Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario Explore New York

Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario Explore New York

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario check something out on her cell phone as they try to hail a taxi in NYC on Friday afternoon (April 22).

The Percy Jackson costars headed away from their hotel for a day in the Big Apple.

Logan, 19, was recently questioned about the possibility of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters hitting the big screen.

He also just booked another new film, The Only Living Boy in New York. Check out the details on JJJ!

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  • Nichole

    yeah!!! Logan and Alex!!! :))

  • lalala

    ZOMG!!!!! NEW candids! XD IN NEW YORK!
    I wonder what they’re doing there. =3

  • Nichole

    their so cute!!!

  • http://dnck_hoon Ray

    r they dating? xD

  • girl

    I hate this chick! but they still make a wonderful couple -.-

  • v

    I agree, Ray!
    ARE they dating?
    They’d be cute together, Alex is gorgeous and Logan as well, though they do look like siblings.

  • kaye

    Oh well I wanted Logan to be with Emma Watson but I guess he and Alex are dating now so..

  • IjnNah

    Logan is gorgeous!!

  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon Ray

    @kaye: hey so do I.
    I want him be with Emma Watson but if Logan & Alex are dating for real, I’ll just deal with it comfortably Lol. They look beautiful together.

    But if they aren’t dating & just friends, I wish Logan & Emma would be. Well, it’s simply my little wish…

  • Emma

    WTF? she is 25 and he is 19. It’s so weird. They don’t make a cute couple at all -.-

  • http://www.twitter.com/ememrocket Emem

    Are they dating already? :) :)

  • PercyJacksonrules

    OMG! This is a fan girl’s dream come true!!! Ever since I saw them in Percy Jackson together I was wishing these two would get together! I’m a huge fan of Logan’s probably his hugest fan ever and I’m also a fan of Alex’s. I support them both and definately if they are dating. I mean come on guys, look at them!!! They are so gorgeous together! I said this before, they have so much in common in looks and peronalities. They both are flawless and incredibly gorgeous and both have beautiful baby faces, porcelain skin, beautiful sky blue eyes, beautiful wavy dark brown hair and beautiful smiles. They just compliment each other so well. They’re even about the same height with Logan being a little taller and I always think a couple looks better whenr they’re about the same height instead of the guy towering over the girl. And they’re both down to earth, sweet and they both always seem to love to wear the color black!..lol. This is the best news! I’m so happy! WHOO HOO!!!

  • PercyJacksonrules

    AND I must add that Logan looks incredibly gorgeous!!! OMG! He gets more gorgeous every time I see a new picture of him, if that’s even possible! I love that whole getup he’s wearing. Makes him look so handsome, dashing and sophisticated. =P And Alex looks so pretty as usual! Love them both! <3

  • maggie

    alexandra has stunning eyes. she is a beauty

  • Gabby


    Emma wouldn’t date him. He’s 2 years younger than her. Based on her dating history, she doesn’t date guys who are younger than her.

  • anon

    not really sold on this pairing just bec i don’t think she is a good actress. But gotta say, Logan Lerman is looking even better and more sophiscated wout even trying

  • alistair

    Bet Logan is already in the East Coast for rehearsals and read throughs for Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma Watson – it is finally happening!

  • PercyJacksonrules

    Jesus, some jerk posted on another website that also has these pictures that Logan is using Alexandra as a cover up to be seen publically with because he’s actually gay! ARGH! If that was fact, then Logan would be seen kissing and holding hands with Alex to make it look obvious they are dating. Instead, they look like they are acting like platonic friends in public because they may be aware that paparrazi are photographing them. I think the truth is that they are dating and that they are trying to keep it secret until they are ready to go public with the news. We can only assume, but to the jerk who says Logan’s gay and using Alex as a cover up, that was cruel and so untrue! First of all, Logan’s NOT gay and secondly he’s too sweet a person to use someone, especially someone he’s so close to.

  • Emma

    She looks so old for him. he can do better

  • Angie

    No, Emma dates older guys but I hope he and her will have a great friendship and chemistry like he has with Alex. I loved them in Percy Jackson. I’ve seen his work and I’m amazed how talented he is and I love that he keeps himself private very low key I know Emma and him will get along very well she’s the same way. I want Alex to do more stuff she’s gorgeous and deserves bright future.

  • lyla

    for me Alex looks like she is Logan’s big sister. actually she looks more like him than lindsey does LOL anyway, Logan, you are the most beautiful person in the world.

  • lyla

    for me Alex looks like she is Logan’s big sister. actually she looks more like him than Lindsey does LOL anyway, Logan you are the most beautiful person in the world.

  • lyla

    for me Alex looks like she is Logan’s big sister. actually she looks more like him than Lindsey does LOL anyway, Logan you are the most beautiful person in the world.

  • yes

    why are they together in the same hotel?
    they are sooooo dating.

  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon Ray

    everything can happen. lol xD Wishing EmmaLogan would be together is just for fun you know! Don’t take it too seriously guys!

  • jane

    Logan Lerman is looking even better and booking even more roles. all the best to him. However, I can’t say the same of Alex Daddario. She’s pretty and all but is simply not that good an actress just saying

  • ella

    AWWWW! but…isn’t alex like 6 years older than logan?

  • oppsy

    they make moi smile. :)
    aren’t they adorable?
    what are they doing in new york? visiting alex’s place maybe?
    see that they’re casually-formally dressed so.. they’re probably meeting alex’s family! since she grew up in such a formal upbringing. she’s one of manhattan’s elite! ohh! they’re going to manhattan!
    hahah such a wild guess. :)

  • jane


    she is nearly 6 yrs older than him but it could just be a close friendship. don’t really care so long as Logan does more movies

  • Sarah

    She is so much older than him. IT’s weird :/

  • PercyJacksonrules

    Looking at that last picture of the two of them standing together looking so gorgeous and striking a pose, they look like they’re posing for a fashion magazine. lol

  • PercyJacksonrules

    What’s the big deal about the age difference. The makers of the Percy Jackson movie didn’t care about their age difference because they had chemistry together and at the time Logan was only 17. He’s now 19, which means he’s legal, and we’re also talking about a guy who might be 19 but has the intelligence and mind of a 30yr old. He’s more intelligent than half the guys I know that are twice Logan’s age. And looking at Alex, looks younger than her age so I think they look perfect together. And not just that, they have a lot in common…they both admit that they are film geeks, they both love and play the piano, they both love the same actors and they personal chat each other on Twitter. I think they’re so adorable. Age is not important, it’s just a word.

  • Anisha

    hotstuff<3333 i absolutely love Logan!!! :)

  • awesomeness

    um… just for the record… alex is 25and logan is 19 so i imagine them more as siblings. BUT I DO HEAR THEY’RE MAKING A SEQUEL FOR PERCY JACKSON!!!!

  • awesomeness

    um… alex is 25 and logan is 19…. so to me she’s more of a big sister.. they do look alike so… but logan is soooo freakin hot!!!! AND I HEARD THEY’RE MAKING A SEQUEL FOR PERCY JACKSON!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon Ray

    hot topic! LOL

  • Sarah


    ROFL. She looks young? No way. She looks like 30 to be honest. And he looks so young. Imagine in 5 years. She will be 30 and he will be 24, she will probably be ready to marry and have kids while he will be just focusing on his career. Obviously age does matter specially when the girl is older.I agree Logan is mature and all but They don’t look good together. And their chemistry is Percy Jackson to me was nule. Maybe is because she can’t act at all. I don’t know but to me they are such a weird couple.

  • jane


    @Sarah – agree with you on this ok they may have a lot in common but one thing i didn’t see in common was acting skills. she’s just not as good as Logan in that department IMO

  • lol

    THEY CANT BE DATING?!?!?! :’(
    logan’s mine :/ ..

  • http://facebook.com xen

    i love Logan. my # 1 crush. :D i think Alex’s too old for him but it’s okay because i’m a big fan of Percy Jackson series where they both work together. but Emma and Logan together is better. :) imma also fan of Harry Potter. :D in the end, it’s in Logan’s hands. if he’s happy, we, fans, should be happy!!!! haha! can’t wait to see the three musketeers and the perks of being a wallflower!!

  • http://@cjennifer628 Genevar

    If they are really dating, then I am happy for them :)
    It doesn’t matter if Alex is old or not pretty enough, if Logan likes her, then let it be.

  • http://baliloh fans of logan

    lebih suka lihat logan ma alex daripada sama emma :D

  • Homedog

    Please be together.

  • ilene

    Logan Lerman is a beautiful Jewish boy.

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