Nick & Joe Jonas: Lunch Date with Samantha Barks

Nick & Joe Jonas: Lunch Date with Samantha Barks

Joe Jonas follows his younger brother Nick as they leave Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (January 7).

The brothers treated Nick‘s rumored girlfriend and Les Miserables costar Samantha Barks to lunch at one of their favorite eateries.

In case you didn’t see, there’s a rumor around the web that Nick is headed back into the recording studio for a new duet with Miley Cyrus.

10+ pics inside of the Jonas Brothers with Samantha

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  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    This just broke my heart :(

  • anon


  • http://NelenaLove3 nelenalove3

    That Nick/miley recording rumor is NOT TRUE! It’s just a rumor!

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    but you know what? he looks happy, & that’s all that really matters..

  • youdontcare

    Okaaay..Joe looks like.. AWKWAAARD lol

  • jt

    Even on Nick’s date, Joe had to tag along to get his picture taken? Happy to see Nick though. He looks great and I really like Sam.



  • Jonas

    Hope they’re dying! He’s better with her than with Miley ! :)

  • tastelikecandy

    @jt: You again get a are so obviously a Demi Lover…what did you snort lines with her or something? yeah they are bothers who are really close and haven’t seen each other in weeks, god forbid they spend time together? get a fucking clue dumbass

  • tastelikecandy

    @jt: Oh and BTW I happen to know Nick Jonas could give a crap less about our idol Demi..first hand, he thinks she is pathetic

  • AYA

    Sam seems nice. And you know, I’m not one to assume anyone is dating without proof.
    ANYWAYS I think Sam looks better without ton of makeup.

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    Sam is very talented. I think that (from the little I know) she is a good match for Nick. He needs someone older because he is so mature for his age.

  • amtfan

    I love them. :)
    Its probably not a date since Joe is there too lol
    but they are adorable, Nick and Samantha.

  • a

    Glad to see Nick out and about in LA

  • emi

    @jt: Oh STFU.

  • miranda

    they look akward 2gether :S

  • Curtis

    You don’t know what Nick thinks or feel about Demi.
    Obviously since it was said by Disney that Nick was in contact with her early on in her treatment then he must think she is worth the effort.
    Like I always say actions speak louder than words.
    People need to stop bringing Demi name up and her personal struggles just to make their point.
    She doesnt’ have anything to do with the JB.
    This is a Nick,Joe,Samantha post. I don’t see what Demi has to do with these boys and their relationships right now.

  • tastelikecandy

    @Curtis: pretty sure I have a very good inside track!!! These guys gave up Demi last year…and the Lovato mother and Jonas Mother haven’t like each other other for some time when Demis coked out ass started talking shit about why Danielle shouldn’t sign a pre-nup!

  • demifan

    You guys are so dumb if you believe everything that you read on the internet. There isn’t proof that Demi did cocaine you idiots. By the way, the Jonas Brothers are so 2009.

  • http://deleted marimadness

    guys,guys, this isnt about demi or anything with her. Yes he DOES care about demi but so what? Dont trash her and stop fighting itss o rude. Look on the brightside, at least nicks with a nice girl like samantha not miley. *sigh* dont fight about it. :) *double sigh*

  • http://deleted marimadness

    :( GUYS STOP CYBER FIGHTING/BULLYING it hurts more than u think. I should know. If thats @jt ‘s opinion so be it dont bully them for it. Play nice. Stop the cyber bullying/fighting without it the cyber world/actual world would be a better place :) nick jonas :) p.s. If the comment is REALLY out of line,speak up. That was just a little jab. so chill be happy :) whoc cares. Haha peace&love

  • Julia

    This is SCARY. She looks so much like his mom. Disturbing.

  • zoe

    in case some of you didn’t notice, joe is hugging john taylor in one of the photos, which means joe wasn’t really tagging along.

  • MElanie

    @Julia: hahahahahah omg this comment totally made me burst out laughing, and now that I’m thinking about true! :)

  • Felicia

    Look at that smile! IDC, I approve :D

  • rikki

    @Julia: i don’t really see a resemblance between samantha and denise lol. denise is very pretty. i think you said that because this girl looks very old. she could pass for 30.


    Nick is not hot anymore :( what a shame!! Anyways his new girlfriend is not very pretty I mean I’d have to agree w/ rikki that she looks way too old for him. Joe is looking nice, in fact, something tells me that Nick is not smiling b/c of Samantha, it’s just cause he’s hanging out w/ Joe finally

  • hiha

    she’s not beautiful! may be Nick really loves her then ;)

  • Lawrence

    Nick and Joe = hotties!.

  • eva

    I don’t think that they are dating. There’s nothing wrong to lunch with someone. It’s so normal. They have to eat, right?

  • gaby

    Weeeeeee Allllll are supidddddddddddddd
    If you just don’t tell some good Don’t tell nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When you reach what they reach can comment on them and say these horrible things
    Sry for good people :)

  • lulu

    @Julia: lmao!! haha that was funny! well if they are dating they’re keeping very mum about it! but I do like Sam she seems nice and has an amazing voice! :D x x x

  • Margs

    people are mean on the internet. COWARDS!

  • n

    any way nick dress like that since ages
    well i have a friend who is very pretty but in pictures she doesnt seem as pretty though and she looks 20 in pictures although she is 16
    some people arent just photogenic

  • Ella

    whoa! You go Nick!!! Good to see him hanging out with
    Sam on public.
    I love that they invited Joe on their lunch date.. XD

  • jo

    manpurse manpurse manpurse

  • steffani

    @demifan: and demi is a never will be

  • tay

    you don’t have to like them but c’mon guys, look at how happy nick is! :)

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Aw look at Nick’s smile!!! love it (; is this telling us something?
    i love how joe’s pictured in the middle of them both, aha it’s like it’s like he’s with samantha. xD this means all the jonas brothers are taken :(
    ps: joe looks waaaaay too hot!

  • kym

    aww heart breaking. im not gonna be one of those hater fans who hate all their girlfriends, cuz i like samantha and shes talented but ughhhh wish it could be me :(

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    I’m thinking that Samantha is one of those people who are beautiful in person but don’t photograph as well. And for the “manpurse” comment: that is all of Nick’s diabetic supplies that every Type 1 diabetic has to have with them at all times. That was a very insensitive comment.

  • gia

    Sorry Demi fans, Nick will never date Demi because mama Jonas doesn’t approve his boys dating a druggie and an abuser.

  • sarah


  • nona

    ilove joe so much he look soo cute:)

  • nona

    ilove joe :)

  • http://@arie arie

    hahaha i can totally see Nick asking Joe to come along, so the paparazzi wouldn’t get to crazy about just them 2 :)

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