Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Coffee Date!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Coffee Date!

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas step in line with one another as they head back to a car after grabbing coffee together in Los Angeles earlier this month.

There’s been much speculation surrounding their new relationship. JJJ sources told us last month that the two were just friends but Joe was still “woo-ing” her.

During last night’s 2010 Teen Choice Awards, Joe and his brothers Nick and Kevin picked up a surfboard for Choice TV Actor: Comedy, while Ashley picked up a few of her own.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Ashley and Joe?

FYI: Joe is wearing Creative Recreation Kaplan shoes. Ashley is wearing J Brand1041” cuffed shorts in Goldrush paired with an Enza Costa Rib ¾ Henley in Desert Ash with a “Miss Sicily” handbag by Dolce & Gabbana.

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Karina

    Even though they may not be dating, they sure are cute together.

  • mech

    Don’t really like the couple :C I love Ashley and I like Joe but… they don’t match really well…………

  • cheryl

    Oh God please no!

  • cmeesmile

    Normally this would never cross my mind, but if they want to try it, go for it! They look very sweet together. It might help if one of them smiled at the other or they looked at each other. It seems like they are physically together but mentally apart. I guess it’s them just trying to keep rumors at bay.

  • Christine

    Not surprised he’s chasing after her. Ashley’s pretty, but totally out of his league. Still, I hope he dates her and finally puts those stupid Jemi reunion rumors to rest. I don’t understand why people can’t let that relationship go. They tried it, it didn’t work, that’s life. Maybe Demi’s not over it, but Joe seems like he is. The fans should follow in his footsteps and move on.

  • leela

    I think that joe is a fag,so i think that they really are just friends.

  • zoe

    she is like to old for him. i hate jashley

  • http://@shortyace24 Allison

    God no. I’d rather see her out and about with a pantiless Paris Hilton.

  • jess

    they are both gorgeous people! they’d be a hot couple.

    if Joe’s happy, I’m happy for him

  • bugs

    she’s hot and he’s plain. not a good match.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    He won’t have his v card for long if he dates her (not saying he still has it cause I doubt it)

  • lol

    haha they both are player. weird couple.

  • judyy

    i feel bad for demi :( poor girl.

  • loveeas

    weird couple. i dont like Ashley. she’s a player!

  • Daniela

    I think they look cute together, left them alone

  • ouch
  • jacque

    gosh, no! she’s gorgeous, sweet and actually talented, idk… just like her. he’s not all bad but they don’t look good together, even their friendship is kinda EW

  • http://twitter iloveashley

    joe jonas break taylor swift’s heart in a call and he also broke up with miley cyrus he just usin girls be careful

  • http://NADIAAIUEO nadiaaiueo

    i prefer to JEMI!!
    ashley looks old for him >.>

  • sasha

    oh are you kidding me???
    they shoudn’t date at all!!! they don’t look good together .believe me!!!
    it’s better to see them as friends!
    oh god plz no!!!

  • georgette

    So…this probably sounds wayyy superrr bad, but this is just my opinion: I think she could do wayyy better. Just saying. I mean…she’s reallly freaking gorgeous and he’s just…not in her range of hotness. But maybe it’s just me(: But oh well. Whatever happens, happens.

  • ishi

    if they are together, then thats fine!! people should leave them alone and be happy they found each other!

  • http://deleted fAN

    i love joee :)
    i love ash but she’ve a boyfriend ¬¬ just saying!


  • Lauren

    Ashley already has a boyfriend, so their not dating & their friends

    Just because they had coffee & their walking together doesn’t mean their dating

  • Just Interested

    they’ll probably last for 3 months tops

  • kristenjett

    no no no nono… no way she’s WAY outta his league… c’mon ashley!! wtf? a disney..kid? a JONAS? you’re ASHLEY FRICKIN’ GREENE u can do sooo much better ._. PHLEASEEEEE GOD NEVER LET THIS SUCEED… (joe is a *** dudeee!!) go for idk… mark salling! (lol) somebody hot and.. MATURE? GROWN UP? COOL? NORMAAAL? we luv u girl!!<3

  • nessa

    he’s a douchebag and she has michael jacksons nose.

  • Ali


  • e

    This boy thinks he is gods gift to women.
    Get over yourself Joe!

  • OMg

    i feel like ashley’s only good job is bearding for undercover gays in hollywood

  • kristenjett

    @e: soooo effin’ truee! & she can do so much better! She’s ashley FREAKIN’ greene dude! and is gonna date a disney..kid? A jonas brother? C’mon! ASH GO GET SOMEBODY GROWN UP! MATURE… a REAL..& STRAIGHT man! (lol)

  • OMg

    also her body is a box.

    something that really annoys me about her is that she seems to think she is way better than everyone. Her body language around Jackson Rathbone for examples is completely like “I’m too good for you”. other way around-

  • OMg

    @e: I hear Trashley likes douch es so then they are perfect for each other

  • janiece

    i think this would be a weird couple because Ashley is really out of his league. Not in the sense of hotness, but in maturity. Even though their around the same age she seems to be older than him and a way and have totally different lifestyles. Friends yes…bf/gf….not so much

  • reeda

    hopefully she has more than her body to keep him interested js

  • Aly-0127

    OMG… hes so out of her league, she’s gorgeous! and he’s a pushy pushy that probably called her agent for her number…. she deserves better & hotter than this.. besides he looks like a hobo lately, clean him up and then we talk about it. PS: love the Jonas Brothers!

  • haley

    lmao demi wil cut herself again for this


    for the love of banana, please don’t date!

  • jordyn

    she’s too good for him.
    it won’t last.

  • Alex

    well you guys really dont know what youre saying, IF THEYRE DATING’ LET THEM BE! because for me Ashley is perfect for him and He’s perfect for her ((: -&if you guys think hes not for her , them just try to go on a coffe date with ashley’ maaaan shes not stupid HELLO!!

  • truth

    she’s too much of a woman for him…not saying he’s not guyish enough…just that she looks older.

  • anonymous

    Well I thought Camilla Belle was way too good for him and was shocked when she dated him. Hope they do date so Jemi fans will not being soooo annoying. Hope they dont because he already thinks he Gods gift to woman and needs to get some knock backs.

  • Sia

    Are you serious ? Your coming at the way Ashley looks ? You have to be kidding me shut up. We all know Ashley is GORGEOUS ! I hate to say this but she’s WAY TOO good for Joe.

  • lilia

    i think joe is a dirt bag how do you go from chick to chick like that he just dont care who he hurt I think he is gay i use to like him put know I think he is shit

  • ashytisdalefan

    That boy moves on WAY too fast.

  • Wuuu

    Yuo are stupid people.They are just friends and dont get it why so much hate on Joe.Hes not dating her

  • brogan

    They should not date!
    Its a load of crap!
    Jemi forever :D

  • brogan

    @iloveashley: what thee? Joe didnt date Miley….that was NICK

  • marinne

    wow. she hooks up with a guy one day, then a moves on to another the next. it’s like she’s only changing clothes. ashley’s a heartbreaker!

  • ella

    AMEN to that..
    Joe just really have soo many friends who are mostly girls, so please, stop saying that they are DATING!
    Gosh.. :\