Miley Cyrus is Sake Sweet

Miley Cyrus is Sake Sweet

Miley Cyrus brushes her hair back from her face as she heads back to her hotel in London on Friday evening (June 4).

Wearing a patterned, see-through top, the 17-year-old actress and her PR team dined at Sake no Hana in Mayfair.

In case you missed it, Miley put the rumor mills to rest late last night telling everyone that she and beau Liam Hemsworth are definitely still together. YAY!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s top?

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Credit: Tony Clarke; Photos: WENN
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  • menna

    why does she insist on causing and uproar and provoking people? even though she didn’t really kiss the girl on stage, people were upset…..and now this??? she can do whatever she wants but know that everyone is watching.

  • sandy

    hate the top? This chick wants the hate, doesn’t she? This is why im not that much of a fan anymore. she’s doing this crap on purpose just to make people get mad!

  • emmy

    You know, usually when she wears a low cut top or something that looks sheer due to the camera’s flash, I give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t mean to show off her bra, but there really is no defending wearing a see-through top like that. And you can’t even defend her by saying other girls her age wear that stuff or that it’s “normal.” Simply put, if you’re wearing something like that, you’re purposely attracting attention your way.

  • lyss

    Love it!

  • youandme

    she’s so hot.

  • shalala

    what happened to having a christian family to keep her grounded ’cause i sure as hell know that my christian parents would never let me go out wearing that. But regardless of the fact that she is wearing something see through like that, it’s still tacky and ugly. Nobody wears that. Girl needs to stop pretending to grow up and GROW UP for real because grown ups don’t wear things like that.

  • Kristina

    I love Miley. I don’t understand why people are ”mad” at her. She’s wearing what she wants. You don’t have to be so judgemental.

  • cam

    JJJ what top? all you really see is her bra as usual. JJJ you should not ask loaded questions. Oh and I agree with emmy.

  • heather

    her carrer thrives off contreversy. ever ince she was 15 and those cell pics were leaked. its actually a smart move because it keeps people talking bout her especially wen she is trying to promote something. and people usually go for the underdog so wen they c a celeb being bashed and stuff they will stick up for them and support them even if they arnt necessarily a fan. gotta admitt its a good strateg and its obviously working cuz all of u here dont like her but yet….. here u are. :)

  • heather

    btw how old r u? and would u ever wear that? do u honestly think that people r “mad” for no reason? honestly that top is not appropriate w.e age. if she wears a low cut top and her bra is shown accidentally then it is alright. happens to all of us right. she wears short short,s w.e she just a teen right but this top there simple in no excuse. wen u find an excuse then get bac to me.

  • ceasy



  • Daniellanicole

    she looks freaking ridiculous.

  • pauli

    shes really really ugly and always looks so trashy, shes more and more pathetic every day….. this is exactly the reason for nobody can take her seriously and shes just a joke

  • jenny

    @pauli: god!!!! pauli you just wont stop will you….. get a hobby that doesnt involve eating and crap and puking it out with your stupid comments

  • LB

    @pauli You’re very wrong! All the people who worked with her love her and that’s what counts, not what you think.

  • heather

    well now ur being judgemental of americans. dont be quick to put all americans in the same boat. for ur imformation i might not like miley as a person but i liked the performacnce. and i live in canada. i luv europe and all but ive seen so many people on here that always judge americans or north americans on a whole when we r all our own people!

  • jessica

    i think her top looks cute. very cool. and would you people stfu and stop overreacting. ITS HER LIFE. she can do whatever she wants. and if you think you can control her life then think again because obviously you cant. shes not gonna stop dressing this way just because some people dont like it.

  • LB

    @heather It’s kinda true tho. I live in Europe too and never has made the news a big deal out of the things she did like the pictures. I didn’t even know about it until I got use twitter etc. more.

  • LB

    Wow… my comment was full of errors O_O

  • Julia

    She needs to leave that shoe aside. Love her, anyways.

  • chloe

    I don’t get why everyone is getting so upset, thats just british fashion! Im 18 and ive worn a see through top like that, its not that bad we arnt as judgemental over here about what people wear its like everywhere you look someone is wearing a top like that its really not a big deal! Dont like it, dont wear it simple as! Dont moan about what other people wear its their choice you dont have to like it!

  • cady

    she’s beautiful :)

  • ceasy


  • LB

    @ceasy I know you’re deffending Miley but please do it without caps…

  • Bibi

    yeah, cause in Europe we see 17-year old girls dress like that every day, right? well…no. I get it, Miley is not a little girl anymore, she’s growing up, she wants to show her sexy side (well I don’t know if she wants that, maybe it’s just a PR thing) but she can dress sexy while still being classy. Now that top… is everything but classy. It’s not even sexy. It’s… well, sorry, but it’s trashy

  • Sahina

    @pauli seriously you’re such a hypocrite on here, you know?? whenever someone makes a bad comment about Selena Gomez on here you have to go bashing that person about their comment and then you come on the Miley and start bashing her about? don’t give your excuse about Freedom of speech because you’re just abusing it by being a hypocrite.

  • Sahina

    @pauli: and you’re what you define as a bully, you know? with your negative comments about how a person looks and dresses.

  • emmy

    why are none of my comments being posted?

  • Amanda

    is okay she has a jacket on so it covers :D

  • heather

    no i ttally agree that europe has amuch better culture like i wont deny it, i actually want to live in europe for a few year wen im older. but wat i hate is wen people just talk about north americans on a whole like most media here is like that which is probably where u get that from but not everyone is like that. but i must admit its true the media and stuff r so dam insecure like everything is censored espescially vevo

  • daniella!!

    Miley wants to ditch the mouse house and wants to appeal to older audiences. Ok fair enough. but hear me out. you don’t have to wear a shirt like that to “appeal” to older audiences. you can look older while being classy and look like a lady all at the same time. and also who is she fooling? she says her family is christian but no christian would wear suthin like that. and it’s not that im making her wear something else me and alot of other people just find it annoying how she trys wayy to hard to appeal to older audiences

  • anon

    @chloe: ur 18 and she is 17,no tht is not british fasion.british fashion is classy and tht top aint classy.i have nothin against miley,she seems to have a good head on her shoulders but needs to rethink some of her clothes choices and stop wearing the same shoes

  • bra

    ugh idk why she likes to wear clothes like these. she’s miley cyrus enough! she doesnt need that much attention!!!!!!!


    I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoes
    It doesn’t mean that I’m a prostitute, no, no, no
    I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes
    That doesn’t mean that I’m selling dope no, no, no

  • lucyyyy

    what top? i dont see a top anywhere just a bra…

  • melany

    i think she has her own style and if she wants to dress like that its ok for me. I dont know how she cheers up to wear that, she wears it really good, she is getting in to a really beautiful women every single day. I support her, i think she is a really honest girl and seems really down to earth, and lives a happy life and just laugh about stupid comments of some people.
    go miley!

  • GossipGirl

    MILEY?! Is that REALLY YOU? OH MY GOSH! Not hot at all MC! Get some clothes IMMEDIATELY , BABE

  • GossipGirl

    @pauli: for someone who really hates Miley Cyrus certainly reads a lot about her. I really don’t get that about people like u at all.

  • taylor

    she is such a effin hypocrite. a couple years ago she was all against the ‘sex sells’ appeal. and NOW LOOK AT HER.
    she KNOWS people will talk. If she wants to be known for her work she needs to stop doing what she’s doing. Because lately the only news about her has been about her wardrobe or what provocative thing she did on stage with her dancers/ band.
    This chick is losing fans by the second, i hope she realizes that soon.

  • taylor

    Miley, JUST because your father likes seeing you wear those things and likes the way you act on stage DOESN’T MEAN that the rest of the world does.

  • amber

    This is just another example of how classy Miley truly is.

  • ymselenafan

    not a good look…

  • rachel

    miley is so beautiful ! love her so much :)

  • amy


    You’re right about one thing for sure & that is she will never stop dressing that way – that is until everyone starts to ignor her. It’s getting so that most of us expect her to just go out in her underwear. It will be news when she actually wears clothes that cover her underwear.

    Sorry, but there is nothing classy or “grown up” about flashing everyone with your underwear all the time.

  • Soph

    I don’t understand why people get MAD cause of what she wears or does. I don’t really think she dresses and acts the ways she does just to piss people off…she is just being her self! Let her be! If you don’t like what she does…look away. She is simply living her life. Some people should do the same….and I like the shirt! ;)


    @Bibi: yeah i agree with you. everyone is watching her and im guessing that she likes the hate. I used to be her biggest fan, while all of my other friends called her a whore. but i said shes just miley and shes growin up. now its a whole different story, she looks hella trashy and i cant stand looking at her. shes a BEAUTIFUL girl and very sexy in her own miley way, but now it seem as if she has no class and no respect for herself.

  • Rochel

    Hey calling all Americans Chill out.
    Your giving us a bad rep cause of all
    your imature comments,
    One its not a regular bra
    When was the last time you all went shopping cause
    If you go into Debs and Epris and other stores you will
    see they go with the shirt.
    Its the newest fashion.
    Its like wearing a bathing suit.
    So I think you Miley haters need to do your homework before
    you start running your mouth.
    No wonder Miley likes it over their better ,and I dont blame her.
    So people stop making Americans look bad. :(((

  • Courtney

    I still love her.

  • helloooo

    Oh my god, people. Just let her wear what she wants to wear! All of you people are judges before you get to know a person.

  • marta

    really newest fashion?
    it’s still a bra…and trashy
    I love Miley but this is just desperate for atention