Miley Cyrus is a Barney's Beauty

Miley Cyrus is a Barney's Beauty

Miley Cyrus descends the staircase inside Barneys New York gracefully in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon (October 5).

It’s been rumored that the 17-year-old actress’ next single will actually be “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” — her duet with Bret Michaels.

Bret revealed to EOnline that the duo will be hitting up the recording studio to master the track.

Miley was spotted out yesterday evening with friends at Millions of Milkshakes and Mr. Chows.

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Photos: AKM Images
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  • umm

    love her

  • kass

    i love my baby girl cyrus!!!

  • HIH

    I like her necklace XD

  • mar

    judging from the clothes, someone realised their age!! no offense :)

  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    mil looks nice but y would she waste money on shit hair exstenions her hair is nice with out them lol luv ya mil plz tour australia

  • amy

    Miley is so pretty with her real hair. Oh those horrible extensions. The previous extensions were so mush better then these – those hairdressers of hers should be fired. & who are the old ladies she is always with now?

  • jess

    i love her hair here :) suits her much better in my opinion .

    also, good to see shes dressing modestly.


  • MEgamileyfan1

    The reason miley has extensions in,is because she loves long hair.Personally l think miley looks gorgeous with or without extensions.Who are you,to say what suits miley & what doesn’t.Miley is happy with the way she looks,& thats ok,by me.l think miley,is the most beautiful girl,on this planet.l’m a huge fan of hers.l love her,no matter what she wears,or how she has her hair,or whatever.Get a life ppl,& leave poor miley alone.Ur wonderful miles,peace & godbless:)xx
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • amy

    Everyone has their own opinion. I never said Miley was not beautiful, in fact the first statement I made was that Miley is pretty. I think the extensions are for some music thing she may be doing in Europe for the next single release from her cd. But the way those extensions look in these pictures is terrible. Sorry, but those hairdressers of hers should be fired. Scotty did a much better job.

  • Bria

    I heard that she already made a video for “my heart beats for love” and it’s coming out in November. That would be her best bet because with prop8 beiing overturned, DADT law getting repelled and the recent gay teen suicides, the song could not be more relevent, so I say she should go with that! Her extensions look so stringy and unnatural! I guess she wanted wavy hair, but they just look unwashed, like Lindsay Lohan or something. She should get Katy Perry’s stylist, because her extensions are perfect! And I like her outfit, very normal with no bra popping out! Proably just because its getting colder.

  • brenda

    I am LOVING Miley’s new outfits

  • n

    finally something normal

  • blahblahblah

    LOVE HER <3<3 Gr8 Style I Love These Cloths Not The Ugly Ones :/


    c´mon teenies dont be such a delusional stan just because you´re a fan!!! miley gorgeos??? seriously??? she looks sooo horrible in this picture, i mean just look at her…. her hair looks like a mop, sooo damaged, unwashed and fake, sooo gross!!! ewwww she try so hard to looks sexy, mature or like she doesnt care anything but she always embarrasing herself, seriously wtf she has in her mind??? i guess she has an empty brain lol poor bitch!!!! btw its so difficult to dress like a normal teenager? or like a normal person? and put on a fuck!ng bra no one wants to see your saggy tits…. shes sooo disgusting!!!!

  • eliza

    3 words wealthy Trailer Trash!!!!!!

  • tina
    For once in your life you ignorant Selena worshiper stop being jealous, you are a pathetic fool, no body wants you on this post so please go back to you big head queen and stop ruining everyone’s day. Go jump off a cliff or something. You suck ass go suck a rotten egg and get over your ugly and disgusting self. Love you Miles you rock.

  • shannon are you sure you’re not talking about yourself

  • sunnytomato

    I love miley,such a baby doll in my heart

  • Meow Meow

    NO ONE LIKES YOU SO LEAVE GO! There was no fight before you wrote something now theres going to be a fight thanks alot!
    Miley cyrus is happy the way she is you cant change the way she looks sorry she doesnt dress like an old lady like stupid selena does but you cant change miley so all of hating of miley you have in your body and you keep saying it wont make a difference. Shes happy the way she is. Go drool over old lady Selena gomez and stop hating on beatuiful cute and sexy miley

  • suri

    Miley is Gorgeous!!

  • gabyyy

    Pretyy Pretty Pretty
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Warren

    Miley looks great, but wish you had a full front view of Miley. Your photos are usually better. Miley is so beautiful! Wish I could afford to go somewhere every day like she does. I would love to walk around town with Miley and listen to her lovely voice and look into her sexy eyes!

  • blahblahblah

    just jared jr plz don’t let post her stupid comments :/

  • Warren When U diss Miley’s beautiful body everyone knows UR just a hater. Miley is so fit and has the sexiest body on the planet! U have a sad life that all U do is hate on somebody way better than U. Most guys think Miley is hot but U not so much I guess.

  • Sahina

    ahahahaha i’m older than her. does that make me a teenie?? i don’t think so.

    and stop describing yourself. your embarrassing.

  • blahblahblah

    wow loo people @ 5:57 pm on 09/30/2010 seriously im in love with her new style lately!!!

    @reply | Flag This #7 @ 5:58 pm on 09/30/2010 shes truly gorgeous!!!

    she wrote those comments on selena posts what a surprise !!!! PATHTIC

  • headstrong

    teenies? lol how old are you 25? but its seems like you have brain power of a 5 years old.Stop being so shallow. Selena is not far of that descripcion. Wait, do yuo actually though selena dresses like a normal teen? haahah where did you see a teenanger dressed like an 50 years old? lol selena turned 18 and suddenly she tries to look older and mature, so fake. And Miley is not the one who shows her whole tit hanging out and her nipples more than once.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan

    EWW Who do you think you are?? Why do you have to hate Miley she is the sexiest girl i have ever seen! she has a sexy body!!! And you cant see her bra dumbo! Wow you must love looking at her boobs! you problay zoom in since she isnt showing her bra, Go to Selenas post and go talk about her ugly 50 years old outfits!!! Miley can change her look but she doesnt want to which is fine because ITS HER LIFE NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And who are you calling a Teenie? Im much older than her! I would dress the same way as her if i could find the same clothes. Her hair looks HOT!!!! I want hair like hers! Her body is wayyyy more sexier than yours problay! Your just jealous because shes hecky Hot and SEXY! And she will always be like that.
    Sorry that no one likes you!! we all think your stupid and a weirdo(:

  • Rachel

    Miley looks amazing. I love her

  • natalie

    I love her outfit Miley is so pretty!

  • LpkwL

    I love her ut shhes still too skinny since filmin LOL :( she had a great body and looked healthy when she was promotin her album a couple months before!

  • anonymous

    The hair looks fine. The outfit okay too except it looks like the same ripped white t-shirt she’s been wearing a lot. Hope she’s at least wearing a bra this time.

  • Gossip Girl

    That Selena freak Cluadia is really working on my freaking nerves. But if someone goes on Selena’s post and talk SHlT, we’re jealous h8rs. But if she’s doing the same thing to Miley, SHE’S NOT JEALOUS? This is the #1 reason why Selena will always have 8rs because of hypocrite BlTCHES like herself

  • itsmeagain for the record hun. Miley isn’t even exposing her bra, or her tits. I’m wiling to bet if Miss Gomez were exposing hers u’d be happy and as hard as a brick wouldn’t you? Seriously, I have never seen a SO-CALLED-MILEY-HATER this obsessed with Miley like you are. You Andy, and Pauli must be die hard fans of Miley’s cause u can’t go a day without reading about her.

  • http://justjaredjr Jane

    Miley! another single seriously? until you realise you cnt sing and ur a pain in the back side. ur just screechin into a mirco phone and u make me go deaf. Go to a stylist you look like …! Oh BTW u cant act i hate all ur movies ur attempt of acting is horrible 0/10.

  • cassy

    wait no… where’s her bra? I DON’T SEE IT MY GOD I’M SCARED WHEREE D=