Miley Cyrus Gets Her Dance On

Miley Cyrus Gets Her Dance On

Miley Cyrus has her hands full as she heads into dance class in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 21).

The 18-year-old actress, who was wearing Toms Shoes, just recently was honored at the Global Action Awards Gala.

Miley was honored with the Global Action Youth Leadership Award by Hilary Duff for her work with Blessings in a Backpack and her own organization Get Ur Good On.

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • m

    dance class? for movie or music video?

  • danae


  • Impulse Magazine

    Miley Cyrus just does not have any kind of rhythm

  • ma

    i love her, but she really has to work on her dancing skills…

  • http://danymeri Daniela

    is it me? or she got fat?

  • Kristina

    @m: Probably for tour.

  • http://@0o0pinkdots0o0 Marcii
  • emmy

    her LEEEEGS.

  • Warren

    Miley is in great shape and has the sexiest legs. She has such a beautiful face and I would love to kiss those hot Miley lips. Wow!

  • Warren

    @Impulse Magazine: You have never seen a Miley concert if you think that. And H a n n a h could really dance too! Miley is a hot and sexy dancer!

  • Cindy

    I have the exact same shoes! same color!

    and i think she should wear her hair back more. If it were up to be I’d cut it off. The super long hair everywhere makes her look messy. distracts from her face.

  • Lindsay

    What type of toms does she have?

  • good-one

    Miley is more than a mere star or celebrity. There have been and are cruel forces out to get her. The hate waged against Miley has more than roots in mere casual discontent. Readers here have long been aware of egregious, irrational hate directed at her for no sane reason.

    If you would see media-planted Manchurian Candidate programming, one example is in the recent movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, where characters discuss using time travel to prevent Miley Cyrus from ever existing.

    Everyone needs to realize Miley Cyrus is someone very special and we are lucky she is among us, alive and well and still performing at her full stellar ability.

    God bless you Miley.

  • hyunsu

    still can’t believe that shes just 5.5.. her legs r so long!

  • Rochel

    I luv her shirts ??? I wonder where she gets them ???
    The shoes are pretty cool also.
    She must be getting ready for her tour :) one can hope

  • gaby

    She has great legs. And I love that’s shes sporting Tom’s. I can’t wait for her tour.

  • MileysTheHBIC

    OMFG… I’m so EXCITED for this tour. I really hope she comes to the U.S., but if she doesn’t I’m going to be cyber-stalking her performances. And I LOVE the fact that she’s been wearing Tom’s shoes lately. For every pair you wear, they give a pair to someone in need. A lot of people believe the b.s. they post in the media about her, but to me, as a teen her age, she is so relatable. She isn’t perfect, and she is going through so many life changes right now at her age just like me. Her strength through it all amidst the media scrutiny really inspires me. I will support her forever!! <33

  • poppy

    Is she using fillers or is there a medical problem?

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @m: she’s ging on another world tour next month

  • c

    amazing legs

  • blahblahblah

    Love Her <3<3<3

  • blahblahblah

    Oh and she looks so cute here ^.^

  • http://12345 zozo musso

    i love mitchel! emily selena demi jonas miley kesha and avril sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • emilia

    Here in my country (Argentina) we call those types of shoes “Alpargatas”. I think they are “alpargatas” and I’m surprise because is not the first celebrity I see with them and I really didn’t know that they are sold in the USA haha. Whatever…I love Miley and I cannot wait to see her live here in Argentina…

  • headstrong

    She’s got killer legs *.*

  • Patworx

    @good-one: I never saw Hot Tub Time Machine, but if they really said that than they are a bunch of douchebags.
    Miley is a smart, talented girl with a bright future ahead of her, and if she plays her cards right she’ll be around for a long time.

  • zahra

    @good-one: OTT??? But I agree that people do want to get her to a side the media is seriously out to get her!! It would be every tabloid reporters dream to get a child star off the rails so every rumour can sound believable and sell them papers, heck they are even doing it with Demi Lovato aswell. Selena Gomez hasnt been controversial enough for them to get anyone to believe any of these stories but since Demi has spend time in rehab gullible people will believe it and since Miley’s salvia video people will believe anything about her too.

  • good-one


    No, not over-the-top. Perhaps conspiracy theory. But there is so much money behind it.

    cf. Randy Quaid’s “Star Whackers” theory. All the hate is not an accident. There are sinister forces behind what’s going on. It takes an enormous bank roll to fund all of it.

  • sarah

    you guys are freakin mean shes going through a hard time and you can’t look good inevery single photo even skinny people look fat time to time….give her a break and this could be her timeof the month…so be quiet you are so rude.

  • http://deeosment Dee osment

    I wish i had miley’s legs n blue eyes…those are the best ever….love u always milez….n is it true that miley n nick went bowling 2gether feb 20th?…i would give my world to see miley n nicky get back 2gether in their new 2011 appearances/looks…..those two are nice things to see…..<3

  • sarah


  • Warren

    Miley is still a great role model. I wish I could help people as much as Miley does.

  • frankiee

    @Impulse Magazine: LOL yes she does!

  • frankiee

    why are people saying miley can’t dance? when she obviously can!

  • Genavive

    I love Miley, I know that everyone says they hate her. But I mean, COME ON! It’s Miley Freakin Cyrus. She’s beast with a great voice. I love her.