing/.acting lesson, she must have cuz from where she started to where she is now, big improvement, i just say miley is average and yeah commercial, but demi signs better and selena can act better and not the worst singer her songs are catchy.

  • anon

    @leticia: emily osment and demi lovato can do all of those things u just mentioned

  • annie

    ok, why the heck does she ALWAYS have to show us her bra? I mean, every girl/women wears a bra, we know what it looks like -.-

  • GossipGirl

    @Britini95: WRONG. Miley didn’t gain 5 #1 Albums through controversy. She got it through her fans. Controversies do nothing but give MC more hate . Miley also had a hit called “7 Things” which she wrote and it went to #1 on the Billboards.

  • swiftfan

    I want the see the performance

  • London Lemming

    The performance has literally JUST aired in the UK. JJR I would start checking Youtube for vids!

  • bernie

    whats the point of the shirt. just wear the bra and the shorts lol do u c the second pic.
    i really dont even know wat to say
    but u can b sexy without having a low cut top or really short shorts or thigh high hooker boots.
    i know all miley fans are gonna just bash me for this but i really dont care. like megan fox said, i have a mouth and im not afraid to use it!

  • rachel


  • bernie

    lmfaoo thats wat i was thinking too. i am tired oft hose other ones. they r cute but dont go with every outfit

  • bernie

    out of the disney stars…… just the disney stars.
    she has a lot of work to do on her vocals and acting

  • wow


    Not all American girls are like Miley with her bra always hanging out or like Lindsey Lohan always falling out of clubs drunk.

    Many American Girls are more like Taylor Swift, or Hillary Duff – more ladylike in dress and behaviour.

  • Babyee_X


    Like Yhu I Do Think Miley Is Good But These Days She Is Dressing Too Sexy I Mean The Bra Flashing Come On !
    I Know She’s Growing Up But Children Look Up To Her And Some Will Probably Start To Copy Her And That Could Be A Problem.

    Anyway Like The Song But Don’t Really Like The Dressing

  • Sketch

    More unique? Hahaha. If you like the sound of a goat having a pee, then yes. Demi is without a doubt the better singer out of the two. Miley is a better performer? What is she? A flipping clown? Plus, she totally isnt. Demi is a much better dancer, can sing, act, write good lyrics, and is STILL true to herself. I applaud Miley’s success, considering her lack of talent, but thats as far as admiring her gets. Please do not compare the two girls, it’s a totally unfair comparison for Ms Miley Cyrus, especially when she certainly isnt the same league vocally.

  • zara


    miley had NEVER a #1 song ;)

    Miley & Selena have a unique voice Demi doesn’t!
    But Demi is the best!

    BUT Sel & Miles just need more practise n all ;)

    Selena will have her SMASH HIT just watch out ‘Round & Round’ will be it ;)

  • Cindy

    does she like to show off her bra..o.O..its gross!

  • Caroline Bryant

    you should take vocal lessons if there is a need for you to sound like Taylor Swift or Josh Groban ~”"

>>>>>>> staging1