Alyson Stoner on Ashley Greene: 'She's So Genuine'

Alyson Stoner on Ashley Greene: 'She's So Genuine'

Alyson Stoner doesn’t think her opinion on the situation matters much, but she still thinks the world of Ashley Greene.

In a recent interview with, the 17-year-old actress opened up about the Twilight star after meeting and hanging out with her during the Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam tour.

Alyson shared, “I haven’t really seen or heard much about Twilight, so I had no preconceptions or anything [of Ashley]. But she’s so genuine. I felt like she and I would’ve been in the same high school in Ohio. She’s really down to Earth, very welcoming, super adaptable to any situation, didn’t try and steal the spotlight, definitely knew her place while we were on tour.”

She added of Ashley and Joe Jonas‘ relationship, “They have a way of communicating with each other which is really beautiful. I think they met each other at a right time in their lives.”

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  • michelle

    They’re still nowhere near as good as Kevin and Danielle are. Perhaps this is Joe’s way of ‘growing up’ like his brother did. Poor kid.

  • angie

    Beautiful couple. BEST JONAS COUPLE BY FAR! Love them.

  • onetreephil

    this is sad. i do not like them together and no im not jelous. i loved jemi so much. joes just changed.

  • Evie

    @onetreephil: of course Joe has changed! He’s older. That three year age difference between Demi and Joe is huge when they are this young. Hell, part of me thinks that Joe is too young for Ashley. But people need to let the whole Jemi thing go. Considering the fact that she’s in rehab, it’s obvious that she has some severe issues with herself–issues that can’t just be because Joe broke up with her. Maybe he even saw that she was unstable.

  • nicci

    i hear those same word about zac and vanessa.

  • SJS

    No offense, but it’s really annoying and quite immature to say someone has “changed” just cause you don’t like their choices. The guy is in his early 20′s and still growing. Leave him alone about his personal life. Geez.

  • lol

    How much did the Jonas PR team pay this girl to say this. They are trying real hard to make Joe look like an angel since the Demi thing. Yeah poor poor Joe & isn ‘t he wonderful & so is his latest squeeze. What a joke.

  • lol


    doen’t anyone see a pattern here with Joe & his dating history?

  • Lauren


    u r soooooooooooo stupid & wrong

  • pischer

    @michelle: El Oh El, orly?

  • pischer

    @lol: Not really, no. Besides breaking up with/being dumped by people before dating new ones which is kind of a requirement of *decency*…there’s nothing wrong with breaking up with people, they don’t own you, and it’s not marriage….lol….grow up, kiddies. Joe, you’re cool.

  • ruby

    OMFG this girl needs to shoot herself! lol jkjk but seriously i used to like her but come on Alyson!!! You havent heard or seen anything about Twilight???!!! Youve gots to be kiddin me right??!

    N.E Ways jashley seem very happy together so let them be!!!

  • j-ann

    um so ur saying that u think joe has changed cuz he’s dating ashley now??? um that’s wat u call GROWING UP, he’s 21 for pete’s sake, he doesn’t need to be dating teenagers. he’s with ashley who is around his age, let him be happy!

  • mariana

    she went to new moon premiere and she says that she haven’t heard or seen much about the saga.
    this girl become so fake as she growing up.

  • michelle

    leave her alone. no one payed her to do shit.

  • michelle

    @lol: who gives a shit. no one pay her. they ask her a question.

  • Brenda

    People shut up! We know NOTHING about them unlike Alyson who REALLY knows them pesonally. And her opinion is based on facts she SEES not rumors on tabloids.

  • http://bellsefron Bella

    I think if Alyson is a friend of Demi, it would have to shut up a little because Demi is having a bad times, thanks to Ashley, who did not have any FORGIVENESS

  • Mandy

    Yeah.. right .. genuine..
    I really really do like Ashley but .. come on, she’s no genuine.
    I like her :) she’s pretty but seriously people …

  • TeamJackson

    IMHO, Ashley should be with Jackson Rathbone. IDC who Joe’s with, and Demi Lovato should be with Sterling Knight =) That’s a perfect world right there lol!

  • Ricaa

    @Evie: I adore demi, and she may have been unstable and if he saw why wouldnt he try to help her , instead of breaking up with her?

  • Ricaa

    i still don’t like joe and ashley..
    i want to be happy for him like im really trying but i just can’t… i just dont trust her.. i don’t know why….
    i didnt like camilla with joe and look how that ended up..
    i think im just caught up with the whole jemi .. and that why but.. if joes actually takes this serious and this relation ship last longer then a year i will be shocked and i will be soo proud of him.. but right now i think its a fluke.. but shes at the top of her game so why would she use him ?

  • Toasteddisxcobisxkit

    In my oppinon i think that stoner is just saying that she likes ashley because she wants to get closer to joe. Everyone knows obviously that stoney was dating nick while they filmed Camp Rock 1 and had a fling with kevin during camp rock 3: the last stand. And now she wants Joe, obviously. So if she appears to like Ashely, than joe will think she is a nice gerl, and want to date her. Its not hard to understand. I think Joe and Ashely are just dating for publicity, and to get demi jealous while shes behind bars. When demi comes out Joe will drop ashley, and date alyson to get demi even more angry, and then demi and ashley will probably date to get joe mad. Everyone in hollywood just dates for publicity. I heard joe and ashley get pair 2million dollars an hour to date eachother, because joe might be in twighlight as taylor lautners best friend sal (a wizard). Your all ignorant. I know the news.

  • Angel

    @Ricaa: Maybe the problems where too big for him to handle. Of course in a relationship you try to help each other, but there is only so much you can do before professional help is needed. I don’t really know anything about Demi (so excuse me if I’m wrong) but if she really was doing drugs and cutting herself, than I can sort of understand why he might have pulled away. Everyone reacts differently to problems, one better than the other.

  • ‘-’

    odeio o Joe (:

  • gema

    Alyson is friend with Demi, but she is honest. If she thinks that Ashley is good, why she should be silent? Alyson has met Ashley in person. If Alyson says so, we should in believe Alyson’s words and not believe in the jealous fans or stupid rumors.

  • haha

    okay, 1 you made no sense. 2 get yer facts straight. “camp rock 3: the last stand’? THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE.

    I’m not a huge fan of Ashley and Joe together either. :| bleeh. whatever, it’s their lives. xP

  • someone

    joe is his own person. he has his own life, and he doesn’t live to please other people but himself. if people would just shut up about them they can have the happiness they both deserve. and don’t come saying freedom of speech, cuz guess what ik everyone has it, but use it wisely. no one knows the truth, so stop assuming things. joe is changing because everyone changes, it would be weird if he didn’t. just stop with the jashley hate, because honey, it’s getting old. and seriously, its christmas, drop the hate and send the love. this is so tiring. and i love joe with everything in me, and DON’T you EVER call me a fake fan, because you know what i am saying is the truth.

  • gia

    Demi commented a lot in this post with different nicknames and say bad things about Jashley and still wishful thinking Joe will be back to her. I guess they allow internets at rehab. Get a life, demi!

  • lisa

    alyson stoner is one of the ugliest girls ive ever seen