Katie Findlay & Ellen Wong: 'The Carrie Diaries' On-Set Interviews!

Katie Findlay & Ellen Wong: 'The Carrie Diaries' On-Set Interviews!

Check out these new interviews with Katie Findlay and Ellen Wong of The Carrie Diaries!

Katie, 22, and Ellen, 28, play Carrie’s (AnnaSophia Robb) two best friends, who try to navigate the complications and struggles of high school together.

Maggie (Findlay) is self-assured and impulsive, while Mouse (Wong) is the more studious and cautious type.

JJJ recently sat down with Katie and Ellen on set of the show to get the scoop on their characters and what we can expect in coming episodes!

Click inside to find out what Katie and Ellen dished to us about The Carrie Diaries…

Katie Findlay- JustJaredJr.com Interview

JJJ: So what’s it like playing Maggie?

Katie Findlay: I adore Maggie! I have a lot of personal love for her because I knew girls like her in high school. I was never brave enough to be one. I think that in 10 years she’s going to be dynamite. She’s the kind of person where if she gets it together she could be amazing. She’s a really powerful, sexy, confident person, but I think right now she has the potential to be a hot mess if she doesn’t start moving in the right direction. I would love to see her find a little self-worth and sort of stop running in dramatic little circles which she does often because she’s a good chick.

JJJ: What drew you to this role?

KF: I sort of got a sense of what it did for portraying women and especially women in a group, because I think it’s really popular in the media to have women be frenemies as opposed to actually supportive. Watching the show, me and my mom were chatting about it and it seems like that’s something that should be a given, but it was actually a huge deal that here is a group of women who were supporting each other and didn’t secretly hate each other over shoes.

JJJ: Definitely. Let’s talk about the fashion!

KF: I think the fashion is awesome! I am the worst fashion person in the world. Being dressed up like a Barbie doll is kind of fantastic. I don’t get to wear a lot of spandex in my everyday life, shockingly enough, so it’s really fun.

JJJ: So about Maggie cheating on Walt…

KF: It does happen and I do think especially when you’re a kid you don’t understand the consequences of things. It takes years and years of dating and being with people and messing up to really understand what it means to have a responsibility towards someone. Having a romantic responsibility towards someone is a huge deal and it takes ages to appreciate that.

JJJ: Will Maggie learn from this?

KF: I think not realizing the potential ramifications of cheating on someone and thinking you can have someone and it’s a secret and sexy and fun, it’s a huge lesson. I don’t think we should be condemning young women for living that lesson. It’s interesting and it’s a part of growing. Of course, I’m not saying, go run out and do it!

JJJ: What can we expect from her in coming episodes?

KF: Big change. I think Maggie has been rolling along with the belief that she can create a sort of secret, sexy world for herself that nobody has to know and everything will be fine and it all kind of comes down the pipe this season.

Ellen Wong- JustJaredJr.com Interview

JJJ: What do you love about playing the character of Mouse?

Ellen Wong: I definitely understand her pressure growing up. It’s a coming of age story. I really want to try to put a lot of my own experience in it. I think with Mouse, I really want to be the high school girl I wanted to see growing up because for me, I think it was also really hard to find someone to relate to, coming from Chinese parents too. It was not something that was on TV a lot. So the writers and creators of the show have been really amazing, just even talking to me about my experiences growing up. It’s also in the 80s and immigration in New York was a totally different story than it is now. So trying to fit and be a part of the American culture was different at that time. I’m really excited to bring that into the show too. She’s just like any of the girls and I think that’s important to remember. Even though her family comes from a different place, she is just like everyone else and wants to fit in.

JJJ: In what ways do you relate to her?

EW: Definitely with the aspect of having parents that had a plan for her. She wants to go to Harvard and there’s this internal battle – does she really want to go to Harvard or does her parents want that for her? And she’s looking into herself to see what she wants. And does that get in the way of her developing into her own self. I find that really interesting to play with. That was definitely something I battled with growing up because my parents had an idea of what they wanted me to be growing up and I had a different idea. There was that confusion inside.

JJJ: What were your first impressions of your cast mates?

EW: We all got along even in LA when we were screen testing for the show. So it was a really nice surprise to see all of us working on the pilot together. I just feel really lucky to work with a group of people that I really enjoy being around and I like hanging out with. I hope you can see the chemistry on screen too because we really genuinely do enjoy working together.

JJJ: What’s it like working with stylist Eric Daman?

EW: He’s amazing. He just has this way of putting things together that… like I’ll walk into a wardrobe fitting and on my rack, I’ll see all of these clothes. And I’ll think, “How does that all work?” And he just starts picking and choosing, and putting things together. His artistic vision is amazing and he is really able to epitomize each of the characters through their wardrobe. And I love that. I feel like with Mouse, he gets it.

JJJ: Did you audition for any other characters on the show?

EW: I went straight for Mouse. When I got the script, I felt out of all the characters I related to her the most. I really wanted to go after her, so I did. I feel really lucky and I appreciate the opportunity.

The Carrie Diaries airs Mondays @ 8PM ET on The CW!

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    and Katie looks soo much like Eleanor Calder, Louis from 1D’s girlfriend!
    Absolutely gorgeous!
    I the love carrie diaries! :D

  • Effy

    @nicki: I totally thought she looked like Elanor Calder too! Glad I’m not the only one who sees it :)

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    @disney17 chill. im asian too. i didn’t think she was 28, she looks like she’s at least 18. quit the drama