Zac Efron Has A Plan B

Zac Efron Has A Plan B

Zac Efron checks out his tickets for the Plan B concert held at the El Ray Theater with some friends in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (April 19).

The 23-year-old actor and a group of close friends enjoyed the show with a sold-out crowd, before hopping into a car and heading off.

Zac, who is attached to star in the still untitled Matt Drake project, topped the men’s side of People‘s Most Beautiful List 2011.

He shared with the mag, “I think it’s important to remember to live in the moment and enjoy every day to the fullest.”

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Credit: INFdaily, Mr Photoman, David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • wht?

    yum! he is so hot!

  • amy

    he looks so good :) <3

  • ma

    he’s the most handsome guy ever!!!!

    and is so hard seeing them (zac and vanessa) with other people :\

  • negro xoxo

    yep he is HOT! i love him…and he deserves it!

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    zacy!!!!!!! i love him so HOT!! hes looks really good, hope he had a great time

  • cia

    i missed um alot!!! hottie ;)

  • joan

    Zac is the best he is my role Model

  • Kate

    Stunning, and I love that is hanging with his high school friends


    Gosh i honestly don’t like him anymore!! use to b a fan but not anymore :( sorry

  • kerri

    I love Zac no matter what happens. I will be his fan and i will pray for him. It is weird not seeing him with Vanessa. 5 years is a long time to be with somene but in life sh*t happens that we can’t control i will never forget them. More pics of Efron at

  • aMBER

    He looks amazing! Nice to see him having a good time.

    So, he wasn’t at Coachella after all, was he?

  • Have It hollywood

    Aw, Zac!

  • kerri

    @Amber: No i don’t think Zac was at Coachella. I thought he would be but there are no pics of him.

  • Nicky

    @aMBER: No, Zac was not there this year.

  • pop86

    Zac looks great.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Nice to see him out enjoying himself. Beautiful young man.

  • kerri

    I know this is not irrelevant but i just wanted to know when was this picture taken go to and click on the first pic [the one with the painting of a old man hanging on the wall]

  • kerri

    Also is Zac still friends with Ryan Rottman?

  • ehryle

    he look good and enjoying the night! after a plan B concert he went to Trousdale and went out with a Mystery girl at the back seat.. wow he really ready to mingle!! enjoy to the fullest Zac!!
    here is the link from x17

  • silver

    Zac’s plan b is to get back with Vanessa.

  • pop86

    @kerri: Yes, him and Ryan are still friends

  • kgg

    All the people he’s with are from his hometown, SLO, even the girls, so no romance there. Nice to know he still keeps in touch with the friends he grew up with.

  • ehryle

    Zac’s really hate the paps on the link above x17 at Trousdale pic u saw him with a dirty finger coz they caught him with a mystery blond girl at the back seat of their car same driver in this trend.. poor zac paps is around!!

  • lady

    if you all look. they are the same people that zac had lunch with monday.she not a mystery blond girl. zac was with the guy and the lady.they report lie alot.i do belive zac was talk to her not kisss her,

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • gIrL wOrLd..

    I am so glad that zac is enjoying his single life and @kgg u r right he keeps in touch with people and friends at SLO his hometown. He spent his time with his brother too doing the autism charity. People mag rightly topped him the most beautiful inside out…wish him gud luck with whatever he does.And also he luks gr8 here i was so fed up with people calling him fat, bloated when all he had done was gain wt. for his role in tlo plus his hair has grown too.HE IS AMAZING.

  • gig

    @ALLIE: honestly if u don’t like him anymore than why bother reading his posts? Too much free time i guess!
    And wow zac luks so cute plus aww that smile enough to melt a stone !lol!

  • Miranda

    Zac looks hot and happy :)
    Love him!

    Plus, I’d like to say the “mystery girl” is clearing dating the dude in the back of the car, because she is clearly cozied up to the dude in the back NOT Zac!

    Zac is out at a concert with his guy friends so leave him alone!

    Zac is amazing :)

  • Nicky

    @ehryle: if you look closer you will see that it is the woman who show’s the paparazzi the dirty finger and not Zac. The paparazzi would sue him for this gesture.

  • sophie

    he was there with guys friends, and some girl FRIENDS from SLO. honestly we wll know how wrong these rumors turn out to be.
    the whole model one turned out fake, after the “mystery blonde” was actually laura new, who is dating one of zac’s best friends. and is vanessas bff also.

  • sophie

    plus he didnt leave the club alone with two girls, his guy friend was also in the front seat. just to you guys know. im glad he had a fun night with some friends!

  • kerri

    @Nicky: Yes the person was a woman who did show the middle finger. It is nice to know that even though the paps are very irritating Zac still keeps his cool and doesn’t respond back. Great Zac!!!

  • ehryle

    ok guyz thanks for the info my mistake whatever will be will be.. well Zac really enjoying a lot good for him same with Vanessa having good vibe around with there friends and family.. am happy for both of them..

  • sophie

    yeah apparently they are alll old high school friends.

  • Allie

    Is Plan B famous in America now? I love him and love all the UK acts breaking out in the US.

    He looks happy, the hairs a decent length and he’s lost the weight. Can he now grab a role in a big film with at least one co-star who is a bigger name than he is? (And I mean that in the eye of the acting world, not celebrity). Thank you

  • kerri

    I know i am bringing up the past but i need to know the facts. When did Zac and Vanessa break up again? Does anyone know the date? on they said on december 13. Is that true? Thanks

  • kerri

    Sorry for being a nuisance but does anyone know the names of the people Zac are with? Thanks

  • lauren

    i didnt know zac was on the morning after pill? cool?
    im being sarcastic

  • lauren

    isn;t the blond hair chick candice that victoria secrete model

  • sophie

    no its not, its a high school friend from SLO. believe her name is katie. she is going out with the other guy pictured.

  • lauren

    this is a random thought, hope someone can answer,
    zac and vanessa dont have time for a relationship anymore and break up, but they have time to be single and hangout with friends and such? that makes no sense.

  • lauren

    also how do you guys know these are his friends from his hometown?

  • samantha

    zac is the most beautiful men of the world i know it!! hahaha it’s good see him with friends and having fun

  • sophie

    my opinion is that they broke up/took a break for a different reason, which is to focus on their careers, so they could make a name in the industry for themselves just not as their “zanessa” label or just from their relationship.

  • zacluver

    aww, i love his smile! hes so cute! plus, his hair is back. cant wait for THE LUCKY ONE! :D

  • laquida


  • Soni

    #38 Lauren:
    I agree with you. They don’t have time for each other,but they have time to go out with other people like friends.
    Make no sense what so ever.

  • kerri

    @Soni: I think because they grew apart. I remember reading it when they broke up. In the statement it said that they grew apart and the relationship ran its course.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @lauren: Does it matter who they are? They’re his friends and who they are has no bearing on his career at all.

  • DM

    It’s been awhile since I’ve made any comments, but I think this whole “Candice” thing is ridiculous. What the internet and the mags will do to sell is to sensationalize the story. They don’t get the facts right before they print it out or post it on the internet.
    All they care about is making some stars look bad especially Zac and Vanessa. I think that these two were brought up with good family upbringing and sure they know what’s bad and what’s not. Like Vanessa said, when they were dating, she hated all the rumors that went along with their relationship and that some of them were obscure things.
    I think that none of us should be bashing each other against Zac or Vanessa. They both never said anything bad about each other and I don’t think that we all should do that to as fans. I do think that they both respected each other and as fans we need to do that instead of all the bashing each other or pitting each other against Zac fans and Vanessa fans. We should just accept everything and see where their future wil go. I do miss them together but I’ve come to a conclusion that if they are meant to be together they will find themselves again as a couple, but for now lets all accept both them as individuals and just be happy that they are enjoying life right now.
    They are in their early 20’s and figuring out what life will bring them and when they get closer to their late 20’s maybe by then they will know what they want in life. Hopefully as a couple, but either way, I will still support them both. Zac and Vanessa (Zanessa) will live forever!!!