Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: A Mile with Mate

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: A Mile with Mate

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth share a loving look as they walk about their pup Mate around Toluca Lake, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (June 26).

It’s amazing to think that Miley and Liam have been together for a year! And look how big Mate has gotten!

The twosome were spotted out earlier this week at Matsuda after arriving back in Los Angeles after a super busy month of events.

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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... @ 5:32 pm on 06/26/2010

he really has gotten big but he’s sooooooooo cute:)

mrsdestinyhope @ 5:32 pm on 06/26/2010

WOW! even more Miley! She always looks so happy when she’s around Liam :) She looks gr8t too as always!

Kristina @ 5:34 pm on 06/26/2010

Aw, they are adorable together.

jessica @ 5:37 pm on 06/26/2010

omg look how big mate is. wow. and aww hes sooo cute. i wish i had a dog.

Nkeeyah @ 5:46 pm on 06/26/2010

Mate has gotten soo big. I wish I had a dog too. Miley looks great and really happy. Liam is hott!

!!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!! @ 5:46 pm on 06/26/2010

miley lloks soooo beautiful here! especially her hair! love it!

daniella!! @ 6:00 pm on 06/26/2010

ohhhh i didnt know it was liams dog as weell aha

soughtful @ 6:01 pm on 06/26/2010

awww the hottest couple. they both so hot and the dog put icing on the cake even the dog is gorgeous.

pauli @ 6:02 pm on 06/26/2010

sorry but miley looks really ugly with her short hair, her face is so fat and huge, gosh and her teeth, why dont she just fix it??? its really disgusting…. sorry but its true!!!

pauli @ 6:03 pm on 06/26/2010

@soughtful the hottest??? uhmmm i dont think so… LOL

draaaaaaaaama @ 6:04 pm on 06/26/2010

@pauli………… grow up u pathetic little girl

MileyCyrusbiggestfan @ 6:06 pm on 06/26/2010


all miley fans can really care less about what u say!!!! and if u dont like her hair then just be quiet!


Sahina @ 6:07 pm on 06/26/2010


stop describing yourself. it’s embarrassing.

pauli @ 6:19 pm on 06/26/2010

@sahina its embarrasing how pathetic can you be, i just say my oppinion….. SO GROW UP and @draaaaaaaaama actually youre the pathetic little girl…. LMFAO!!!

draaaaaaaaama @ 6:21 pm on 06/26/2010

@paulie…. i honestly cant stand people like you, who the hell gives you the right to talk about ANYONE like that. you must be pretty insecure and immature. people who hate on others for no reason what so ever should learn to keep their spiteful opinions to themselves. you have no idea what words like that has an affect on people. you need to seriously grow up, its digustin and you shud be ashamed of yourself

miley @ 6:24 pm on 06/26/2010

beautiful couple thats what you get nick for letting her go

Sahina @ 6:28 pm on 06/26/2010

oh i am grown up. how old are you? 16? i don’t act immature like you. go stick to your Selena Gomez posts and blast the people who talk bad about her, because it’ll be the opposite here when you bash Miley.

and yeah, it’s your opinion, but it seems like you’re trying to make it a fact, which it ain’t.

pauli @ 6:32 pm on 06/26/2010

rigth right she looks sooo gorgeous specially in the first pic (SARCASM) LOL and its pathetic teenie that you cant stand a different oppinion!!! i think shes ugly, and ey teenies learn to be honest because she doesnt looks gorgeous and least in these photos…. and say whatever you want im not going to change my oppinion about her…

mrsdestinyhope @ 6:34 pm on 06/26/2010

@pauli: you can HER PATHETIC? I’m sorry, but is she the one that keeps reading post about celebrities that she hates 24/7 ifu really hate Miley like claim u do, common sense would say to STOP READING HER DAMN POST. And MC looks goregous ? If u want someone that’s ugly, go kissed the buns of ur Bobble head back stabbing PRINCESS. What was her name again? Oh yeah, WHOREMEZ

mrsdestinyhope @ 6:38 pm on 06/26/2010

@mary: u don’t have to tell us that twice. Seriously. she’s just so pathetic to da point she doesn’tt even realize it. She;s mad because her little princess has to be stuck for another two years on Disney while MC is out doing BIGGER and BETTER THINGS. Poor Selena, she’s gonna be on Disney until she’s 20. Miley will prob have an Oscar or a Grammy by then. :) MC will be the new Timberlake in a year while Selena will be the next DUFF & RAVEN

Sahina @ 6:45 pm on 06/26/2010


your grammar is terrible. so go fix that before you post a comment. every been to school?

ahahahaha i’m OLDER than Miley Cyrus, heck i’m like the same age Liam!
didn’t know i was a “teenie” as you put it. you’re a “teenie”.

and no one cares about your opinion, but people like to defend who they like, like you do when people bash Selena Gomez. Obviously you don’t like it when people state their opinions.

Double Standard??

Tina @ 6:48 pm on 06/26/2010

Miley so beautiful and blessed. She and Liam so adorable awesome couple.
@Pauli please for once don’t comment you like Selena stick to her post and leave miles alone at the end of the day Miley is awesome so deal with it and I must agree with everyone, you a pathetic insecure little girl who needs to grow up. Miley is here to stay deal with or get out.

Nkeeyah @ 6:49 pm on 06/26/2010

Children! Children! Peace plz. Do you need a time out? Calling Selena a ***** is completely uncalled for. There is nothing wrong with Miley or Selena. They both look like normal teenage girls. As my grandma always says: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

mech @ 6:50 pm on 06/26/2010


LUCY @ 6:55 pm on 06/26/2010

Wow, Miam cuteness. I adore this couple.

Mate is so cute, he probably makes a good guard dog for Miles ! lol

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