Vanessa Hudgens: President's Day Party at the Abbey

Vanessa Hudgens: President's Day Party at the Abbey

Looks like everyone had a good President’s Day weekend, including Vanessa Hudgens!

Sources tell that the 22-year-old actress spent her President’s Day at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

Vanessa and a group of her closest gal pals ordered raspberry mojitos, a couple of salads, a steak frites and a reuben off The Abbey’s new menu. Yummy!

Over the weekend, Vanessa was spotted at Victoria Justice‘s 18th birthday bash, dancing up a storm and refreshing her Henna tattoo on her hand.

HOW DID YOU spend President’s Day?

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  • Daniela

    she is beautiful

  • indialovesubrendasong


  • james

    god she is beautiful!Btw she has got a busy week coming ahead of her<3

  • pop86

    Glad she had fun

  • julie

    i always loves the “source” from JJJ

  • teamhudgens


  • Caroline


  • paw

    its interesting that Van gets back into town and she’s seen with her girlfriends enjoying clubs and stuff but no reports of her sluttin it up. Yet, zac hits town and he can’t be seen without another woman.
    i guess now we know who truly was the ‘hoe (look up in Urban dictionary please).

    Ms. V….stay you girl….true, independent and real, go girl!

  • maria

    Love how she can go with her friends, have a blast, and no drama. She’s the girl we’d all love to have as a best friend!! Can’t wait for premiere pics!!

  • mishybc

    I heard she was spotted with Zac at the NBA All Star game but no pictures… but if she was at Victoria’s b-day party and celebrating the President’s day weekend (-_-)… How the hell could she have been with Zac? Especially when they all happened at night..
    Well Vanessa seems to definitely be living it up she’s always gorgeous.

  • http://TWITTER robyyyn

    I’m glad she’s escaped drama after her break up with Zac and has just kept herself on the down low….unlike Zac! I miss them as a couple and hope they get back together in the future but being single seems good for her :)

  • pao

    Gorgeous like always!!! <3

  • julie

    the nba thing was on friday and victoria’s party on saturday

  • Katty


    Yes, the NBA party was on Friday, Victoria’s party was on Saturday, and President’s Day was yesterday.

    She just seems to be one happy, busy girl! Can’t wait for more press on Beastly!

    Oh, and just so you know:

    Vanessa will be going on her Beastly talk show tour. She will be on The Late Show With David Letterman on March 2. She then will be on Live With Regis and Kelly on March 3. On the same day, March 3, she will be on Live MTV The Seven.

    That is all we know for now!

  • Rose

    You go girl!!!!!!!

  • peggy


    She was at a private NBA party with Zac on Friday not the game according to the LA Times JJJ got that wrong though on JJ he says festivities not the game

  • gracemarie


    She was not spotted at the game with Zac but at an NBA private party on Friday night. This is according to the LA Times.

    JJJ is not right but on JJ he does correct himself and say events

  • julie

    JJJ can’t even had the right fact… sigh

  • Jazmin

    So confusing….as much as I like Zac and Vanessa together I think being single good for her and she is just hotter :)

  • Katty

    Does anyone know when the Beastly premiere is???

  • pam

    Katty, I think it is Thursday night.

  • irene

    is that picture recent??? because if so…her hair looks shorter (I’d say), which means she’s already cut it! :D

    gotta say I’m loving this hairstyle, whether it’s her hair actually shorter or just an updo!! :)

  • Katty


    That picture is from fashion week and her hair is inside her jacket. I wish some of it was gone too! I don’t want it Emma Watson short, but that Selena Gomez length from a year or two ago wouldn’t be bad! Just shoulder length!….haha

  • pam

    Anyone know how long Zac has to be in NY?

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    Vanessa knows how to handle it :P
    And are there pics of her at the NBA? If so, can some1 pls, puty the link in a comment? That would be awesome

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    Oooohhhhhhhhhh, check this out:
    The 23-year-old actor was spotted at the NBA All-Star Game over the weekend with former flame Vanessa Hudgens, according to the LA Times.

    Read more:

  • joan

    Love her

  • vfan

    I dont believe they broke up. Go to youtube and search :zanessa greatest story ever told.. and you’ll realise it cant be true

  • kami

    she was there all day? i thought she and her friends went there for dinner.

  • julie

    president day was on monday… why JJJ talked about the weekend???

  • biki

    omg just stop u all stop, did u all heard confirmation of them for the break up?no,so just shut up, don’t believe media what is writing they can make story’s like they want and know that we’ll get nervous of all of this stupid rumors and want to play whit us and blow our minds, they are just so busy now and they did not break up just took a break cuz they are busy and figuring things out which means that they want more to focus of their work right now so just took a break but they are so many sources that said that they are still seeing each other all the time when they’ve free time like i heard of so many sources that whole weekend they spend each other time together they were seen at party and than they were seen at NBA games party and than whole sunday they spend together and than zac was seen at vanessa’s just wait time will show everything cuz if they really broke up now, they would not seeing each other all the time.

  • maria

    @julie: Because in the U.S., it is considered a ‘holiday weekend” where people have 3 days off from work. JJ was just saying she had a busy weekend with different events, and finished it off on Monday, which is President’s Day, at dinner with the girls.

  • mike


  • Lauren Sutcliffe

    There are some Vanessa and Zac fans who have been verbally attacking Teresa Palmer on twitter. Several I guess you could call “Trolls” have been saying some really disgusting stuff . Come on Peeps I really don’t think Zac or Vanessa would be pleased or happy that some fans have decided to behave so badly. Everyone just needs to chill.

  • Chanon

    I didn’t know her and Vitoria Justice were friends. :)

  • potaa

    she’s going to be busy soon it’s always good to have fun befor that. and she’s always look gorgeous, V’s awesome :)

  • Guilty Pleasure

    @biki: If we are to “not believe the media” as you are saying then we should doubt everything like Twitter sightings unless there is a confirmation from Zac and Vanessa that they were there or whatever.

    People who are claiming that they have not broke up and sources are not reliable so are not believed, well next time an “eye witness” or a source claims to have seem then kissing,hugging or holding hands, you should really consider can they be trusted?

    If you chose to discount the reliability of a source just because its bad news ie Zanessa break up and then believe the source when they claim to have seen them kissing in a club, then you are hypocrite that are just as sad and misguided as the people who have started the hate campaign against Teresa Palmer.

    The obsession SOME fans have with the whole Zanessa thing scares me. They lose sight of the fact Zac and Vanessa are 2 human beings who were friends before there relationship became romantic. I know many couples who have been together for more than five years but have suddenly found themselves more suited to being best friends then being lovers. Hell some of them have even go on to marry other people and still be best friends, it happens, it is called life.

    We know NOTHING about their relationship and their feelings for one another,to say we do based off 2 minute video clips and photos which capture a mini second in time is just plain ignorant and a ridiculous notion.

    Also to analyse their relationship the way people do, down to the rings and the clothes their wearing is just plain creepy. It shows a lack of respect for Zac and Vanessa and their right to maintain some sort of privacy even though they are in the public domain. It shows you have no concept of personal boundaries. If this was someone at your school/work place and you did this with them and it was obvious you would be arrested or have a restraining order placed upon you.

    Peoples lack of decency when it comes to these 2 shocks me. Yes they are role models. But they are doing a job,and they have times when they just went to chill and get away and be free. They are not Kids they are both adults and live as such.

    They are not the happy ever couple from High School Musical Disney has made them out to be. Life is not a fairytale or a movie.

    They are two people trying to figure out their lives and grow up. PLEASE let them do this.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    @Lauren Sutcliffe: Each account which has been verbally abusing Teresa Palmer has been reported, so far Twitter has suspended two accounts. So I would suggest if you like your Twitter account and you are someone who has joined in with the hate campaign you stop,lest your account get suspended. If I was Teresa Palmer I would report them all to the police. She does not deserve to bullied and verbally abused by a bunch of hateful crazy people who need to go see a shrink to help get over their obsession.

    Being a bully is not cool.


    Love ya V so much.

  • ______

    Cool coat Vanessa and beautiful hair too. Love you sweatheart.

  • Maria

    @mishybc: There is a picture of Vanessa with Brittany Snow & Laura New on the carpet of the NBA All Star Party!

  • Fauve

    You look beautiful Vanessa so glad you are happy and living your dream big hugs from one of your millions of fans <3

  • mykamicks

    Im happy that she’s back in L.A Yes, Vanessa is a friend of Victoria. If im not mistaken there were events before that these girls were together. It does not mean that we dont see them often hanging out they are not friends.

    About the chaos rumors spreading out for the past months, I dont like to believe they broke up after what we saw on their thanksgiiving momentum in Hawaii. All are based on the news, twitter, realible source etc.. Neither Id like to believe too that there is a patch up thing about their relationship. Simply because NO CONFIRMATION between the two until this time..

    Again, to some they’ve both seen them in the NBA party ( id like to smile on that) but then no pictures weve seen being together. As I said before, whatever they have right now ( friendship or relationship) let them be. No need of assuming, no need of lambasting oher people, because of frustrations ” that Zanessa fans would want seeing both of them together” some minor fans would like to ramble and attack others.

    Im in content seeing both of them ( individually) busy these past days. But I look forward to see them & surprise all of us that they are still TOGETHER.

  • http://None Vanille

    I love your comment thank you Hun

  • carly

    Love you Nessa :D Vanessa fans follow me on twitter @CarlyFenton

  • kaya

    @makamicks: you know…go to justjared and look for the article about vanessa’s details magazine interview and read: “we’re still friends, who knows what the future will bring, we’re figuringt it out”..she said that, so believe or not, i just say what i believe, i think they’re not together, it’s my problem

  • Soni

    If there is a picture of Vanessa with Brittany Snow at the NBA party, maybe the reason that there is none of her and Zac is because they do not want people to know that they are still together.They are together.

  • Jessica =)

    @Soni: I agree with you. They probably want it to stay private for as long as they can. I believe that they are together also. =)

  • http://google BARBARA

    That article was written in the middle of Dec, alot has happen since than, including vists from Zac, at her house, pictures were taken, and when the out to the niteclub Eden, they were so many people, including E, and even the people who work there, said there kissing, and very affectionate,to each other, Vanessa and Zac went to two private partys thje weekend of the golden globes, alot people saw them there, then Zac went to see her in NC, For five days, Even Perez Hilton talked about the are back together, and some of the crew people said they were on track,an i read the article about them with demi Moore, and her husband Vanessa and Zac are back together, or they are on there way, i also read they were dancing and kissing. , i do believe that they are still together, but they are not going to put presure on each other, because they don’t have the time to work on there relationship, like they like, there trying to establist there careers as indivuals, since Zac move CSC, didn’t do as well as the thought it wood, and when they film them kissing in front of the hotel, they are vert private about there relationship, and they don’t want to be known as just a couple, they want to be known as a couple. They both have been asked about there relationship, Vanessa goggle and laugh, and Zac smile and had a slite grinn, if they have broken up, all they have to say we are no longer together, pure and simple.Vanessa is happy, because very thing is going well for her, and she is a happy person. By the way way they want to see if there relationship is ment to be, but i really believe they love each other, and they have always have been friends from the very begining, you have to be friends besides just lovers, or it wouldn’t havs lasted 5 yrs.they talk to each other very day, right now i’m sure Zac is worried, having his own production company, who Jason is his partner, and mag. he’s going to try different parts he never as done before, it’s easy to the same kind of movies, and be in a comfort zone, but to grow as a Actor, he has to change and do different things, he said once last year he envyed Vanessa career, because he would have love to have done want she has done.,because she has done really different things, he dieing to do a action movie,but be;ieve me they really support each other, and love each other, remember when they started dating, know one knew for 2 yrs, untill they were in Hawaii, The past summer they have really become ninjas, hiding from the paps.

  • http://google BARBARA

    every one needs to respect their private time, and leave them alone.