Miley Cyrus & Her Blue-Shoes Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus & Her Blue-Shoes Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus gives a thumbs up to the paparazzi as she and Liam Hemsworth head out to meet up with some friends in North Hollywood, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (July 11).

The duo were seen out and about yesterday afternoon, heading to the gym in West Hollywood.

In addition to nabbing up a nom for Choice Kiss at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, Liam, 20, is also nominated for Choice Male Breakout. Be sure to vote for him!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • kass


  • MILeys biggest faaan

    wow soooooo pretty , i love her aloooot

  • Evie

    Her hair is so fried and brassy looking. The sad thing is that even though it looks awful now, it still looks TEN times better than it did with the gross extensions.

  • arc

    she used to be not skinny or fat, just perfect, right before she start losing weight, she still doesn’t look sick or something BUT SHE LOOKS BETTER with just a litte more weight, no showing bones and more sexy

    I used to think she was sexier than selena and girls like Miranda that were very thin(they ‘re beautiful and pretty but not too sexy) NOW I think she is looking like them

    I’m not fat at all, and I don’t hate Selena, Miranda or Miley. I just saying what I see

    right here she doesn’t look too skinny but it’s because that big thing she is wearing, but in otrher photos you can see her clavicle

  • liri92

    SHE LOOKS UGGLY LIKE ALWAYS, but i dont get this girl in her tumblr she told everyone she splitted up with liam!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    woah what happened to her super long extensions??? either way, miley looks awesome !!!

  • Luna


  • hhs

    I like her style, but idk there is something about her character that I don’t like. But yet she is so lucky that she gets all the cute guys, luckyy

  • Trang

    @liri92: shut up and fuck off

  • liri92

    @trang fu*k off yourself you bitch.. I told the truth she is uggly but I dont hate her.. I just dont get why she is with liam still together!

  • sean92

    shutt up shes the most beautifulest girl ever nd she dosent hav a tumbler or wutever its calld
    nd bye the way am not goign 2 vote 4 the idoit whose datign my gf lol

  • Izzy

    Liam is turning into puppy cos he goes everywhere with her and does not hang around with anyone but miley

  • Sahina


    so what if she’s with Liam??? how is that affecting you? she probably likes him because of what’s in the inside, like his personality and sense of humour, not his looks, like most people on here think!

  • sean92

    i was just kidding. selena is the most beautifulust girl ever

  • Jenny

    shes off duty so cut her some slack…. a person shouldnt really walk around in ful make up 24/7

  • joycey

    man, she always has gorgeous shoes. ): jealous much! (: love you miley. xo

  • liri92

    @sahina know I dont have any problems that she is dating liam.. I actually like him, but on her tumblr she always tells that she still loves nick and she splitted up with liam.. so I dont get why their still together if the already have splitted up and she still is in love with nick JOnas!!!

  • lola

    @liri92: That’s why she hasn’t tumbrl the person who talk to u it’s a fake lol

  • agp

    @liri92 don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Actress

    I’m not sure what the “tumblr” thing is but it sounds like a website. And on alot of “her” websites its posers not really her. So the whole broke up with Liam and loves Nick thing is prob just some creep trying to confuse people. On her offical website Mileyworld she told everyone her and Liam are still together and have a great relationship. So no worries there!! And @liri92 she is BEAUTIFUL. She looks at the least the same as any other 17 year old, its not fair that people like you think she has to look perfect just because everyone insists on taking pics of her 24/7. Leave her alone.

  • hiha

    @Jenny: not when u’re ugly as hell

  • liri92

    @actress… I am living her alone.. I mean I am not stalking her 24/7 .. dont care at here at all. have my own life.. I even dont live in the US.. so the chances that I will meet her one day are really really little!!!!!

  • Cooper

    although i’m not a miley fan:

    yaaayy i like her hair without extensions! she looks so grown up these days… and that’s a GOOD thing!! she’s acting like the average 17 year old. nothing wrong with that :)

  • melany

    i dont like her hair at all, i mean i love miley and i think she is beautiful, but the shor hair doesn’s work for her!

  • victoria

    i love her!

  • Shir


    Where are her extensions!?!?!?! Ugggg I hope she didn’t do this because of lame stories about her expensive hair. SHE HAD THE BEST HAIR IN HOLLYWOOD!

    this whole look is very Selena.

  • :)

    @liri92: maybe thats jus a poser duh

  • Haaaa

    Now i see why she wears the extensions :O

  • brook

    perfect couple!!!!!

  • Christian

    Well if it counts for anything, at least I still like you Miley. At least you have a few true fans amongst the mass of haters. (:

  • anit@

    omg was she in war or what has she do whith her hairs

  • liri92

    to all you guys.. if that would be a poser how could she know everything about miley´s life & what she been through in the past.. and did you guys know she is actually best friends with selena gomez or did you know she is best friend with a girl named shannon.. or did you know that nick jonas wrore on the backyard of miley´s house.. MC + NJ = Forever.. and there were sooooooooo many pictures she postet on this blog you guys never have seen of her.. or did you guys know that robot is for disney.. ok maybe you know that, but she wrote actually a big letter to disney for why she left them.. and did you know her movie LOL gonna start production next week in Detriot and Ashley Greene will also star on it and will play the mean girl..?? or did you guys know that miley call herself “MIley Bitch”… because everyone call her like this.. she admits that everyone on the street call her a slut a whore a bitch.. did you know that?? I guess you didnt.. if that would be a poser how could this fucking poser know everything about miley´s life and that she have never seen before pictures.. thats miley for sure!!!!

  • liri92

    and if that would beee a poser who this girl could know miley is gonna play a drug-addicted girl on LOL.. so r you f*cking kidding me ??.. thats miley.. and its her personal blog
    !!!!!!! want to know the link.. well I wont tell yaaaa!!

  • Ashley

    What is so bad that she has a boyfriend and they go to places together? I mean that is what people in relationships do! And who really care if she has a boyfriend in blue shoes? I mean the paparazzi dont have to make a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lea-Ann

    I think she is P-R-E-T-T-Y-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    @liri92: @liri92:
    Everything you said is already known. The internet is full of fake celebrities.

  • liri92

    @Sam of course.. donot lie.. I know whose fake and whose true..

  • liri92

    this is miley.. did you guys know miley is playing a drug addict in LOL!!!!!!!!!!! you didnt soooo shut up!!

  • lissy


    Wow, you’re really freaking gullible