Ashley Tisdale: Back To Blonde Again!

Ashley Tisdale: Back To Blonde Again!

Ashley Tisdale keeps her head down as she leaves Byron & Tracey Salon in West Hollywood, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (July 10).

The 26-year-old actress returned to the lighter shade after being brunette for a while. “With Tracy gettin my hair done! Boy would u like to kno what I did……. ;),” she tweeted.

We wonder what it’s for!!!

The last time Ashley went blonde was for Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure!

WHICH SHADE DO YOU like better on Ashley?

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    She looks gorgeous with both ! :D

  • http://marybn192 mary

    what?? she stills look beautiful!! wonder what she’s planning i love mystery!!! LOL love u ash!

  • http://none gigi

    I always thought she looked amazing with short blonde hair. So glad she did exactly that haha

    Shame the pictures don’t allow us to see the actual cut of the hair. Oh well she looks great (:

  • Lubarus


  • Lubarus

    Yes, she looks great:))
    love her!

  • hhh

    She didn’t went blonde for SFA, she wore a wing!
    GR, I LOVE HER BRUNETTE HAIR, looks so much clasier. As blonde is just another one!
    Hope it’s for a good projetc anyway, better rock it!


    She actually just wore wigs for Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure… because she was filming Hellcats at the same time where she was brunette.

  • amtfan

    I love her better when shes a brunette but she looks either way! :)

  • kerri

    Pretty :) Blonde or Brunette she looks fabulous.

  • vale

    OMG! :O

  • iara

    she is beautiful brunette or blondie (: lov her

  • Gonzalo


  • Megan

    I love her with both but i think she looks more adult like with brunette but either one will work for her.

  • Megan

    She looks fabulous with both. But she looks more adult like brunette hair. But either one will work for her.

  • federico


  • federico


  • http://WWW.ASHLEYTISDALE.COM johana

    its so hot! ashley its my inspiration..

  • Olympicfan

    Ashley Tisdale will soon become the ‘Dara Torres’ of Disney starlets. Most Disney girls who are around her age (Britney, Christina, Lindsey, Hilary, even Miley) has left the franchise. Now, in comparison to Dara Torres, the Olympic swimmer, she was only 17 years old when she competed in the Olympics and she still won’t stop there, she will compete in the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London at age 45! Back to Disney, I know it’s crazy to be stuck at Disney at age 26, I don’t know why Ashley is still playing a Disney girl…

  • Lubarus

    Sharpay is back!!! lol

  • Lubarus


  • sophie

    ashley NEVER keeps her head down when she is with her friends paparazzis…

    this probablly means that finally after 5 years of HSM she has a new job… maybe her best friend/brother Zacary found her a job in his movie? lol

  • samantha

    so pretty!

  • Avril

    Cool!!! I love blond hairs!!!!
    But I like long hair!!!!
    She looks gorgeous with both though!!!!

    I’m also wondering what her new plans are. :)

  • amtfan

    @Sophie paparazzi are not her friends, she doesn’t keep her head down because she wants to see in front of her, not run into everything and she had hellcats after those movies so shut up and leave her alone.

  • Jordan

    She had a wig while shooting Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. She died her hair for a different project that never ended up happening.

  • cassie

    love ittttttttt

  • VAleri

    yessss!!! i love her blonde:) she looks fab either way. but she looks great as a blonde. adore her

  • VAleri

    yessss!!! i love her blonde:) she looks fab either way. but she looks great as a blonde. adore her

  • http://mikehla mike

    like her blond shes hotter this way

  • nina
  • SeL

    I like her better when she’s brunette

  • just sayin

    She rocks both but I really began to miss the blonde hair.

  • selena

    she is great!

  • selena

    love her style!

  • selena

    miss her blonde hair.

  • selena

    what a great hair!!!

  • Erika


  • nina

    Looks good but like her better like a brunett and like some peoiple say she had a wig when she did Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure! Also @Sophie and to all other she have had other project after HSM and she do keep her head down when it’s paparazzis sometimes, even a bit on those pics but not much…… just saying!

  • Luiza

    Stunning like always

  •!/Tauang Tauang

    she is beautiful brunette or blondie +1

  • Glory

    She’s beautiful, as always:)
    I prefer when she’s a brunette , but I also love when she’s blond but with brunette highlights:)

    I wonder what she’s planning , also, aha;)

  • Lubarus

    Love her:)

  • http://WWW.ASHLEYTISDALE.COM johana

    ash ;)

  • vale

    blonde! new project?

  • selena

    new project!!!!!!!!

  • J

    I don’t think there anything else to say, but HOTT! :D

  • hailey

    love it

  • Allie

    This better be for a new role – I can’t think of any other reason that she would dye it back blonde. Her hair must be so damaged.

    Although blondes do get more attention!!

  • hmm-.-

    this girl is so annoying , seriously , tomorrow we will read
    Ashley Tisdale Back to brunette again !
    it would be more interesting if she´d get red hair xD
    new project ? soo in six months we´ll see it on disney channel!

  • Maja Juhl

    She didn’t have blond hair when she filmed Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, it was a wig! :) Just so you know ;)