Demi Lovato is a Workout Woman

Demi Lovato is a Workout Woman

Demi Lovato gets in her daily workout as she goes for a run with her trainer in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Monday morning (July 19).

After her run, the 17-year-old singer headed over to a Studio City tanning salon before getting gussied up for the 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards.

JJJ caught up with Demi earlier this month and we found out what type of workout she loves. She shared with us, “I love running but I’m really into Birkham Yoga. It’s one of my favorites. It’s super hard, but I love hard things because it makes me feel accomplished afterwards. It’s just really intense yoga poses in a sauna. You feel so great afterwards though.”

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  • zanessa

    “yes curves are okay, im starting to embrace them

    now to go for a jog…”

  • Darius

    She should audition for Jersey Shore. She’s already in the habit of doing 2 of the 3 steps in the Gym Tan Laundry lifestyle.

    She looked amazing at the Do Something Awards, though.

  • jay


    In order to stay in shape. I doubt working out can get rid of someone’s hips. Being curvy doesn’t necessarily mean having a gut and arms that jiggle for hours. It means that you’re built a certain way. This is her preventing that from happening… duh.

  • ryan

    Wow, Demi getting criticized for working out & keeping her figure in shape. This is nothing new for those of you who are fans of Demi’s & all those alike. What’s wrong w/ her being curvier & fuller-figured? I think women like Demi, Kim (Kardashian), & Kelly (Clarkson) present a much healthier body image than all these girls who believe that “Thin is in!” Not only that, they’re much more appealing, attractive if you ask me. As well, it seems that women w/ fuller figures are more confident about themselves, their bodies, & less concerned w/ how others see them, what they think of or say about them.

    Demi, at one time, used to be a plus-sized child model. So, she’s never been the super skinny type & she never will be. Her confidence in herself, in her body, & with who she is more than evident here & now – which is as attractive a quality as everything else D encompasses.

  • Mary
  • Precious

    @ryan: Preach it Ryan!!!

  • sean92

    i fink shes relly cute on these pix lol
    bye the way wuts the do sumfign awards lol? did she won lol?

  • Evie

    Why does she need a trainer to go on a run? What a waste of money.

  • demiisthebest

    She looks cute.
    healthy demi :)

  • nkeeyah

    Glad she’s staying healthy

  • selly


  • we the kingslv

    not loving the blond hair! me love yoga too

  • arcy

    I think she is getting obssesed with her figure, ans she is over working out, that can be a problem too, yes she should stay healthy but why to exagerate

  • Nora

    It’s awesome to see her working out, I don’t think she it’s getting obsessed, I just think there are come days when you think you need more exercise and you just go and do it. But I also agree that she doesn’t need a trainer for this.

  • Andrea

    i love that Demi is more confident, she´s not afraid to show her body, i love the outfit, she looks gorgeous without make up on too, wow, she´s always inspiring people to do their best and that´s one of the things that i admire about her


  • tina

    i’m glad that she’s staying healthy, but i don’t really respect her tanning salon thing… tanning beds are so bad for you, they can lead to skin cancer, which of corse can lead to death. what’s wrong with embracing your natural skin color? if you’re a bit paler, be paler. she’d still look great. much better than being orange anyways..

  • Ryan

    She’s not just working out for herself, but also because of the new Tour which features her, Joe, Nick, & Kevin + some of the cast from Camp Rock 2. I don’t blame her for wanting to be in great physical shape for this Tour, seeing as it’s going across 3 continents over the rest of the Summer & into the later part of 2010. Add into that, she’s going to be dancing as well & being a part-time dancer myself (do it in my free time & whatnot), I know it takes a lot out of you & requires you to be in great condition. With shooting the new movie & all, Demi garnered a passion, a love from something new: Dancing.

    Just as everybody else here has said (those who are fans of D like myself), I think she looks fantastic, her figure is in the best shape it’s been, she’s happy, confident in herself, her body, proud of who she is, & she’s gone on doing her thing despite being faced w/ the most extreme adversity I’ve ever seen one woman be put through. To reiterate what I said before about this, her dress last night @ the DSAs was STUNNING & she looked great. D’s style is one all her own & that’s one of the many things I think makes her stand out from the rest. Her sense of fashion & style is original, refreshing, & stellar. She doesn’t follow trends, nor wear what is “In” or “Cool,’ she marches to the beat of her own drummer in that regard. If people don’t like it, oh well, that’s your own opinion… Not that I agree with it by any means.

  • blah


  • Digi

    demi comes to dallas this sunday

  • Anthony AJ Williams

    Women should not work out! It’s a man thing. Us men are meant to look after the women while they’re in the kitchen!

>>>>>>> staging1