Demi Lovato & Chloe Bridges: Wonderful in White

Demi Lovato & Chloe Bridges: Wonderful in White

Demi Lovato and Chloe Bridges both light up the red carpet in white dresses at the premiere of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in NYC on Wednesday evening (August 18).

The two lovely leading ladies are both objects of two of the Jonas Brothers hearts. Did you know that they both auditioned for the role of Mitchie?

Demi told us on the set, “She auditioned for Mitchie ” it was down between me and her for Mitchie – and I remember meeting her at the auditions and thinking she’s such a sweet girl and she’s so nice. [The next time] I met her for the first time after the auditions was at dinner one night for a cast party, I didn’t even recognize her because she grew up and got really, really gorgeous and she’s so nice – she’s awesome.”

Chloe paired her red carpet look with Rock & Republic‘s “Pandora” nappa leather strappy platform sandal with chain detail in mixed gold metallics.

Demi chose a Edition by Georges Chakra dress, Swarovski‘s Rockstar clutch, Everlon Diamonds and Ruthie Davis ‘Cindy’ platform sandals.

10+ pics inside of Demi and Chloe

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • Ryan

    I’m at a complete loss for words.. a true Goddess in White. From head to toe, D looks downright AMAZING! This is, by far, my favorite RC look on D (no lie). What makes it work even more is the fact that D’s beauty comes naturally & is something she doesn’t try hard to accomplish, it speaks for itself.

  • Me

    I don’t really Luke Chloe I don’t know why but I just never liked her

  • Jenny

    They both look great but demi has left me speechless…her figure is to die for and her smile

  • Hey!!

    Demi looks gorgeous!!! I love her in white big change than her usual black dresses

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Wow, Demi looks really pretty!!
    But he dress looks great, but i dnt
    really like that little white thing at the side.
    Looks like its a towel

  • Darius

    Demi looks really nice, Chloe looks nice too.

    Kind of weird that Nick and Demi are both dressed up and look like they coordinated to match, while Kevin and Joe are casual.

  • uliGomezslovato

    i loveee u @ddlovato :D

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Gross hair Demi, but the dress fits your shape perfectly

  • amanda

    They both look very pretty! Love Demis dress!

  • aMY

    Oh my! Demi is growing up into such a beautiful woman!! Joe must feel like an idiot.

  • nu

    I like the dress fits her very well, she has an amazing body, but I don´t like that white thing it really looks like a towel or something

    I prefer her with other hair color but she looks fine

  • melissa

    oh demi is so beautiful

  • harley

    That dress would be perfect without that little white thing hanging off the side.

    She looks great, though.

  • Andrea

    demi looks soo beautiful, love the dress except for that white ruffled thing. oh p.s. did anyone notice how demi is next to joe, guess things really are good between them now

  • izzy

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about, I love the white piece on Demi’s dress. And her hair is gross? No! Maybe it looks better darker but it’s not gross. Demi is stunning.

    I think it’s cute that Demi and Nick match.

  • menna

    Demi’s chest and shoulders have this thing where it always looks like she’s in an upright stance, at attention like a soldier. very broad. i know she doesn’t mean to do it. she’s just built like that.

  • Kate

    I’m not a huge fan of Demi’s, but she looks absolutely gorgeous. Not only does her dress fit her beautifully, but, honestly, she looks a lot happier and healthier then I think she’s looked in a long time.

    Chole looks ok too. I’ve tried to like her, honestly, but there is something about her that makes me resent her a little. I don’t know, she just doesn’t look genuine. But all the same, she looks very happy and proud to be there.


    Demi doesn’t have broad shoulders at all. She’s short and her frame is not big.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Demi, is just soooo…..soooo…I can’t even find the words to describe her WOW!

  • ella

    Love Demi’s look here. Simple but elegant..
    And so if Chloe got the Mitchie role, she will be Joe’s love interest!
    -awkward- It’s just that, I don’t think that Joe and Chloe doesn’t have that strong chemistry unlike JEMI. <3

  • Mckenzie


  • xonnel

    Although I find Demi adorable, I have to say her dress is not to my taste. I think the coloured patterns on the dress are garish and the attached piece of white fabric on the side of the dress was a mistake.
    I do prefer her with her darker hair and darker dresses, but it’s perfectly understandable that she would want to experiment with different looks.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @aMY: why would joe feel like an idiot just because you think demi is growing into such a ‘beautiful woman’ … demi looks so much older than she is, she should tone it down. and no matter how good she looks, I can guarentee looks are the reason joe ended it. demi is probably a lot to handle, shes loud, rambunctious, and so obviously clingy/ attention grabbing. They prob could have had a longer relationship, but it went too public and joe ran. the same way him and taylo did. he doesnt need more publicity. I woulnt be surprised if he found happiness with a nobody like kevin.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @listen to mayday parade: **are not the reason

  • Jenny

    @listen to mayday parade: if the feelings were true he’d stick it out…Its simple he doesnt feel anything speical for her shes just another girl for him

  • I♥?

    Honestly Ive always loved Demi and her darker rocker side. But she looks absolutely amazing here!! For me not bein too girly or liking anything other than Grey or black this has to mean something!! No one can argue because shes just stunning!!

  • nan

    She’s 17 or 37???? She sure looks old!

  • Sydney

    Demi looks absolutely amazing! You go, girl! (:

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I really liked demi’s dress… Her hair looks weird… I prefer the darker colour, looks more natural… I think we all agree that that’s something about Chloe that’s unlikeable… I mean, even when she’s dressed up, I just can’t like her…

  • nikiloveskris

    @listen to mayday parade:

    all the reasons you said doesn’t discribe why looks are part of the break up?

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @listen to mayday parade: the funniest thing is u speak like u’ve known her for eternity when u don’t know anything about her. All ur doing is ASSUMING and being JUDGE MENTAL . Seriously JUST SHUT UP because U or nobody else on this site know why JEMI broke up and it is none of our business why they did

  • http://misslaefe Luisa

    Demi is beautiful! I don’t like Chloe, I never really liked her, she doesn’t seem so nice .. ;D
    Was Selena there?

  • Zanessafanforever

    Now I know why Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens left New York wednesday afternoon.

  • M.K.

    @Darius: Omg, I know! lol, maybe they coordinated.

  • blahblah

    trying hard. she doesn’t look good. ew!

  • Selenafan1

    Wow, demi is beautiful. I’m a girl, so no homo when I say this but. . . Dang does she have a shape. I wish I could look like that. No other Disney star has that much of figure. Old, or new. She has been blessed. Chloe Bridges is pretty too. I like her lips. It makes her looks different. Sets her apart from the norm. Would love to meet them both.


    @listen to mayday parade: u know what, u can’t judge demi! U DON’T KNOW HER!! how would you know why joe broke up with her? Demi seems like a very sweet gorgeous girl…people should only like people for who they are….and when people like you put SHIT about celebrities it makes you seem “Rambunctious” and why in the HELL should demi “tone it down a bit”….?? SHE’S FREAKING 18!! an adult! what is she doing to make you think that she’s growing up to fast? she acts, sings, writes music, and lives her life the way she wants to…don’t make conclusions too soon…what u just said is how rumors are spread around…


    demi and chloe are drop dead GORGEOUS!! love them both!!